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Thiên đường ẩm thực 4 | Tập 3 full: Trường Giang bó tay vì Phát La, Lan Hương ăn “bất chấp tự trọng”

Thiên đường ẩm thực 4 | Tập 3 full: Trường Giang bó tay vì Phát La, Lan Hương ăn “bất chấp tự trọng”

Acecook and Hao Hao proudly accompany the show. Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to The King of Food. The show is a collaboration of HTV and
Dien Quan Media and Entertainment,… sponsored by Acecook Vietnam. It is aired at 8:30 PM every Friday on HTV7. Today we’re gonna bring to you not only
delicious but also healthy dishes. Furthermore, members of our teams today
are young, cute and charming people. Give it up! [Welcoming smile] So, the team on my right hand is quite young. And on my left hand… – We’re young, too.
– True, true! – Okay, we need to respect the older ones, right?
– Yes! So, introduce yourselves, please! Hello to all the viewers of The King of Food. My name is Hung Thuan. And these are my teammates. I know her! [Embarrassed] What did you eat to be this gorgeous? Can you ask me something easier? Alright. What did you eat
to be this pretty? [Too stubborn!] I’m just being polite. Hello everyone, I’m Diep Bao Ngọc. This is the third time
I’ve participated in this show… – So I hope…
– What? The third time? Why do you keep inviting her for
3 out of 4 seasons of the show? – This is my 3rd time, but he has been hosting for 4 seasons.
– True that! Dear viewers, this is the second time that
Ha Tri Quang is participating this show. My team won last time. So I hope to continue the streak. I didn’t eat breakfast to
prepare myself for the feast. If you lose, you can still beg for food. – I don’t beg, I just sponge their food.
– Yeah, cadge their food. Yeah, there were cases that
the losing teams just stole the food. [Seriously?] Right in front of my face! Really! Your turn, Thanh! My name is Hong Thanh,
pleasure to meet dear viewers, the other teams… and Her Highness! [Her Highness?] Your Highness? – I’m The King of Food, alright?
– Sure! And these are my teammates today. My partners in crime. La, your turn! Hello the beloved audience, the other team,
my 2 teammates and the King of Food. Hey, do Phat La and Hung Thuan
go to the same barbershop? – My hair is naturally curly.
– I see. And mine is naturally curly
after going to barbershop. This is my first time that
I’m participating in The King of Food. And I hope that… the show will have more seasons to come. So I will keep participating, like Ms. Ngoc. And… [As dull as dishwater] – You’re a comedian, right?
– Yes, I’m trying right now. – Trying to be funny?
– True, but I can’t… Hey bro, please help me! Let Huong save your face! Alright. Your cue! Hello to all of the viewers! Hello, Your Majesty! My name is Lan Huong. This is also my first time coming here. I hope I can eat lots of dishes today. Thank you! She’s like a kindergarten kid. Yeah, not just her, but the whole team.
They greet every single person. Just say hello to the viewers. Nah, you’re their seniors.
It was right for them to say hello to you. Ridiculous! How are
we supposed to please you? If they hadn’t said hello, you must have
said kids these days are rude. How absurd! – We’re old, right?
– Yeah, old and absurd. – I have a question!
– Yes, please. Why didn’t the production team add
a platform there? His legs can’t reach the ground. I was about to ask the same question. This chair is too big,
my legs can’t stretch all the way. Normally, my legs can touch the ground. I can even do this! Come on! Don’t try me! No chance, bro. Then what are your favorite dishes? Baby Basket Clamp Rice! That’s also my family’s best dish. My aunt somehow used to
cook imperial dishes for king. Oh my goodness! Wait! How old is your aunt?
How could she cook for the king? I mean my aunt’s older generation… You should say it this way. – My aunt side…
– Yeah right. Wait, isn’t she your mother’s sister? Yeah, that’s right. So, just say your maternal family line. Yeah, as I said, my maternal family line. You get what I said? – Alright. It’s your maternal side.
– Exactly! The ancestors of his maternal side
used to cook for the royal family. For Hue Imperial Court. There’s no need to add “Hue”. Too far off. But Hue Cuisine is nice, right? Each region in Vietnam boasts a nice cuisine. I usually eat at street food vendors,
and they’re marvelous. Huong? I love Balut (Duck Embryo). But it’s yummy. [Still trying hard to explain] – His expression doesn’t seem right.
– True that. Today’s topic… is highly expected to provide us lots of great dishes. Please! [Festival Foods] It’s festival foods! Dishes made for specific festivals. And there’s no limit to the location of the festivals. – You mean festivals around the world?
– Correct! What festival dishes that you guys have tried? – Tet Dishes.
