The Feast of Tabernacles: A Time to Rejoice

The Feast of Tabernacles is a cherished annual
highlight for members of The Restored Church of God. With the Last Great Day following,
this eight-day period is filled with opportunities for spiritual instruction, fellowship, serving
others, and living the abundant life. Ken Orel:
What I enjoy most about the Feast of Tabernacles is meeting new people.
Vidal Wachuku: It creates a binding unity.
Nestor Toro: They come, not just to learn to rejoice, but
also to learn to fear God. Larry Cockshutt:
It’s God’s Feast, and God puts it all together.
God commands His people to participate in this festival as a rehearsal, foreshadowing
the coming reign of the Kingdom of God over the whole Earth. The prophet Isaiah wrote
of Jesus Christ, “…His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The
everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His [empire] and peace there
shall be no end…” Christians are today preparing to be part of this divine government! Andrew Holcombe:
The Feast is a great opportunity to see growth
in the congregations, not only in quantity, but also in quality, and seeing people learning
and growing and overcoming. When you have an opportunity to really get to know others,
that’s what it’s all about. We are people people. We’re here to learn about other people,
we’re here to spend time with God’s people. And what better way to do that than to spend
eight days together.  
Edward Winkfield: The Feast of Tabernacles is so important for
us as God’s people because it’s a time for us to come together. You have brethren from
all over. Some in smaller congregations, some larger congregations, but no congregation
as large as the Feast, so it’s a great time for us to come together and fellowship. The Church prints and distributes a vast library
of literature that thoroughly explains the Holy Days and God’s Plan of Salvation, as
well as many other Biblical teachings. To keep the Feast, Christians leave their
homes and usual routines, traveling to beautiful locations at which God has placed His name.
They are there to rejoice, and to develop greater fear and reverence of God. This year,
there were 22 festival sites. At each, peace, joy and unity were evident.
Members were elated as they saw others arrive at their site. Many hugs, handshakes and smiles
were exchanged. Existing friendships were strengthened, and new ones quickly formed. Nestor Toro:
Having had the opportunity to be here at this site for a number of years in a row has afforded
me the opportunity to see the brethren grow. You go from seeing someone come to their first
Feast and be all nervous, not sure about what to expect. Sometimes overcoming different
trials at home. Then they come here, they left that. They take a step forward in obeying
God and learning His way of life, and then suddenly you come the next year and they’re
stronger, they’re more confident. They’ve been able to practice what they learned last
year. And especially as a minister, you see the growth and it brings you a joy that you
can’t compare to anything else. It’s almost like you see yourself in them, growing along
with them.  
Larry Cockshutt: What speaks to me and what I enjoy and I really
find heartwarming, is to come to the Feast and listen and to hear God’s messages to us.
They’re absolutely built for us. He gives the men that are speaking the words to say,
and they speak them with confidence and clarity. God gives us the ability to understand them.
He gives us the ability to retain them and that’s absolutely wonderful.
  Michael Gammel:
It’s good to see that first love in action again, but also see the other people that
have been to the Feast many times and rekindle old friendships. The 2017 Feast began with Pastor General David
C. Pack’s Opening Night video sermon, which set the tone for the time ahead.
Throughout the eight days, the ministry delivered messages focusing on the many facets of Christ’s
coming empire, and how Christians must prepare to rule in it. Musical performances were another
highly edifying component of services. The video premiere of Behind the Work 2017:
Members of One Body at every Feast site was tremendously memorable. All were galvanized
by its in-depth look at God’s Work. Mr. and Mrs. Pack traveled to each North American
Feast site. During the first leg of the trip, in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, Mr. Pack delivered
an installment of his sermon series, “The Greatest Untold Story.” It was video-recorded
and edited the same night for immediate distribution to all other Feast sites. Brethren were inspired
by the understanding it presented. New members also had the opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs.
Pack for the first time. One of the Feast’s richest benefits is the
many opportunities it offers to serve. Every year, members sign up for various teams which
carry out essential functions, helping to ensure this large-scale event is run smoothly.
Some of these include the stage crew—setup crew—information table—sound team—photography—videography—and
much more. Social events were held at each site to help
brethren spend quality time together. These included Family Day, an afternoon of stimulating
games and activities; a Seniors Luncheon, in which those with senior experience are
honored and entertained, and a Dinner Dance, where an elegant meal and lively dancing are
enjoyed. Brian Jackson:
The Feast has been very exciting with all the brethren from various areas of the southwest
and southeast. Just coming here and just having a wonderful time with fellowship and hearing
God’s Word on a daily basis. It’s nice to see the brotherly love and the joy that they
get from all of the sermons from Mr. Pack down through the ministry and just seeing
them apply that each day has been wonderful.  Vidal Wachuku:
The Feast has also offered the opportunity for people who have just returned from the
splinters, meeting again some 30 years they saw each other last. I have somebody from
one of my congregations who this is his first Feast in 23 years and he’s met some people
he knew way back, right here. So it gives this wonderful opportunity and privilege for
people to reunite and reignite the fellowship and the friendships that had and to take it
on from there to continue to express the love of God in their lives.
  Ken Orel:
What I would encourage anyone in terms of looking forward to the next Feast: there is
nothing more important in life than what we are being worked with and trained to become.
As soon as we leave this Feast, we should already be looking forward to the next Feast,
because when you think about what our future is, it is so big. It is so wonderful. There’s
nothing in this world that should take the place to push that out of the way. The Feast
of Tabernacles is the highlight of the year for God’s people and we need to be thinking
about that constantly. The eight days for which God’s people assemble
to observe this holy convocation are unforgettable. The Feast of Tabernacles is a unique spiritual
boost for Christians, and is a preview of the way of life all nations will experience
when God’s Kingdom is governing the entire world.
To learn more about The Restored Church of God, and how you can be involved in this festival
next year, contact us.

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