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The OLDEST CHINATOWN In The World! Street Food Tour of Binondo Manila Philippines

The OLDEST CHINATOWN In The World! Street Food Tour of Binondo Manila Philippines

Hey, guys, it’s Mike Chen. I’m here in Manila and this is the first time I’ve ever been to a Chinatown outside of the U.S. and here where I’m staying right now Is the oldest chinatown, in the world is known as fernando and it has a history of over 400 years so during the ming dynasty in china Chinese christians started migrating to this country and they’ve been here, ever since so over the centuries chinese, cuisine met filipino cuisine They got together they got married They, had a little bunch of fusion babies now, there are some places i want to specifically visit but My general attitude today is whatever looks good, we’re gonna eat it and all that starts right here at the famous curveball alley. little kitties I’m gonna leave them alone because I hate it when people try to wake me– oh, you’re up Did not look happy. That was a pure look of hatred right there I’ll show you across the street I saw this guy cooking some kind of barbecue skewer. That looks good. Can i buy one? over there there’s something over there okay, alright, thank you Very delicious. Alright one please, what’s the sauce? Vinegar with onion, this country they put vinegar and everything and I just love them for that. Dipping sauce is vinegar and garlic, onion, and pepper and chili. First bite of the day. Oh yeah, it tastes like a really fatty cash all nicely charred flesh this is just like fat right here. Oh! That piece was for hardcore fat lovers right there. That fat’s gonna do a little explosion in your mouth. If you’re not ready for that, that’s gonna put you out, but for me, ah, this is a great start to my day. But let’s keep going. Look at this whoa think she’s frying, like, pork cutlet here thank you Really, crumbly and crunchy on the outside. Um, i think there’s some citrus in here because i see, i see a lemon seed wow That’s your that crunch this actually tastes a lot, better than i thought was gonna okay? I figure i’ll just be like oily And fatty that’s yep this is actually quite delicious there’s a little spicy a little sour flavor of the citrus Mmm balances out pinched hashed it clear very good thank you Those are yen go, skee rice. Cake the smells sweet a little coconut flavor, oh? Cuz, you’re, interesting there’s a sweet thick your rice cake i put that thing bits of pork on top sup little savory It’s quite delicious a lot of coconut flavor in there but, this dude this thing is super substantial i mean a couple Days, you’re, gonna be pull kind of addictive dump after a few, badges i? Really put it down Again, a lot of stalls selling all sorts of food i see a bunch of noodles of cours kind of pork spring rolls All right inside this alley there’s a place i really wanted to go to here it is quick snack let’s go get a quick snack So apparently, by a, quick snag i mean six for one dishes but, hey, you know what that’s? okay I’m excited i’m on vacation Let’s neat i’m really excited about this this is a cuccia this is one of their best sellers here it was kinda like a like a pot pie or a Quarry, pop or like a chinese empanada i just break one of these, bad boys open soo as the knife went in i could feel how, incredibly flaky the outside pastry is hole how Sushi, distinguished i mean it’s tough to the rim with veggies and import look at. This flaky crust You’re, gonna love this tasting a lot of radish pieces of horse tofu it’s a little sweet little shaving Extremely satisfying the sweetness comes from the inside from the radish i also found The, puff pastry, itself they got just interesting a hot sauce you’re such a dip it in dish i love this hot sauce ooh little sour little sweet really spicy i Want to get you these app, this little tenderloin With onions i mean i don’t know if this is a traditional filipino cruise anyone have a hit I see steak i get it check out, this massive lumpia this is a grandfather of all lumpias it’s such a Beautifully delicate crepe on the outside see some eggs, some cilantro carrots tofu Well it’s different from the one other loop here i had that was good this is sensational? This is pop straight the cilantro brings out the freshness of the spring roll i love how, much filling it’s in here it’s literally 99% of billy and 1% great i love the tofu too sweetness from the carrots a little crunch from the cabbage Best generate in this restaurant so far wow. This Is good i’m just gonna you know since i have it i’m trying to put a piece of steak on there everything these a little More steak yeah There’s no wrong, way jesus lumpia there is not you need to show Your life you do next i want to get to this pancake typically i’m not a big fan of moist air pancakes because i feel like it’s hamas a little slimy for me but i say i Gotta try to think i do nothing stop everything i was a Pretty good thing And i said i’ve got something guys there’s a sweet sauce i kind of go with These spring rolls look at that, oh it’s, like, like a sugary, honey glaze almost Just to clear this thing much much much going on the top with cilantro It’s it feels very soft in the center on the edges the eggs are slightly crispy, oh? So much moister is inherited and you’re supposed to eat it with a little papaya salad It’s often 2:10 in the center but it’s not really gooey oysters Cilantro bean sprouts i mean this is a stuffed Pancake cleanup a pilot’s hat there’s a little bit of ginger that just rid of any of the seafood flavor That’s in this vinegar this is one of the better moisture