– True, Tet is also a festival. – So I’ve got Caramelized Pork and Eggs, Chung Cake…
– Pickled Leeks. Traditional Vietnamese dishes of Tet. What about you guys?
Which festival dishes have you tried? – Mid-Autumn Festival.
– Oh, what dishes are there? Mooncakes with 8 Salted Egg Yolks. 8 salted egg yolks, ain’t it too much? Huong, which festival have you joined?
Any dishes to share? Except Balut. My family usually celebrates Double Fifth Festival. And you eat? [Come on] [I have faith in you] [We all have] Rice! Rice! [I can’t even…] Can we split into 3 teams? As you know, there are several festivals in one year. So, which festival is the most important? Lunar New Year. Precisely. Because it’s the end of a year. It’s about Family Reunion and welcoming New Year. It’s the milestone to remind us of what we had
and hadn’t achieved throughout the previous year. Right, Ngoc? For example, at year’s end, you recheck numbers
to see if your spa has earned profit or not. Spa business is a gravy train. – Not gravy train, but bullet train.-
– Really? Come on. Don’t be like that. Let’s get back to our topic:
Tet is the most important festival of the year. So what do we eat during Tet? And what do other
people around the globe eat to celebrate new year? We’re gonna visit some Asian countries to find out. Please! Each year, there are hundreds of festivals
happening around the world. These traditional festivals are considered
living demonstration of the unique culture of each nation,… that are preserved and inherited
from generation to generation. They also represent the need of creating and
enjoying the spiritual and material values of people. In most Asian countries, traditional New Year Festival is
considered the most important festival of the year. Even if the dates and the celebrations are different,… yet ultimately, the cultural specificity
of New Year Festival… are to express ours gratitude to the ancestors,
and to wish happiness to everyone. Thus, all the dishes of New Year Festival
signify the prosperity and happiness. Malaysian cuisine is heavily influenced
by various countries, including India. Therefore, Malaysian dishes are
usually spicy and rich with herbs. The famous Beef Rendang
possesses both characteristics. It’s also known as the dish
bringing people together. Beef Rendang tends to be prepared for
fancy parties, festivals and New Year’s Eve in Malaysia. First off, thinly slice galangal, turmeric, ginger,… onion, shallot and lemongrass. Blend them all with some water and cooking oil. Briefly stir-fry star anise with cinnamon. Add the blended spice paste in and cook together. Stir them up nice and slow,
then add the thinly sliced beef in. Keep stir-frying until the beef is firm. Add some coconut milk,… chili powder, curry powder,… salt and sugar. Keep stirring until the spices are dissolved,… and the beef is coated by the thick yellowish gravy. This dish is a perfect companion
with a bowl of steamed rice. Just one bite, and you’ll be in awe
of its unique deliciousness. Next, you’re gonna sweat all over due to its fiery flavor. But the aftertaste would definitely
make you crave for more. Songkran is the most important New Year Festival
of Thailand, the Land of Golden Pagodas. On this occasion, Thai people usually have Pla Rad Prik
which is Deep-fried Fish with Spicy and Sour Sauce. Eating fish on New Year’s Day is
believed to bring fortune and prosperity. Firstly, chop chili, garlic, shallot
then sauté until aromatic. Add palm sugar and fish sauce. Add some water as the sugar is dissolved. Stir well then add in tamarind sauce. Cook it for a while then blend well
to make silky smooth sauce. Coat the fish with wheat flour. Deep-fry the coated fish in boiling oil. Spread the sauce on top. Garnish with some chili and cilantro. It’s all ready to be served. The fish is chewy, aromatic, with crispy skin. Don’t forget to pair it with the sauce providing
3 enchanting flavors: sour, sweet and salty. People in the Land of Sakura have always
shown their respect for glutinous rice,… the gift from great heaven,
as well as the source of Life. That’s why Mochi Rice Cake is
not only their daily dish,… but also a traditional indispensable dish
provided to the ancestor on New Year’s Day… to wish for a warm and prosperous new year. Today, we’ll introduce to you a kind of Mochi
combining all the flavors perfectly. Be careful! It’s extremely addictive! Firstly, mix Shiratamako flour with a little water
then mix until it becomes a soft dough. Add more water and stir constantly
until the flour is completely dissolved. Add sugar. Wrap it up and bring it to cook
in microwave oven for 4 minutes. The cooked dough would be
stickier and more translucent. Lightly knead the dough to cool it down.
Then make it into small diameter circle. Place Anko – red bean paste in the middle. Roll tenderly into a small ball. The last step is to fully coat the Mochi ball
with a layer of refreshing matcha powder. The shape of Mochi is compared to that of
the Moon, which symbolizes perfection. The elegant sweetness and chewiness
of Mochi are definitely comforting. Mochi deserves to be the representative
of Japanese Culture and Spirit. – Looking great, huh?
