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The Protector Season 2 Gala Premiere ❖ Cast Interviews ❖ Cagatay Ulusoy ❖ Closed Captions 2019

The Protector Season 2 Gala Premiere  ❖ Cast Interviews ❖ Cagatay Ulusoy ❖ Closed Captions 2019

Translation by Sarah Khan Do you also think the same, Mr Cagatay?
Were you successful? Well, actually… the points of success in this work, just as Umut said as an actor in this show as the cast and crew of the first
Netflix Original Turkish series is doing our best. And the important thing in this work is to maintain continuity and attract platforms like Netflix to our country. We think it’s a good start. What attracted you towards this show?
Did you always wish to play such a role? Fantasy… Superhero…did you have it in your mind? I’m not really fond of fantasy stuff. But once you get into it, you embrace your work
with a completely different feeling. Before anything, it’s your job. But one of the things that excited me was… adding our historic background to this genre and showing it to the world. And I’m very happy to have taken up this role. Would you like to tell what’s going
to happen in the new season? What’s gonna happen? Not the details, but… Are we going to see something extraordinary? Tell us without giving any spoiler. New friends have joined the cast in Season 2. The story becomes rich, it unravels… And moves towards new things There’s much more drama… and becomes more exciting I think everyone is going to enjoy it. Engin has joined the cast for Season 2. Who do you play, Engin? Tell us something about your character. I’m playing Muhafiz. I’m Cagatay’s elder brother.
That’s my character. I enter the show in Episode 3
of the second season. But of course, there’s a difference. Hakan’s experience… and my character’s experience
haven’t been the same. We’ll watch the difference between the two.
That’s what attracted me. Did you like Season 1
and think about being a part of it? Of course, you’re a part of it
because you liked it, but still… I’ll be very honest. I was a part of
many things in Season 1 as well. I’ll tell you how…I knew the story,
I was in touch with Cagatay. That’s why I told them that I would love
to be a part of it without even watching it. Ok, Burcin… you were seen in the very last episode of Season 1. We saw you here and there before that. You have a full-fledged role in Season 2, right? Yes, in Season 1 Faysal finally wakes me up. 20 years was a long time. That’s why you couldn’t see me much. In Season 2, Ruya’s story is very deep. Story of a strong woman. She sees that everything
has changed when she wakes up. And she tries to adapt to it. Muhafiz, Sadik and together with
the other immortals who have woken up Ruya has a deep and a beautiful story. You’re playing a strong character– there has always been a problem in the movies– there weren’t many strong female characters.
In a known film festival they have a separate category for
movies with strong women– a separate category for such films. What do you think? Is there an increase
in the powerful female characters? Or is it still the same? Be it in TV shows or movies…
it’s very often discussed these days. We need to have strong female characters.
Especially, in this day and age. I think it’s a time when their
voices should be heard. That’s why these characters will keep coming. And they must! The viewers will be able
to relate and feel strong. That’s why there are many strong women in this show, and there will be many
strong women in future shows. Ayca… Let’s move on to Ayca. Let’s move on to some rumors. Are you in love or what? 3rd? 4th? or 5th? What’s going on? Then let me tell you about my character. In Season 1, as you know,
Leyla played a working woman. We got to know her as a woman
stuck between work and love, but… Hakan was the breaking point
in her life and in Season 1… Now Hazar… I’ve kept the most interesting question for Hazar. I’m kidding! So Hazar… We’ve seen you in very different roles this year.
We saw you in Ahlat Agaci and in Hakan Muhafiz. How do you prepare for these roles? Do you like doing such a diverse
variety of work? Of course, you do, but… How do you prepare for them? What do you do? Well, playing in Hakan Muhafiz
was a very interesting period for me. It came to me at an unexpected moment. And playing in a fantasy setting– real locations, playing the right hand of a superhero was very different. I was very excited.
I really wanted to do it. It was fun. As I said, everything is real.
We are in Istanbul. Everything is in it’s place, but… There’s Muhafiz and the immortals. It was an unbelievable experience. I like it. This is the most exciting part of my job. Did you think that it would be so successful
when you first started filming it? Well… What is the count of the views?
More than 10 million, right? More than 10 million views
in the first four weeks. Because there was age restriction, but… But we have many viewers above the age of 25 years. Then last question…what’s going
to happen after this, Cagatay? Do we have Season 3 and Season 4? Have you started shooting for it?
When are you going to start? We’ll start shooting for Season 3 and 4,
but there’s no exact date yet. We’ll begin shooting in the coming months. We have very different ideas. Have you read the script?
Do you know the ideas? I know the ideas from top to bottom. The general… structure…I know it from top to bottom. But of course, I can’t give you any details. But… I was very excited when I heard the ideas.
It’s going to be very interesting. We’re waiting for it impatiently.
So let’s watch it now. Sure. Thank you very much! Thanks a lot for coming.

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