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Thai Prison Fights

Thai Prison Fights

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  1. Thai advertised the martial arts when Kun Khmer Bokator developing because they afraid the world know of the truth, they study from Kun Khmer, please stop advertised when my country still poverty, thank you the world, peace and respect

  2. How the fuck you gone fight niggas that got non to lose!! mafackars given life sentences, you think they give a fuck about an elbow to your head!!

  3. Very amusing that they are showing the guards walking around. Klong Prem prison is notorious for not actually having any guards. Great media show out.

  4. I realize you murdered , raped & robbed those people , but if you can fight well enough , all will be forgiven .

  5. Really respects for Thai Culture, Thai style fight and Thai Weed (Sativas exotics), the best fight 8:00 from Colombia South América 🇨🇴, this is crazy but great idea!

  6. While I will admit that dealing Drugs is horrible it should never should be death to 40 years that should be reserved for the absolute scum of the earth (ie multiple murders or rapes)

  7. It all started when this Thai guy wanted to just live in peace but was raided by outsiders and was forced to runaway therefore making his own fighting skills to take back what he had, no jk just made it up

  8. อาจรรย์ยอดครับสุดยอดจริงๆครับอาจรรย์ในดวงใจ(สายชล สมเนตร)
    ยอดเพชร เพรชยินดี

  9. Them Thai niggah some bad cats man also I don’t get the whole train prisoners and reduce sentencing seems kinda dangerous but ay your country do you baby boo

  10. Well I mean. They do practice Muay Thai as a part of their culture 🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. Tough prison fighters ..killers,thieves ,goons all the action here (starts round off with feminine dance)😅

  12. I was in jail in Egypt because I am gay. They gave me 18 months, but I was there for 15 "only". The men was always fighting because they wanted me. I told them that most could have me without any problem, but it was just a matter of showing who was more macho. In my cell we were 21, but in the shower or during the "free" time (2 hours a day), we were 148. Gosh! When I left I was sad. To be put in jail because you are gay and there you get more men than you will ever do in the streets is a contradiction, but I like it. Even the guards fucked me. 😀 Of course no condoms because gay sex and sex outside marriage is forbidden by islam 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  13. Sacanage das autoridades desse país aí de botar essas pessoas atrás das grades por 50.anos de vida por causa de venda de drogas e eles mesmos estão aí livres o opulentes consumindo o dinheiro do povo.

  14. effing funny…sentenced reduced?? for what ?? just to spread the filth of being a hardcore fighting criminal is cool???

  15. I have been to Thailand a few times. I learned a lot . And they do produce real fighters! I am a big dude from America and that don't mean anything to them. and it shouldn't. I give a lot of respect to the people of Thailand for many reasons.

  16. After watching A Prayer Before Dawn I do not want to end up in any Thai prison…i have been to Thailand couple times and I am always scared something will happen or someone put drugs in my bag…i double check always

  17. Everyone watch the movie “a prayer before dawn” it will change how you view this topic.

  18. Just imagine in US prisons they offered those who are on life sentence early release if they obtained their PHD!?. Instead of having inmates on killing spree they'd be in their books educating themselves!.

    They would need to study for year's anyways so it's a win win situation!.

  19. The Thais have the most efficient striking discipline in Muay Thai. Aka the 8 limber sport which utilized the hands, feet elbows. And knees. Thais are pretty calm and amazing with there Muay Thai for the most part

  20. Y’all dope out there man Im 26 from Dorchester Boston Franklin Field projects we don’t try nor want to go to jail but if we do obviously we gotta fight And possibly get more time BUT YALL get to go to jail and become pro fighters and champions lol Thats better !!

  21. In other country maybe you will be the king of jail by fighting the room chef one by one.imagine how many fighter you can beat down to be the king of jail in thailand.Maybe just a dream in thailand jail.

  22. I’ve got friends in thailand that start boxing at the age of 4-5.. These men are born fighters and 75% of men in thailand can fight. Most of them are very humble and peaceful until you pick a fight with them.

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