– Absolutely! Highly expecting! As you can see, these are just a few
among thousands of festival dishes. But if you want to discuss further,
you need to sit on the table and taste them. Before that, you need to win a small challenge. As the rule dictates: winners eat all, losers have none. They are the experienced seniors of showbiz,… hence your chance of winning is low. But what matters is the kind of game that we play. If it’s about physical challenge,
tough break for you guys. [Old-aged seniors] No more waiting! This is the ‘Photography Challenge’! Both teams would stand within this frame. Obviously, the backdrop is placed higher than usual. So all of you have to jump up
to get your faces into the frame. Stand still like this, you fail. As the music starts, you can jump. Each turn,… we only take 1 picture. One pic only! [So intense] When will we take that picture?
That’s our decision! There will be 3 turns. Whichever team gets more
faces in the pictures, win! Ok, ok, I get that!
This is like, luck-based game. Get in the frame, hurry! It feels like children vs adults. – Fight each other!
– But they’re too tall! – Ready?
– Yes! Try to get a good position! Music, start! [So exhilarating from the start] [The stage is mine anyway] [What is happening?] What are you doing? 5 4 3 2 1 Time’s up! Okay. – Where did the backdrop go?
– So tired! Why jump so hard? We only took
1 picture in the last 5 seconds. Not sure if our hard work pays off. Ready? Stand up, please. Right! The only picture! – Hey, your face is in the picture!
– Let’s see! Diep Bao Ngoc, passed!
Lan Huong, your chin is cut off. Ha Tri Quang, perfect! Passed! So this team has 2 perfect faces in this picture. – This challenge is so unfair!
– How come? They’re so tall. Look at us! Just look at the photo.
We were literally under his armpit! How can you say that? What about Ngoc?
She can’t be as big as you. – But our female member is tiny!
– You gotta fight for a good spot! Enough! Get ready for the second photo! Wait, what? That was the first pic? Yep! Now, get back in the frame. Music! [Up up in the sky!] – Come on, jump.
– I can’t, this is my limit! 5 4 3 2 1 Time’s up! – Oh my my.
– God! So tired! There goes my breakfast! You okay? Look! Gosh! I jumped like a thousand times,
and they took it when I was out of frame. Let’s see it again. Two perfect faces in the photo
are Diep Bao Ngoc and Ha Tri Quang. – Finger heart sign.
– Hung Thuan, you were out of focus. Doesn’t matter. 2 members of your team were in. In total, 4 successful attempts. Now this team, even if 3 of you get in the photo
in this last turn, you still can’t beat them. – So true!
– That’s right. I did tell you, didn’t I?
We only take the pic within last 5 seconds. Why did you jump so hard right from the start? He carried me up! Ha Tri Quang made the right choice.
He carried her up within 5 last seconds. She immediately smiled! She even did the finger heart sign. Gee! And I proudly said that you guys had low chance
of winning in this physical challenge. No words left to say.
It’s time for the feast. [Asian New Year Festival] Well, well, well! Hot white rice. Pardon us. [Well played] So what do we have first? How about rice? Then have some rice. – Then take some…
– Hey, don’t do that. I just make it look nicer. – I’m kinda hungry, let’s eat.
– I agree. – You should eat this with rice…
– Gosh! Truly a Malaysian dish. Rich in spices. Aromatic, spicy and quite intense. We’ve got to try Malaysian dish today. Very aromatic! Let’s see how it tastes. Bon Appétit, Thanh. Wait, you can’t… Oh, flower is fine. Our team determines not to beg for foods. We’re vegetarians! [Keep up that spirit!] – This Beef Rendang tastes like curry.
– True! Keep your comments to yourselves. Nah, it’s a foreign dish. We need to review
so that everyone knows about it too. You should try. Oh, wait, you can’t. This beef is so tender. Let me pick it up. See this? This sliced beef is dripping curry. And I just tick my tongue out to… Tick my tongue out to… [Can’t take their eyes off him] [Just one bite…] [And the energy…] [radiates everywhere] Excellent! You guys, I come from Hue Imperial Court,
they used to have Food Taster for Kings. – No need, bro.
– Gosh, “come from Hue Imperial Court”. How confident! You were what? Eunuch of the Court? You’re humiliating yourself.
Keep silent! This Beef Rendang has lots of flavors. My first impression is its spiciness. – It must come from the chili powder.
– Right. – Then the aroma of curry.
– True. Ms. Ngoc, you look more beautiful than ever. – The King has already said that.
– Correct! Stop saying redundant things. I’m being honest. Here comes the next dish. In Thailand, people tend to use
Asian Sea Bass as main ingredient of this dish. But they scatter fried pork fat and
scallion oil on top of the fish instead. – And they eat it with Thai Fish Sauce.
