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The Ladies Take Over Carnival | Girls Cruise

The Ladies Take Over Carnival | Girls Cruise

♪♪ ♪♪ When we got there
and I didn’t hear any music, I’m not gonna lie,
I was like, “Aw, (bleep). We missed it! Goddamn.” (man on PA)
The team from New York City,
I see ’em!
The team from Miami,
I see ’em!
(continues indistinctly) (Lil’ Kim)
Oh, my God, wait a minute. The music just came back on. And it’s happening. (man on PA)
Everybody say Rogue!
Well, Rome is clearly connected
in Trinidad. Y’all are lucky,
by some miracle, I got some of the guys at Rogue
to bring the band back. We got the music trucks,
we got the people back. And I am just… in my glee. ♪♪ It’s time to turn up! (crowd cheering) ♪♪ (crowd cheering) (Mya)
The energy is vibrant. You can’t help but dance.
The bands. There’s just so much love and
excitement and joy in the air. It is awesome. ♪♪ (Lil’ Kim)
I’m so happy. I don’t get a lot of moments
to just have fun. But Biggy,
he taught me don’t ever dig in your butt
or your nose, ’cause somebody’s
always looking. (man)
Hey, yay, yay, yay, yay… (Rome)
So we with Rogue. Everyone forgot
that we were late. I am just… in my glee. Because it worked out
at the end. Thank you, Jesus. ♪♪ (Vena)
Goddamn. It took me a long-ass time to get up
in this goddamn outfit. And now, you know,
it needs some bonding blue. It needs some tape. So, it’s just like… ugh. ♪♪ Have you got it, Char? ♪♪ Yes. There’s one piece of
hair that’s driving me crazy. There we go. Stuck it in. I know you don’t feel good,
but you look good. Man, it breaks my heart
to think, like, you ever (bleep) struggle with
any kind of self-confidence. Just looking at you…
like, I mean, I’m around all, you know,
I’m around all these model
(bleep) all the time, and, like, you have everything
that they would kill to have. Thank you, Char. And you have it naturally. You are just like the most
beautiful person to me. Thank you. (Char)
Over the past couple days, we’ve gotten so close. And I can tell
she’s hurting inside. You know, she let down
her walls, I let down mine. And we’re just two real people
doing the best we know how. And I just want
what’s best for her. I want to help her out,
whatever she needs. But you know
what’s so crazy is, when I looked at myself
in the mirror the other day, I was like, “Wow,
why am I complaining?” I don’t know why you
ain’t doing something
like modeling, like… Thank you, Charlie. You could. I love you. Love you. Mmm, thank you.
You’re sweaty. You’re sweaty! (laughing) ♪♪

39 thoughts on “The Ladies Take Over Carnival | Girls Cruise”

  1. "WOoOoW LiL KiM LoOks NoTHiNG LiKE LiL KiM1!!"
    People don't remember she got disfigured/beat by her abusive ex partner and surgeons arent miracle workers…

  2. I don't care how well Lil Kim sleeps at night , I sleep a whole lot better … With my NATURAL GOD GIVEN BAWDEE … It's a new world folks, keep moving with it 😂

  3. This shows lovely.just all positivity…it's nice to see lil Kim showing the softer side…no more surgery please we love you as you are! 💓

  4. Or next time you could just have enough RESPECT to show up on f%cking TIME instead of making everyone stay late for YOUR pathetic asses 😒

  5. Ppl are still trying to drag lil Kim be cause of how she looks now but you clearly missed her reasoning on why she had surgery to begin with. She tells you why and it had nothing to do with the industry.

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