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The Originals 4×13 Extended Promo “The Feast of All Sinners” (HD) Season 4 Episode 13 Extended Promo

The Originals 4×13 Extended Promo “The Feast of All Sinners” (HD) Season 4 Episode 13 Extended Promo

For a thousand years we have been
honoring a vow to stand together. You want to put The Hollow
into one of my siblings? One ain’t gonna cut it,
I’m gonna need four of them. So the evil is separated for all time. You can never see each other again. That is the only way that
we’re going to beat The Hollow. Hope! I need you to fight her. You think you can stop me? Well, if it’ll save my little girl, then we will make it so. The Originals Season 4 Finale
this Friday at 8/7c on The CW.

46 thoughts on “The Originals 4×13 Extended Promo “The Feast of All Sinners” (HD) Season 4 Episode 13 Extended Promo”

  1. This show was great but enough with the new and more OP witches seriously lol. Also when all was lost at the end of voodoo child I was waiting for a badass Klaus Mikaelson scene not a oh please anything to help will do scenario. My god where has the fear and respect gone for the originals? 1000 years of apparent terror and now witches are gathering to fight them as cannon fodder for the hollow? ermm….

  2. not bad season but ive seen better from the originals then this one, only like 13 wtf… when finally action comes we're at the season finally…..

  3. Compared to the previous season(s), this season was meh. Should have put the Hollow in Vampire Diaries, and have Cade in the Originals.

  4. Of course everyone else is getting together and thinking of a logical solution while Hayley (Person dumber than a bag of hammers) decides to run into the streets to retrieve the possessed child who just gave her an epic ass whooping. Scared mommy runs out on a suicide mission, refusing help from the uncle she has demonized for reasons that make no sense, while Klaus (scared dad and the man she was demonizing all last season) or Elijah (the man she is demonizing this season ) will have to save her from stupidity – for the bajillionth time – and Hope as well. Hayley is most useless and insufferable character on television.

  5. I usually like haley but she's really pissing me off like getting mad at Elijah like bitch he's a fucking vampir e he's been around for 1000 years he's going to do some crazy shit she already new that he did bad things in the past wtf she needs to get over herself Elijah would never hurt hope or her so she needs to chill the fuck out fr

  6. Vincent's plan is good but Klaus should stay with Hope, he can't forget Hope! And there's another question: are we sure they are going to stay away from each other?

  7. finale ending would be like klaus hope and Hayley will leave and live together maybe in Mystic falls , Freya will leave with keelin , I'm not sure about Rebekah but she will leave anyway and Elijah will Remain in New Orleans and maybe a little twist in marcel Sofya and Elijah 😉

  8. Don't dare to kill Hayley she is the mother of Hope when she die it is not more hope for Hope because she will turn to evil and that shouldn't be happen she is a good girl she should stay for the sake of her mom. You are all only angry because she rejected Elijah.

  9. it breaks my heart for rebekah but for me they just play with our feelings I mean that marcel says he has feelings for sofya but every time someone asks him if he no longer likes rebekah he refuses to Answer so someone has to explain me if you do not like her  anymore and it's over. Why he does not really say it.

  10. I think many of us are reluctant to realize that the season and the entire show is coming to an end, they ordered 13 episodes instead of 22 which we are used to .Normally this would be a mid season finale but it is the overall season finale – which came so quickly. Normally a season of TO focuses on one main problem/villian – the witches, Marcel etc but this season had so much more problems and dynamics (which may have been all over the place a bit – jumping from one scene to another) . We saw Freya fall in love, Marcel and Klaus reunite (his love for Marcel) , the Red Door again, Hope scenes and her innocence/pure. And mending characters is a step towards resolving everything so the series can come to an end without viewers questioning situation, example PLL). After defeating the Hollow and having one last season, I really see noting else they could do to further stretch out the series.