– Right! Eat more veggies to refresh our bodies. Don’t just sit there, guys.
Push the plates to us, please. This is one of Songkran’s traditional dishes. [Can’t stand it] The fish is crispy and sweet.
The sauce is great, too. It’s really good. To me, the sauce is
the important ingredient of this dish. – Since the fish is deep-fried without being seasoned.
– True. – Hence, the sauce is the key of this dish.
– Correct. – I can taste the sweetness of the fish.
– Yes. – Which means this fish is fresh.
– True. – They don’t wanna use spices to fool our taste.
– That’s right. Yes, the fish is fresh, but as far as
I remember, Thai foods tend to be very spicy. 80% of Thai Cuisine are extremely spicy dishes,
but this one isn’t much spicy. I have been to Thailand and had
Thai foods there. They weren’t spicy at all. In some restaurants, the spiciness
is reduced to serve foreign tourists. Nah, I ate at a local Thai restaurant. They said: ” You’re such a capsaiciphile.
We can’t even stand that spiciness level.” – For real?
– Spicy foods are my thing! I notice that people from Central Vietnam
tend to eat lots of spicy foods. – Yeah, I know you came from Hue.
– My aunties even bite off a fresh chili. [And they just don’t care] Let the other team have it, too.
We’ll eat more in the next round. What if we lose next round?
Eat whatever you can. Here, have some.
This is good for your skin. It’s shameless to eat it! Shameless! – How come?
– Don’t eat it! But I don’t eat tomato. – It’s fine, I’ll…
– Then you don’t eat! [And he just lets it happen!] Gosh, you really did that! But you still can’t eat. The rule dictates: Winners eat all, losers have none! – But winner can give…
– You can’t. If he gives her food, then
he’s not allowed to eat. Right? Now we’ll have the last dish of this round: Mochi. – Mochi.
– From Japan. Help me, please. The juniors couldn’t bother to help us seniors. He’s talking about you. You’re in a feast.
If you can’t eat, then at least help. Let’s see what kind of Mochi this is. From its appearance,
I can tell it’s matcha mochi. Matcha? Oh my! Eating Japanese dish in Japanese style. The dough is soft. The Anko is buttery. Such a light sweetness. A dish for the winners. This is Japan’s most famous confection. It’s also a traditional dish.
But this is the first time I taste Matcha Mochi. I can still feel their tradition through this dish. The freshness. The smooth and chewy texture of rice and red bean. Generally, I can see the elegance
of Japanese people through it. Every time I eat Mochi,
it somehow reminds me of… – Sticky Rice Dumpling.
– Yes, that’s it. – Because of their round shape?
– They’re kinda similar. – Mochi also looks like Snowball Cake.
– That’s great. Mochi Baochi (Mochi Snowball Cake).
That somehow rhymes! A special feature of Mochi is
the super glutinous flour. Besides, there’s the bitter taste of green tea. It goes perfectly with
the sweetness from red bean. That’s why there are many layers
of flavors on our tongue. Besides, Mochi has various types of fillings too. Such as mung bean,… Ice cream. Tofu. Really? I’m joking. I’ll show you… – Wait, I wanna ask you this.
– Yes? – Is it true that your maternal side did work for the Emperor?
– Yes, it’s true. Then do you have any idea
about Hue Royal Court Music? My grandmother got out of
practice of that so I don’t. Liar! How did a cook have
something to do with court music? Sing something related to Hue chanty. – I’m only gonna sing if you let me eat later.
– Deal! Go ahead! What a clever way to ask for food. Obviously. You earn what you work for! I’m gonna sing a part of a Hue chanty. [Anticipation] He works so hard for food. Seriously, your family will be
very disappointed when watching this. In terms of family culture, they won’t. But in terms of their child, they’ll be. He humiliated himself on TV just for food. Right? Back in those days, not every family
had the honor to serve the emperor. But he just embarrassed
the privilege given to his family. Huong, what’s your talent? How many balut eggs can you eat in 1 minute? 7. Cut the crap! I’m talking about your ability in arts. I can sing. Singing? Sing a song about Hue City. If I sing, you guys won’t be able to eat anymore. I invited you to eat with us anyway.
So just sing! A song about Hue? – You’re from Saigon, right? Then sing about your city.
– I’ll just go with Hue. Oh dear! Sing whatever you want. Then I’ll sing a song called Thanh Pho Buon. And she’s in Da Lat City now. She changes her mind so fast. It’s like she’s traveling. Such a traveler! [Speechless] How do you sing that song? Kids, don’t do anything, okay? I’m totally disappointed in you all today. You are the new generation artists. However, you put your families… in doubt. Doubting on your ability… in arts. The neighbors are watching too. I’m sorry dad! [I’m sorry dad] At least she admits her fault! Our intention was to spice up the atmosphere! But the result is opposite. I’ll make it up for our fault. Let’s see if he’s gonna make it or not. – I’ll sing properly this time.
