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Good morning and welcome to a new vlog. I was going to start this vlog yesterday when I flew from England but good thing I didn’t because I’ve never had such a terrible trip. And I’ve travelled quite a lot. Or actually, Russia was worse. But I’m so tired. It’s 10 o’clock. I’m in Stockholm. I’m at Bank Hotel, and I checked in around 3 am. But yesterday at the airport when I checked in my bag they told me that it was at least an hour delayed, because it was snowing in Stockholm. I was like oh well, it’s fine. But no. It was 3,5 hours delayed. We landed around midnight. And we had to take one of those buses from the plane and it was packed. I was standing there and no one offered me their seat. My stomach and back hurt so bad. And then I got out to the queue for the cab. And if you’ve taken a cab from Arlanda you know where that is. The queue was all the way down to where you take the buses. So I was waiting out there in the cold for like 30 minutes. And then I finally got to the hotel. And I ate, because I was so hungry. I ate chips, and they were so nice and had put out macarons and stuff when I got here. So I ate that at like 3.30 am. Healthy and good for my body. I’ve ordered breakfast. I got the coolest room, it’s like a suite. Thanks, Bank Hotel! Now I’m waiting for my breakfast. I’m going to unpack a couple of things from by bag, and hang up my dress. Because the reason I’m here right now is to go the Elle Gala tomorrow. It’s my first time going, and I’m very excited about it. Maybe you should act all cool like you don’t care. But the fact that I got my own invitation is a big deal to me. I remember last year I was like, “next year I’ll get invited”. And then I was. So that’s why I’m here, and I’m also giving an award with Thomas Sekelius for “Look of the Year”. I’m not just going to the gala so I’m a little nervous. Having to go on stage and be like… But it feels good that it’s with Thomas, he seems super nice. So I’m sure it’ll be great. What else? It’s going to be a hectic but fun week. I’m going to Västerås on Saturday. I haven’t made any plans what so ever. I don’t like making plans when I’m there. Västerås is like my sanctuary. And when I’m there I just want to take each day at a time. I don’t like being around a ton of people all the time. I just want to chill. Then I’m also shooting some campaigns. And then on Wednesday I’m going back to Stockholm for our live podcast on Friday. I’m starting to feel a little stressed. It’s going to be super fun, but let’s be honest, I want to do really well. But yeah, so that’s my week. And then my baby and I are going back to England and staying there for quite a while. Here’s my dress. I’m going to a showroom today, and it’s like the day before the gala so great planning. But I’ve bought a dress, I’m just not sure if I’m going to wear it or if I should borrow another one. Are you ready? It’s really pretty, and beautiful for the belly. Victor thinks I should wear this one. That’s when you know that he really likes something. When he’s the one who’s like, “you should wear that one”. Breakfast. I forgot to film when it arrived and now It’s all ugly. Here I am, sitting here like a muppet. Ready. I think. There’s a little too much lipgloss going on here. I have to fix that. Let’s go! Denim shirt. Jeans. And a pair of heels. Back in the cam. We just had a meeting at Splay, my Youtube network. And now we’re going to RMPR to look at some dresses and stuff. Alright. We’re done with meetings for today. It’s been difficult to film at the meetings. It’s just not natural. But now we’re taking a “fika” break. And I wanted to ask you, because I had a meeting about my Youtube channel today. And I thought I’d check with you what type of content you want to see. I know that a lot of you have requested videos from my everyday life. Just like a regular day in my life. My closet. And a few things like that, but it would great if you wanted to comment what you want to see. And I’ll make it happen. So I have this photoshoot for Elle tomorrow that I’m doing with L’Oréal. It’s 5 pm the day before right now. And we JUST realised that we don’t know what I’m going to wear. So we’re trying to call some different showrooms right now, so we can find a top for me to wear. But it seems to go well, I think Jonna will figure this out. I mean By Malina’s new collection, oh my god! And that is their fall collection over there. But I think we found some things for the photoshoot tomorrow. Back at the hotel. I’ve got a PR package from Vitamin Well. Nice. I also got a package from “Presskontakterna”, I think it’s Olaplex products, right? To prepare for tomorrow. Really really nice. I’m in an episode of a podcast called “Min Helg”. And I just listened to it so that I can approve it. It’ll be out by the time you watch this, but it’s called “Min Helg” with Hugo Rehnberg. So make sure to check that out. Now I’m going to try on some clothes for the photoshoot with L’Oréal tomorrow. You’re always just standing there looking at me when I’m talking. I can’t talk when you do that. So I’m trying to decide between some different shirts. By Malina has so many nice shirts right now. Or maybe a cashmere set from Soft Goat. I don’t know. I got to pick one outfit from each, right? And then we’ll see what works best tomorrow. Something will work, probably a shirt. Or a beige top from Soft Goat. Now I’m about to take a shower and self tan. And then it’s time for bed. So I’ll se you tomorrow. Good morning. It’s 8 o’clock. Is that the sun I see? Nice either way. Now it’s time for breakfast. Then we’re going to pick up the keys for my new apartment. On our way to the real estate agent. And the sun is shining. I’m not sure if you can tell, but the weather is magical. At moments like these I wish I lived in Stockholm. Now we have the keys! And I also got a bottle of wine or champagne. No, it’s champagne. But that will have to wait. I’m so happy right now. Super excited. We’re just waiting for the Uber. Now let’s go check out the apartment. And meet the interior designer! Now we’re on our way to Grand Hotel. Alright, the photoshoot for L’Oréal is done. And now we need to rush back to the hotel. Change. Take pictures. And then we’ll have dinner before the Elle Gala. Now I feel great, but when I was sitting in there… I was wearing my ugly pregnancy leggings. Boots. And a shirt from By Malina. And all the people there were like models. They all had like black jumpsuits on, and Akne shawls. And you know when you get hot and you start to smell a little sweaty. No, I was just like, “can someone please get me out of here?” So now I’m looking forward to putting on a gala dress, let me tell you. I’m ready. This is my look for the night. It’s supposed to be like a messy updo. And then a dress from Peter Pilotto. Not sponsored, I paid for it myself. Unfortunately… Heels. And then this is the clutch. We’re going to dive into the ball pit now! With the belly. This is when I disappear and never come back up. Now we’re sitting here, at the Elle Gala. Waiting. I’m giving an award with Thomas, so it feels good that we’re close to the backstage area. I assume that we’ll enter from back there. I mean I can’t jump on stage from here, right? That would be awkward. But this is what it looks like you guys. At the Elle Gala. L’Oréal Paris Makeup’s new “It Girl”, Maja Nilsson Lindelöf, is here to give the award with the king of makeup who also won this award in 2018, Thomas Sekelius. Welcome! The winner of “Look of the Year”, in collaboration with L’Oréal paris, is… Linnea Henriksson! It’s over. I’m sitting here waiting for the queue to go away. Now it’s time for the after party! I would be so excited for that if I weren’t pregnant. But that was it! I’m not sure if I’ll end the vlog here or if I’ll keep going tomorrow. But thanks for watching!