  11. This is gonna be the last season so you guys can shut up about it being more about Haley. This fanbase is so damn childish, Your precious Kol can do no wrong even when he's acting like an idiot. but a lot of you just hate haley for petty reasons, also it's no surprise Kol is gone again, I don't blame him cause just like Finn he was never part of always and forever…..

  12. I just feel like The Originals lost its charm… the first 2 season was soooo good after TVD went bad. it was fresh, new, dark, mysterious, loved the vibe of New Orleans and the witches. and I just feel like they ran out of possible ideas. each season here comes a bad evil witch, one we have never seen before, the strongest creature ever(TVD was the same), that tries to destroy the city and the family, and there's a feud with Marcel but in the end they destroy it and it starts again and again. it is just boring. they even fucked up Elijah and Hailey'S relationship. they fucked up Elijah. he was/they were so charming. I never wanted to say this but maybe it's time to end the whole tvd/to world if they can't show us anything new. I just want to see Caroline and Klaus together, and of course Marcel and Rebekah together cuz they are the best. (even tho they put awful makeup on Rebekah, makes her look old and sick, terrible.)

  13. I loved season 1 of the show but since then, (I don't know if someone else noticed this or feels the same way), but the show seems so satanic/demonic. Every episode now has blood or sacrifice rituals, making someone choke on their blood, slicing someone's neck off, etc… it's seems a bit excessive, does anyone agree? season 1 was amazing having evil!klaus fighting Marcel for power and rule of New Orleans and it just become more witchy and creepy since then.

  14. I promise u m not gonna to see your any other series if you end in this way(because you don't care about what we want to see ,which make us sad)

  15. Vincent is lying, or the show was given a soft cancel .

    when the show returns for season 5 it will no longer be The Originals, but a backdoor pilot for a spin off about a 17 year old Hope. No Elijah,Rebecca, Kol, nor Klaus. Just Vincent, Marcel and maybe Hayley.

  16. I feel like they will split them up for the finale, but then Hayley will still be with Hope and will raise her.. And her whole life, Hope will fight to defeat the Hollow once and for all, and when she gets the Mikaelsons all back, she will be all grown up and the hero of the day.. Saving them just like they saved her.

  17. The four Vincent need will probably be Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol… i presume…
    It's gonna be awesome ♥

  18. Dear God
    They prepared a real showdown for the end of the season. I just hope my ninja Klaus stays alive

  19. so it is kind of a fun fact, that Daniel Gillies was starring in a series called "saving hope"? 😀 I mean now it's all about saving Hope 😛

  20. Spoiler alert, do not read further if you haven't watched the episode and want to watch it without already knowing what is going to happen

    So seriously if Hope or Freya or Hayley don't find a way to put The Hollow somewhere else than Elijah, Kol, Klaus and Rebekah im going to rage so hard that Julie Plec hears it from across the ocean and realizes that im so mad that she has to cancel the whole fucking: "Keeping up with Hope Mikaelson" show and just throw The Hollow to the fucking trash can and forget about it so all the Mikaelsons can reunite. I HAVE SPOKEN.

  21. come on changr the damn thing
    Elijah compelled to forget about his vow n family. its so sad plz unite them again

  22. Here's what Michael Narducci said about Season5 (ish):  
    "There are a few moments that we cut from the finale. One of them is where Hope says to Freya, in Act 6, that she absolutely knows in her heart that they’ll be together again. When you’re talking about someone as powerful as Hope Mikaelson and she’s just seven years old, you have to believe that once she grows up and learns more, she’s going to find a way to track down her dad and to get rid of The Hollow, once and for all. I just believe that the Mikaelsons are a determined, optimistic, passionate family and they believe, without a doubt, that they’ll be together again. I think that’s what the fans are most excited about, going forward, and I’m sure Julie and the writers have an idea about delivering on that, in some way."
    To read the rest of what he said:


  23. The season finale just broke my heart, it actually felt like a series finale 😕 so beautiful yet sad 💔but I still want Klaus to b happy though 💔

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