– Go for it! 2, 3. Let’s move to the second round
of The King of Food. Ladies and gentlemen, Tet holiday plays
a significant role in Asian countries. It is the time for family gatherings. But it’s different in Western countries. There, the most important holiday is Christmas. Because Christmas and New Year’s Day
are close to each other. Their New Year’s celebration is
different from that of Lunar New Year. So Westerners take advantage of
that period to spend time together. During that time, they cook
delicious foods for each other. Let’s watch a video to see what dishes
they usually have on this occasion. While Asian countries celebrate Tet,… Western countries consider Christmas
as a very significant holiday,… which takes place at the end of the year. Christmas is a long holiday. Therefore, this is the perfect time for gatherings,
eating delicious foods and giving blessings. With a significance of wealthiness,
prosperity, health for the new year,… Roasted Turkey is a traditional must-have
dish on every Christmas dinner. Let’s see how our chef make this special dish! Prepare the ingredients. Stir-fry bacon with diced onion, minced garlic. Add pureed bread, butter, parsley, bacon mixture,
pepper into a bowl and mix everything. Here goes the filling for our turkey. Coat the skin with butter to enhance
the aroma and give off a soft texture. Stuff the filling mixture inside the chicken. Carefully bind the chicken with some pins
to keep the filling seated inside. Season some pepper and put it in the oven. While the turkey is being roasted,
let’s start making the gravy… by mixing water, brown flour,
vegemite sauce together. Easy as pie! But it’s the secret weapon
to a perfect Roasted Turkey. Look at that golden glowing skin! How can you resist from this temptation? A few slices of turkey,… a bit of the buttery filling,… a little bit of crunchy veggies
served with a dash of signature gravy,… What a delightful combination! Cider-cured Ham is the next Christmas traditional
recipe that we’d love to share with you. First and foremost,
wash away the odor of pork. Bring onion, shallot, ginger slices,
green pepper, cinnamon to boil until fragrant. Add the large chunk of pork in to cook. Lightly cut on its skin. Season with salt over the ham.
Massage it well for a better absorption. Roast the ham for 30 minutes. For Western dishes, gravy plays a vital role. This dish is no exception. Simmer star anise, clove, apple cubes, white wine
in a pot until the apple turns completely soft. Blend the mixture with plum sauce. Bring the pureed mixture to boil again
and the gravy is ready to serve. Lastly, drizzle the gravy all over and enjoy the dish. The protein gets imbued in the light aroma of veggies. Each piece of the meat is salty. The shiny apple gravy is sweet and sour. This is one of a kind eating experience. We’re afraid that no matter
how big our protein wedge is,… it will be finished nice and clean soon. In terms of desserts,… Pavlova is seen as an outbreak in the culinary world. This is because of the absence of flour,
or any other types of grains to make this dessert. Pavlova is simply made by beating egg whites
and sugar to a stiff consistency. To make a qualified Pavlova
from such vulnerable ingredients,… a chef needs to have exquisite skills. Carefully separate the egg whites from
the egg yolks to eliminate any unwanted substance. Beat the egg whites stiff enough to shape the Pavlova… but still remain its typical soft texture. In a Pavlova recipe, a certain amount of sugar is needed to
bring out the stiff consistency of the egg whites. Therefore, to balance the sweet tang of Pavlova,… sour fresh fruits are used. For example, kiwi, blueberry,
raspberry and passion fruit. The colorful fruits also add a nice touch
to our white-based cake. Pavlova is fluffy and soft. The enchanting flavor melts right on your tongue. This dessert breaks all the rigid rules in pastry techniques. By making use of its simplicity, Pavlova leaves a quaint… and unforgettable flavor in the huge dessert world. Lastly, it’s a famous drink
during Christmas for Westerners. Let’s find out what it is by watching our chef. Separate the egg yolks. Add sugar and whisk constantly
until the mixture has a light yellow color. In a pot, add milk, cinnamon powder,
clove and bring the mixture to boil. Then, quickly pour it into the egg yolk mixture. While pouring, stir constantly to prevent clumps. Cook again until it starts boiling.
Then strain the mixture. The result is a silky smooth mixture of egg and milk. Next, add in heavy cream,… nutmeg,… vanilla and rum. Stir gently to mix everything together and voila! To serve, add whipped cream, cinnamon powder
and a dried cinnamon stick on top. Our hot and creamy Eggnog is ready. With a light touch of the bitter rum,… this hot drink is perfect for
keeping you warm on chilly winter days. Ding ding dong! Western Christmas dishes are here! Are they hot enough to warm up our guests’ hearts? But only the winner of
the upcoming game is allowed to eat! – Your team won the 1st round.