pancakes i’ve had because like i said it’s not a Simple gooey batter oyster pancake so even though i’m not a Huge oiler pancake bam this is pretty good i think if you like, boys your main case You’ll love this this is a saute meat estado one of the most popular dishes here mmm smells a little sweet little peanut these are some satay sauce in here as, well i Think it’s, also a bit spicy very really sauce in your, nose i do love, the crunch factor From the cleaning time and i like how Tender the beef is but noodles for the peanut sauce that’s gonna fill you up so if you Want a dish it’s really gonna satisfy you right here that’s it my last dish here this is the mickey be home it’s a combination Of make noodles with thin rice noodles and with shallots and onions on top trim pork And fish cake it’s like everything i love in a bowl Wow a lot of flavors going on here that’s porky there’s also
Officially is also simpie and it has that typical Stir-fry flavor to it but the way the flavor is good um slightly overly oily for me is in need of some hot sauce here She’s had a lot of good food in cabo ha Ali, gonna take a watch and we are going on to unpin street this is a? Magistrate lolicon, we scared let’s go First off on the street we’re, gonna stop for something sweet Salted, egg, yolk fun and they are made famous right here at a meetin look at this tons of bakery item And right here Oh, babe oh and the lava ball right here this is gonna be awesome and this place look connected to a Cafe mezzanine so i’m gonna go
Here leave the buns here because i’m about to order a noodle soup here that it’s kind of special can i get a Soup number 5 please Come on special move ain’t fun, that’s pretty, by the way? Look, at that spicy pork, okay i feel like the ratio of dough and filling Is kind of hot because it’s a lot of a dole and they give me a sauce to go with it It’s really enriching what sauce, is sweet the bun Although, the outside layer looks really there’s actually Park clumpy or nice the dough on the inside it’s not all that spicy i almost like the dough a So better than that feeling this, is we’re, gonna be dishes thank you My, super sure but before, we get into that salty, egg bun, oh, oh? Yeah, it’s a lot of running ear and thinner than the salty, egg buns in the us There’s a lot a gear as, well Guys, you look, lovely those are fantastic meat this was i’m team that’s gonna make you all sorts of happy right next to why i got the buns it’s trying keep um this is Also a really popular place and they’re known for a couple of things first is dis this is camp on war often referred to as? a chinese play up basically just fried rice and this right here this is Kikou, pork with veggies wrapped in a tofu Skin it’s steamed and then deep-fried so you get that nice punchy layer on the outside see that beautiful thin crunchy skin and finally the infamous soup number five i had this soup once before in Bangkok, my friend mark introduced me to it there’s no good way to say this it’s made from cows Private parts, and that’s not all that’s in here i also see chicken feed, some organ meats Some stomach which part is the penis i think it’s this i don’t need, to know, what i’m eating could i ask you? Wow this looks intense thank you we’re gonna get to this First let’s try the key count because this looks delicious it’s almost like a fry sausage you See all that meat in there they serve this with, some radish and carrots It’s visually a sausage in a tofu, wrap i love the tofu wrapper Gosh roger has a lot of good tofu, flavor here the sauce is salty the sauce, is sweet nice balance this is really good, okay? Let’s let’s try this thing out soup number five, why, do you i might be kind of ignorant here, why Do they call it number five as you can see this to me it’s incredibly oily Wow that’s like, drinking back if you, give this thing a! Wig, and treat it like a candle it’s gonna, burn for a week it tastes really beefy and looks like There’s some chicken element here as, well i think this is also part of it i mean i’ve never seen one a real live saw i’m not sure let’s just try this i Think, that, was part of it as? Well it tastes like a softer tendon really really tender i don’t know. How I feel, about it i mean i don’t feel too good about it i don’t love it i would never Ask it to see a. Movie anyway, let’s let’s get to this Feel, like i’ve been chewing that for a long time it is extremely organized of break it up almost like fish Eggs there’s not my thing at all i think, i will pick any number besides through number five This, place i’ve been looking forward to you i am at, my sookie and they supposedly have a great Bowl of egg noodles and broth this place is known for a couple of things one is the mommy Meets your mommy right here in a Bowl it’s essentially just noodles in rock i think this is chicken broth The media is a combination of chicken, and pork in the noodles these are hands whole noodles right here when you get a Bowl of noodles you, also have to get this a, soap all were steamed bun But first let’s get to the noodles right, away, as i’m like kind of scooping this with, my chopsticks i could, tell it’s freshly made i mean this is not the the chopstick feel of a packaged noodle i Think it’s got an, awesome shoe wow Absolutely love the texture of the noodles i feel like the broth herself it’s a tad boring i mean it’s got good flavor but It’s a bit one-dimensional Instead it’s okay if you’d like gifted, you don’t as Well all right thank you this makes more sense i see people are telling me i gotta put this Like a sweet oh it’s like a i gots camions, young sweet flour paste, also if they’re