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Hi, Guys
Welcome to my channel Today I want to share
about a pretty big festival in Japan The name of the festival is the Tenjin Festival
or in Japanese Tenjin Matsuri This festival is usually held in a year every 24-25 in the July on the last day of the festival
usually there are fireworks so many Japanese people
come to see this festival Alright, just keep follow my video Tenjin matsuri is an annual festival
which held in the city of Osaka Tenjin Matsuri is the most symbolic festival in Osaka which is also said to be one of
the three biggest festivals in Japan this festival is also a
the biggest boat festival in the world Tenjin Matsuri held every July 24-25th. in Japanese Tenjin means “sky god”
and Matsuri means festival. Another big festival is Gion Matsuri
and Kanda Matsuri which held in Tokyo Tenjin Matsuri is a summer festival
which is very lively This festival held and centered at Tenmangu Temple in the Tenma area of Osaka Festival that has been held for
almost 1000 this year apparently in memory of Sugawara-no-Michizane who was deified as Tenman Tenjin who is the protective deity of learning and also art in Shinto religious beliefs. On the day of the festival traditional performing arts
Japan is like Kagura’s music which is done as
a form of homage to gods and bunraku theater performances using dolls in all parts of the city the whole city is full of party atmosphere. One of the highlights of this festival is Mikoshi procession which is a parade involving 3,000 people who wore the style of the royal palace from the 8th century until the 12th that lines up beside the temple
which is carried. On the 25th of July the day of the actual festival known
by the name of Honmiya the main event consisted of a procession on land in the waters by boat. boat procession the concept is the same as Mikoshi but has a different parade lane. In the noon the boats will light with fires burning to illuminate the surrounding area the lights of this boat creating a very beautiful view You can also enjoy a walk by the river and passed the open booths. The main highlight on the 25th is fireworks or hanabi in
Japan language starting at 7:30 p.m. with visitors who are certainly very many. In Japan, the summer festival will not
feels complete without hanabi which at this event will show 3000
spectacular fireworks! Fireworks becomes a very cover
festive of Tenjin Matsuri Ok guys,
that was about the Tenjin Matsuri What do you think? awesome right? In Japan, fireworks
only available during Summer Whereas during the new year
Japanese people go to temples There are no fireworks in Japan
during the new year So very quiet New year
In Japan If you want to see fireworks in Japan
come during the summer oh yeah guys
a little information in Japan if there is a Festival or
the event that many viewers the park must be closed
so it won’t break Japanese people WOW
think about the environment that much Japanese people usually when
Tenjin Matsuri wear Yukata aka Kimono’s bro This is my 4th Tenjin Matsuri and this is my first time wearing Yukata
during this festival now we wait for the fireworks I got a seat
right to see fireworks up close if you think this video useful Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE
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see you in the next video BYE


  1. waaah bagus mbak,, perayaan pestival saya di nagano blm di upload,, lihat video mbak jd tergugah nih untuk edit.. hehe

  2. Paling suka datang ke suatu negara atau daerah melihat acara festival masyarakat lokal seperti ini. Mantul banget liputannya mba. 👍👍👍👍👍

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