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The Carnivorous Carnival | A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 9 (Book Summary) – Minute Book Report

The Carnivorous Carnival | A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 9 (Book Summary) – Minute Book Report

This is a story about three orphans named
Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, who are hiding in the trunk of a car that’s being
driven by a man named Count Olaf, an evil man who has been trying to steal their family
fortune. Count Olaf and his accomplices arrive at Carigali
Carnival, a rundown carnival in the hinterlands that’s owned and operated by Madame Lulu,
a fortune-teller who regularly meets with Count Olaf and has been helping him find the
Baudelaires. The Baudelaires escape the trunk of the car
and, after eavesdropping on Madame Lulu and Count Olaf, decide to disguise themselves
as circus freaks so that they can work at the carnival: Violet and Klaus as a two-headed
person and Sunny as a wolf-baby. Madame Lulu hires the Baudelaires and they
get to know the other performers in the House of Freaks: Colette the contortionist, Hugo
the hunchback, and Kevin who is ambidextrous. To increase attendance at the carnival and
gain favor from Madame Lulu, Count Olaf introduces a new element to the circus where he will
feed one circus freak to a pit of hungry lions each day. The Baudelaires overhear Madame Lulu say that
one of their parents is still alive, which prompts the children to search her fortune-telling
tent when she is out. The Baudelaires discover that Madame Lulu
is a fake and find a small archive of papers that documents their whereabouts since their
parents died. However, they accidentally drop Madame Lulu’s
crystal ball, which draws her back to her tent. Because the Baudelaire’s know she’s a
fake, Madame Lulu reveals that her real name is Olivia and she’s a member of VFD, a secret
society. Although Olivia has been helping Count Olaf,
she wants to escape with the children and so they make plans to escape the following
day. Mrs. Squalor talks to the House of Freaks
performers and offers them a chance to join Count Olaf’s gang if they push Madame Lulu
into the lion pit. The other performers want to join, but the
Baudelaires don’t. The following day, a large crowd gathers to
see one of the performers fed to the lions. The Baudelaires try to escape with Madame
Lulu, but they can’t find a good time. Count Olaf selects Violet and Klaus to be
thrown in the lion’s pit, but they manage to work up the crowd using mob psychology. In the confusion, Madame Lulu and one of Count
Olaf’s associates fall into the lion pit and are eaten. The Baudelaires gather supplies from Madame
Lulu’s tent to escape, but Count Olaf interrupts them with an invitation to join his gang. Count Olaf plans to search the Mortmain Mountains
for the VFD headquarters and the possibility of a surviving Baudelaire parent, which makes
the Baudelaires accept the invitation to join his gang. Count Olaf burns down the carnival and he
takes Sunny in the car with the rest of his gang, as Violet and Klaus ride in an attached
caravan. In the end, as Count Olaf drives away, he
cuts the line that is pulling the caravan, leaving behind Violet and Klaus, because he
knows that they were in disguise.

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