telling Me to put some white pepper in here why, pepper it’s fantastic. And any type of bra and i’m gonna add a little vinegar Maybe, some spices too there’s This, i like this house Oscillate this really doesn’t belong to much in in soup the best part of this of this dish i really think it is the noodles Themselves the broth even with the different sauces it’s a little monotone it’s not that it’s just not very interesting either Let’s check out the steamed bun wow A lot, of bbq pork inside this actually looks really interesting This, is better it’s just like a cha-cha ball to me here there’s almost like Sports, loss it’s sweet the meats got a good ratio of lean fat well i Love the pillar, we don’t yeah dip it in that broth i feel Like this is a good complement To, the father because pork here it’s got that nice flavor the broth is sort of missing now of course That’s just, my, own opinion you don’t have to agree with, me i’m sure a lot of people love this, place but for me it just really didn’t do it i See a place i kind of want to visit shanghai fried shell pow Can i have can i buy one you fried before you steam it interesting never heard that but pretty, cool it’s like Polar, opposite from one side to the other superbly, bouncy, and soft delightfully crunchy extremely hot so that shoosh Isn’t here hmm also The racial look at there’s a ratio of the filling to the dome that’s really good i mean it’s a big fatty filling right here Good it’s, solid ice hey guys this is awesome that’s great grab I’m at the own pin minosa restaurant one of the oldest restaurant here in chinatown, and they are known for this a Maki, and this is a type of a pork shoe shame lee, extremely Thick look at this pork shit whoa you could probably walk on this and it’s loaded with pork Oh, mike look at all the work they put in here this small container, is like it’s. Like 90% pork, oh When i get on board with this the soup as you can, tell It extremely thick and the pork is shove it feels like i feel like this thing has been stewed in here a long time because this thing came Off and just like a tiny nipple this thing definitely needs a little something it’s almost overly flavorful so i think a, little white pepper Yeah, definitely makes this whole thing a, little peppery A little spice yeah if you, want to try some ridiculously tender pork this is it i mean they definitely do not skimp on the meat here i Never say, no to a pineapple I needed that Mmm all right a lot of food today a lot of pork a lot of beef a lot of chicken a lot of pork My, final place i heard that this that this is awesome 60 year old restaurant serves a lot Of fried chicken i am a securities restaurant in this place like i mentioned before is known for its fried chicken as Well as is waster pink’s it’s the second time in a damn having moister pancakes this didn’t happen in taiwan and looking at This, pancake right now besides the fact that there’s cilantro, and sprouts like the pancake Before this pancake is loading even war with wasters i mean oysters are literally spilling out of this pancake i thought My, last pancake had a lot of oysters this is the most moister per pancake capita i’ve ever seen And my fried chicken has just arrived it was lovely pairing fried chicken oyster pancakes never even thought those two, went together Just like i mentioned before personally i’m not a big fan of moister pancakes but if you, like, oysters this is really gonna satisfy you Tastes really, good, some hot sauce this pancake is a lot Cooler here he’s in the one i had before i think i like this working better not only there’s your more oysters It’s got a bunch of different textures to it and this is the famous fried chicken very crispy chewy hot Wow first of all love that especially fried Butter skim or screaming crispy and you see there’s a lot of chinese seasoning you know it’s a. Five-spice in here just look at that Whoa, this is so hot by the way? You can, shuffle yourself and this is a chinese version of fried chicken little hot sauce There’s like a great aroma the only you, want to be on my show. I Didn’t realize, that’s the owner right behind me, oh, hey, thanks for the fried chicken so he, tells, me that yeah it’s garlic There’s soy sauce Five-spice a little vinegar, and then marinate it overnight so you really, don’t need, any, spice it all just kind of you know The way it is that’s fantastic man good job Yeah one of my favorite parts of a chicken i feel like the most flavorful part is the wing My chicken has a lot of umami flavoring and also just a tiny bit of sweetness to it so you Keep those recipe for 60 years, same recipe Hey if it works don’t fix it right 260 years alright guys that wraps up my Day here bernardo oldest chinatown In the world you can, certainly taste a history of some of these dishes i think some of my, favorite things Today the salt take, egg bun from nb 10 i like to kick him from trunky i think if you, like, boys, their pancakes you’re Gonna, love this one here to fry to pork bun, from that shanghai place and you know That piece of pork chop i had really early in a day i keep thinking About that delicious piece of pork chop, i think i’m gonna take it five years off my, life but Still hey it’s worth it and that piece of sticky rice Cake, yeah that’s gonna, bring back memories but all in all really fun food, day in this very historic challenge i’ve been loving My, time in the philippines so far and hey it’s not over there’s still Some great food coming out so thank you so much for watching This, video and i’ll tell, we eat again real, soon i’ll see you later

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