  1. Tja Maja!😊 Spontant bestämde jag mig och min vän att boka flyg från Norge och bokade hotell i Manchester eftersom vi verkligen ville se Manchester United och vår favoritspelare Victor spelar i Champions League-slutspelet mot Paris SG. Vi bokade allt eftersom vi trodde att matchbiljetterna skulle bli överkomliga, men jag antar att vi hade fel. om vi skulle vilja se matchen nu måste vi betala typ 250-300 £ per biljett på svarta marknaden som ligger långt ifrån vårt prisklass. Om ni kan hjälpa oss på något sätt, skulle vi vara jätte tacksamma.🙏🏼😊

  2. Jag älskar din yt kanal det är så roligt att se på detta gör min dag och även din och Sannas podd❤️hon måste börja komma igång med yt nu❤️det är även roligt att följa Viktor efter som att jag älskar Manchester United så han är ju en av favvo spelarna❤️❤️❤️

  3. Asså Maja du är så grym. Jag ÄLSKAR dina videos, och dig.
    Det hade varit så kul och se typ vad du äter om dagarna och lite inredning <3 kram

  4. Vloggar, sminktutorials och bebis/gravidvideor önskar jag. 🙌

    Sen så skulle jag önska att du filmar inzoomade föremål etc lite längre. Exempelvis om du visar något (en ny jacka/skor/bebiskläder etc) så håll kameran stilla någon sekunder till och skaka/rör kameran mindre. Kanske är omöjligt vad vet jag, men ibland blir jag lätt åksjuk av dina videor. 😅

    Men älskar innehållet och beundrar dig. Så kommer fortsätta kolla ändå. ❤️

  5. Hej Maja! Skulle vara kul om du kunde vlogga från Old Trafford när Viktor Spelar match!! Fortsätt med alla grymma videos❤️

  6. Du skulle kunna göra en video där du och Victor försöker gissa sant/falskt på ”konstiga” baby påståenden !!

  7. Du är så genuint vacker Maja!
    Och dina vloggar är grymma! Ett förslag på video kan vara när du/ni inreder lägenheten & kanske en video på dina skönhets tips, alltså för ansiktet eller liknande!
    Keep up the good work 💃🏼👶🏼 💗

  8. Älskar din klädstil! Skulle vilja se hauls! Dvs när du öppnar/testar kläder du köper! Inspiration inför vår/sommar t.ex. som vi i Sverige behöver i denna kyla 🙂

  9. Sminkevideoer; VOGUE-style, "what's in my makeup bag", everyday makeup-routine.
    Mine favorittprodukter: Hår og kropp.

  10. You should do like a Favorites video, where you talk about stuff that you’ve been liking and using a lot! Love your videos and thanks for the captions 🙂

  11. Tränings video och what I eat in a day!! Hade varit kul att se nu under graviditeten och även efter, hur det förändras och så!

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