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♪ Here comes Instant Pot ♪ ♪ Here comes Instant Pot ♪ ♪ Right down Instant Pot lane ♪ ♪ Here comes Instant Pot ♪ ♪ Here comes Instant Pot ♪ ♪ Here to bring the pain ♪ – Hi I’m Kat, and I love my Instant Pot. It’s holiday time! I love the holidays. Least I think it’s holidays. It’s Hedgefedmess or Chadeytide or Walpurgisnacht or Ham Day. And happy birthday speck
of dust in the corner that I became friends with. However you celebrate holidays, it’s time for one. Today we’re gonna be
making a special feast for the holidays. I think it’s sea creature-mas. Yes, let’s go with that. I asked Instant Pot if we could do that for holidays this year, and Instant Pot says do whatever you want. I don’t care. So today, we’re making many many courses of things that live under the sea, including my favorite. You might that it’s a
little bit, I don’t know, something you had as a kid, something that’s so boring and simple, and maybe the person who
loved you and nurtured you made it for you when you were growing up and you haven’t had it
for a very long time because you’ve been away from them and everyone for a very long time so you’re just gonna make it for yourself. Sea cucumbers! Sea cucumbers are like regular cucumbers, only they’re wet and alive. And I think they’re
friends with SpongeBob. Are you friends with SpongeBob? Okay, I didn’t know about your drama. Didn’t need to know. Don’t wanna know. We’re gonna have you hang out
with these other cucumbers. I don’t know if you
speak the same language or if you can talk to each other or if this is the result
of a long ago fight. A war between the land
cucumbers and the sea cucumbers, went to battle, fought to the death, and then you went your separate ways. Today, you’re gonna
reunite on the holiday. And I’m going to bring you together. Let’s cook it now. First, we’re gonna go with garlic. Most good things do. It’s really nice when things
come together at the holidays. I remember holidays. The person would come down the thing and be in my house and leave things under the tomato, that’s what it was. Was that you Instant Pot? Have you been watching me? Some delicious sesame oil and
chili oil to bring the sting. Just gonna heat the oil
and the garlic a little bit until it’s fragrant. I love the smell of the holidays. The bleach and the leather and the cotton and then the darkness. Holidays are fun, we all
celebrate in different ways. I’m gonna leave these sea cucumbers whole so everybody can have one. Now it’s time for the land cucumbers. Isn’t it romantic? Holidays bring people together, and cucumbers. We’re gonna add some mirin. And now we have some aged vinegar. You can really smell
the old times in there. Like the olden days of
holidays that I don’t remember but Instant Pot said we
had a wonderful time. Sledding in the ash,
toasting various things. Rice vinegar. For a little bit of tang. A little bit of sugar, sweet cucumber. And last, it’s salt. For not monsters,
especially at the holidays, we wouldn’t do that, we’d never do that. Things are getting steamy
with the land cucumbers and the sea cucumbers. Are you crazy kids ready to get sealed up? Yes? Okay. We’re just gonna seal you up, put you under pressure and wait. However, while we fill the time. (spooky music) ♪ Christmas, Christmas time is near ♪ ♪ Time for toys ♪ ♪ And time for cheer ♪ ♪ We’ve been good but we can’t last ♪ ♪ Hurry Christmas, hurry fast ♪ ♪ Want a plane that loops the loop ♪ ♪ Me, I want a hula-hoop ♪ ♪ We can hardly stand the wait ♪ (singing drowns out) Don’t worry land cucumbers, you’re gonna get to join the party too. I just thought we’d have fun with texture. We’ll be spending the holidays together, right Instant Pot, right? You wouldn’t go away
and leave me all alone. Sometimes I think you’ve
always been with me. You can tell me. I need it for the report. This is gonna be such a
delightful feast, Instant Pot. I have all different creatures of the sea. These are the only
creatures from the land. I’ve been working so so hard to prepare. I hope you like it. This is fun, it’s like
the night before clam-mas. It’s time to release the cucumbers. Ready? (pressure releases) Smells all good and cukey in here. We’re not done yet. More cucumbers. Just gonna let those simmer
for a couple of minutes while we prepare the rest of the feast. You didn’t think this was all
we were having today, did you? Oh no, I’ve prepared so many
courses for you Instant Pot. Anchovies. Tuna. Fishnacks. Made with lizardfish, largehead hairtail, croaker, and alaskan pollock. Sardines. Fish silk jerky. This has more lizard fish in it. And Sorbitol, Go Fish. Little yellow croaker. You look angry. Frozen fish. Pheasants for kids, no children
should be allowed here. Salted egg fish skin. Fish have skin and other parts. Little fish. And for dessert, Swedish Fish. What happened to you, Sweden? Instant Pot’s been playing matchmaker for land cucumber and sea cucumber. Let’s see how things went. It’s a holiday miracle. Land cucumber and sea
cucumber together again for the holidays. Instant Pot, does that give you any ideas? For how things could
go this holiday season? Just you and me? And all our fishes? That’s a whole lot of holiday
in my mouth all at once. It slides down my throat like the man who used to come down my chimney. That’s what happening. And now it’s the holidays in my stomach. Instant Pot, would you like some cucumber? Of all the kinds? Happy Cumbermas. And to all, a goodbye.

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