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The Actress – SNL

The Actress – SNL

100 thoughts on “The Actress – SNL”

  1. I’m in drama school and that’s so relatable, when I get attached to a character I’ve created 5 seconds to get in the mood of the exercise we’re doing and I feel like God

  2. 3:16 fantastic acting. I know it's a comedy sketch but withing few seconds she expresses so many things. It's incredible to see an actress/actor being able to express many things in an amount of few seconds.

  3. This is so powerful, many acting dreams shattered due to bad lack or lack of opportunity. Porn is a taboo but there are many talented actresses in the porn scene.

    If you know of any put the link below on this comment to start an intellectual conversation with me, an intellectual!

  4. the joke is…

    the role with the most personality she ever had was in zombieland… DUDES watched movies like that…
    today she is dancing in 0 8 15 women roles and get
    celebrated for that..

    we as ppl suck..

  5. Fun Fact: Bowen Yang (who wrote for the show before becoming a cast member) wrote this. He also did the GP Yass fake commercial and the Cheques fake commercial.

  6. I am not sexist or something. But I gotta say I don't like most female actress at all except of course (f**k forgot the name 🙁 ) oh.. Emma Stone . She just got the charisma , and I rarely don't appreciate her acting.

  7. Emma Stone is such a good actress this became sad very fast. She should be the set bar others compare to. I'm talking to you, Jennifer Lawrence.

  8. Look, being one of The Gays myself, I'm pretty sure anybody watching would be delighted with having over dramatic acting in their porno

  9. What is the deal with the meal voucher, though? Is it for like a craft service meal where she would sit and eat with "Jared" and "Godson" after the shoot… or is it like a gift card for Olive Garden or something? And is that all she's getting paid? They could have at least let her keep the one Ugg boot!

  10. There is an enormous amount of talent involved in doing this. Mainly control. If you have ever met someone like her in a more relaxed place, you will still be pissing yourself. She is an actress at the very top of her profession, her abilities will be quite beyond the capacity of normal people to comprehend.

  11. Well the woman is a very good actress. She should acting in real movies. I think she could be very sucessfull whit that

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