– Yes. If you win this round,
VND10 million belongs to you all. [VND10 million] If you lose this round, you get nothing. [Nothing] Now, answer this question first. There will be an advantage… for the team with the right answer. Raise your hand to answer
after I read the question. In mythology,… how does Santa Claus get in a house? Me! – Ha Tri Quang is faster.
– Through chimney. Correct! [Chimney] My member was fast. – I saw it.
– But Quang was way faster. There are 4 numbers. 1, 2, 3 ,4. Pick one, please. That’s your advantage. – Number 1.
– 1. – Which number do you chose?
– Number 2. Hey, you made the choice without discussing with us? – You have to ask for our opinions.
– Which number then? Which one? Guys, unite as one. Go with 3. Number 2. The lady picks 3. Number 2 is fine. Why the losing team is so bothering? Okay, our Balut girl chooses number 3. 1 and 3. The game is simple. If your number matches the diving fins,… then pick up a decoration, put it
on the fins and move back here. Gosh! That ain’t easy. – Each member takes turn to play.
– That’s challenging. This is for your team. Why? We still don’t know what we get. Why don’t you mix the cards up first? Nope. The crew already did that.
Plus, the numbers are not in any order. So, the numbers aren’t
arranged according to the items. Should we reveal the card now? Or what? Wait! – What number did you choose?
– 3. You just held the number 3 card. I’m the leader of this team but
only 1 member makes all the choices. ‘Cause I got the right answer. Okay. The diving fins. It’s number 2. Number 2. We would be dead if we chose number 2. [Lucky shot] Lucky for you. Don’t be number 1. [The cards are being revealed] It’s number 1. It’s Hup Hup! Why so excited? It’s Christmas so there’s nothing
wrong to wear Santa costume. Will you wear it? [How cunning] – You were the one choosing number 1.
– It looks better on you since you’re small. You chose number 1. – Pick a number.
– 1. – Only one member makes all the choices.
– ‘Cause I got the right answer. Here it is. [The scooter belongs to…] Number 3. Don’t worry, Quang.
This seems to go faster. – No need to fret.
– Alright. You’re putting it on now? Not now. We should do it
when the time counts. They can put it on now. To show our team unity, I recommend that
each of us wear a piece of this costume. That’s great. – Ngoc, put on the belt.
– Yes, put it on. Alright? Alright. Let the game begin! Oh, you guys win VND10 million already? Yeah, obviously. The game hasn’t started. – We’re starting now.
– I see our team is winning. Please get to your position. – Which tree are you taking?
– We can choose either of them. Okay. – We don’t have to go in a straight line.
– Okay. Get ready. 3, 2, 1! Hey! Already started? Have we started yet? I already said 3, 2, 1 and you’re still wondering? Then what? I run back now? Give the scooter to your member. Gee, what are you doing? – How many decorations can we take for each turn?
– 1. 1 for each turn. Get to your position. – Ngoc, you’re hurting Hup Hup.
– Good job, Ngoc. Careful not to drop anything, Thanh. Well done! I’m scared. Don’t let anything drop! My goodness! Gosh! They’re cheating! Go in a straight line, please.
Stop crashing into each other! Ngoc pushes me too far from my tree. She’s pushing me away. Ngoc, stay calm! – Stay calm, please.
– Gee! – Hold on!
– Oh my, she falls down. Gosh! – Ngoc, hold on.
– Safety first, guys! Are you okay? Bounce back. Hurry! Ngoc, hold on! Wait for me. Come back! Hurry! Gosh! [Traffic chaos] Watch out! Watch out! OMG! Ride it back properly! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Get back on it! Hurry, Thanh! 10 – 9.
– Thanh! Thanh! 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Time’s up! Let’s count! – These snowflakes were here in the first place, right?
– No, I threw them there. [Confirm] How could you throw them?
That’s not the spirit. We should skip them. 1 That was there in the beginning. 2 [I don’t care what you say…] 3 12 13 It was put there at first. Nope. I was the one who put it there. – 13, 14. Right?
– 13. 15. Those decorations are so weird though. 16. That’s all. Those decorations are not for hanging at all. [Unacceptable] What about this one? It doesn’t count. – Did you throw that on?
– Nope. He just said the word “throw”. They obviously cheated.
Gosh, young people these days… 16 in total. Wrong! Only 15. These are one. How can you count this as 2? 2. This and this. You counted 2. Try again. It’s 16. – 16.
– Not cool. 15. Not cool? Not cool. 15. [You don’t listen to me again] Let’s see how many we have. How could they throw it? As I told you, 15 only. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. – 12, 13, 14.
– This is absurd! 15. Only 15, Giang. 5, 6. Let’s get ready to eat. – Put them right here guys.
– 7, 8. 9. 10. – 14.
– 15, 16. – 15.
– This bow is 16. – This one will be 17.
– Nonsense! Only 15. – The bow, too.
– This one, too. The bow fell off when we carried the tree over here. We put the bow right here. Not that bow. This decoration is right here, but the pearl fell off. I already included that. He did. You didn’t count the bowl? We put it up there. The bowl was not in the box. – Are you trying to cheat?
– Nope, it was in the box. [No more talking] 16 for this team. 15 for the other team. They got 15, too. They got 15. – 15.
– 16. 15. They had 16. 1-1. Feast, here we go! [Victory] [Startled] The feast… is yours. [Late timing] [Ignorance] What’s wrong? He doesn’t agree with the result. He’s still mad. We were supposed to be winners. Absurd! They just threw this snowflake on the tree
instead of hanging it. How could you count that? I still can’t accept it. The thing is that we got 15,… they also got 15 instead of 16. – You three can join us!
– They got 16! 15! Have I ever let you down, Ngoc? Oh dear! Bounce back. Hurry! Yes. Few minutes ago. – 16!
– No, only 15. 16 for this team, 15 for the other team. No. You’re a far-away relative of mine, anyway. That’s too wrong. First, let’s try… the Turkey. This turkey looks heavy. The turkey is from the Western so… we also call it Western chicken. – And we’ll call Vietnamese chicken as Our chicken.
– Correct. Oh god! Oh my god! How skillful he is! [Exquisite technique] He can’t cut! You’re the best, Your Majesty. – You’re destroying the food.
– Calm down. – I’ll hold this for you.
– No, thank you. You sneaky one! – Cut the thigh first.
– Nope, we start with the cavity of the turkey. Why? Because there is filling inside. There’s filling inside? Westerners use so many types of utensils. Transfer the meat to a plate. – So complicated, huh?
– Look how he’s holding the knife. You deserve this, turkey. [I did nothing wrong] Let’s take the filling out. Oh my! I’ll help you! Let go! Let go! – I wanna help.
– I don’t need that. [So cold] [Working alone] [No help needed] [Still working] [Everybody’s waiting] [This man is working diligently] [While these men have talked about…] [thousand of stories] After managing to cut some proteins,… let’s pour some gravy. Pour it on top. Use a utensil, which is called
a fork in foreign countries,… and spear the meat. [Is it good?] [It’s so tempting] So delicious! [So delicious] Aromatic! Tender! The Westerners’ ingredients are so distinct from ours. Really? Honestly! Wonderful. Here, each of you take a plate. Thank you. Eat as if you’ve starved for centuries. So those three small plates
are for them, this one is for us. [You think so?] Enjoy your food! Please have some, too! Help yourself to the food! – Thank you. We won’t mind eating.
– Be our guest. You guys are seniors, remember? [Seniors] Oh my god! [Feeling ashamed?] As seniors, please be aware of your actions. Please help yourself to the food! Yes, thank you. – I feel like we’re the royalty.
– I only eat veggies, no meat. Just eat what you want. – Your fans will find out sooner or later.
– I won’t be able to handle that humiliation. Eating veggies is shameful enough.
Your fans will turn their backs on you. Ngoc! Don’t do anything wrong on the TV… or else your son will be very disappointed. Don’t mind about that. You just let them eat like that, Giang? Please stop. I really
don’t know what to do with you. – How is it?
– Just like what you said. – And?
– Extremely delicious. It’s soft. Especially the skin. Flavors are well absorbed. I’m gonna stop talking now. The best way to prove
what I’m saying is by eating. [Eat to prove] Everyone has already known that
the foods in this show are delicious. We’re not really hungry
’cause we already ate before filming. Look at Phat La! I’m eating for the audience. [So scary] Tell them what you think. Super tasty, everyone! – How tasty?
– It tastes really Western. It’s not the same taste as our chicken. Obviously! [Western Chicken] Listen to our girl! She lives here so she must know what to say. Tell me your feeling when eating a Western dish,… which is served in family dinners… during their Christmas as well as New Year. Generally speaking, the turkey tastes like… [Like what?] chicken. Seriously? Oh my goodness! Like chicken. [What do I say?] We are definitely a team. Its appearance is kinda like
Vietnamese Chicken Sticky Rice. – His imagination is amazing.
– Agree. Mochi is similar to Sticky Rice Dumplings. Now, Turkey is similar to Chicken Sticky Rice. Let’s move on to the second dish. It is Cider-cured Ham, right? [Cider-cured Ham] How impolite of them to not serve the elders. [Looks like they’re talking about me] It’s great that Western dishes
come in big portions, huh? That’s it. Hey, not over yet. What do we call this? Cucumber. Oops, no, string bean. Okra. It’s green bean. How can he call this cucumber? [Cucumber] And even okra. [Okra] You’re all food experts. Have a piece of… ham. Alright. Some green beans too. We eat them with gravy. Watch closely. Eating is a science. [Delicious to the last drop] Put it in. [Eat the whole world] [in front of] [everyone] – The kids don’t eat veggies, only meat.
– Really? – They’re ridiculous. Let me take care of that.
– Is it good? – You guys have to eat a lot of vegetables.
– We shouldn’t waste any food. Crispy skin. Tasty gravy. Crunchy green beans. Fresh as well. Enjoy! Enjoy the food, guys! Help yourself! There is gravy, right? [Something is wrong] There’s gravy. Losers can’t eat. Just see how it tastes like. But your team lost.
Millions of fans are watching you. I don’t mind that. We come here only to enjoy foods. This show is a great opportunity to
taste dishes from all over the world. So I’m more prepared when
my son asks me about the pork shoulder. Instead, he would wonder
why your team lost but still ate. Then I would tell him that the game
was only for entertaining purpose. This team… is acting like… Winners. Do you guys wear sheet masks every day? But you never remove them, right? Your faces seem to get thicker. Don’t you know that on Christmas days, to consume such a huge turkey like this… But you gotta know that you
have to complete some tasks to eat. Ngoc, show us your talent. Wearing sheet masks. – Sing a song.
– I can’t sing. Then answer a question. – The turkey is from Western countries so we also it Western chicken.
– Agree. How do you call it in Vietnamese? Our chicken. [Speechless] Our chicken. [It’s correct, right?]
[Good job Ms Ngoc] It’s still turkey. [Still not get it] He’s right. This breed is raised in
our country but it’s still turkey. – That’s right.
– Yes, right. I’m totally disappointed. – Ngoc, eat.
– You got that wrong. So no eating. I’m eating anyway. What do you think? Salty. Delicious gravy. Bland meat. The meat and the gravy go perfectly together. [Perfect combination] – It’s smooth.
– Smooth, I see. Such a poor description. But I… That’s not how you describe the food.
Listen to me. We drizzle the gravy,… then spear the meat with a fork. – Be classy.
– Yes, classy. [This is classy eating] That’s great. Way too great. To me, the ham is really tender. Delicious as well. When combining with the gravy,… the flavor is on point. – It’s really tasty.
– Couldn’t agree more. Absolutely tasty. We can eat after they have finished. [Helpless] Here are my impressions on this dish. Firstly, the crispy pork skin. Next, medium well ham. It’s seasoned to taste. Last but not least, amazing gravy. One more thing, we’d pair it with… Veggies? Veggies would lend a unique flavor to our dish. [A few minutes later] [They’re eating like winners] [Eating non-stop] [I’m invisible to you] Try to eat in moderation, guys. – We’re consuming more than the winning team is.
– Obviously! We only eat the vegetables. It’s ok. Your team lost.
Why are you eating too much? I’m eating as much as you do. Don’t you know that our theme today is Christmas? New Year in Western countries
is about family gatherings. So, the more the merrier.
We’re just heating up the atmosphere. We don’t wanna eat. [We don’t wanna eat] [I got your point] Next is a dessert called Pavlova. Let’s try it. Pavlova. It’s stiff. Is it sponge cake? This is appealing. We all thought that this was cream, right? Look! It melts immediately in your mouth. Really? – Have one…
– ‘Bueberry’. – What did you say? – ‘Bueberry’. What’s the name for that berry? Blueberry. I’m chewing. – I’m chewing.
– Blueberry. I know, it’s blueberry. This is raspberry. – Blueberry is this one.
– That’s right. – Oh my god!
– I’m chewing right now. This dessert melts right on your tongue. The sour and sweet fruits
add up the excitement of this dessert. I thought it was cream. It’s especially soft in the middle. Look at that! – So this how we eat this Pavlova. Not like we did in the beginning.
– Yes. Have some fruits to balance the flavors. I know how to eat it now. – Some fruits.
– Did your team win? I know what to do. Now we cut through this dessert. [Breakdown] – The center is super creamy
– It’s like ice-cream. Creamy. It tastes like our cotton candy. It’s true. This team seems to know nothing about food. Ha Tri Quang, say something nice. There’s a contrast between the crispy crust and… the creamy, soft center. Agree. – The sweetness is reduced by the sourness of fruits.
– Agree. So the flavors are balanced. Yes. That’s how you give feedback on food, guys. Get that? Our next dish is… a very cold and fresh drink. It’s an egg cocktail. It’s called Eggnog. There’s cinnamon powder in it. Marvelous. It’s creamy,… bitter,… and chilly. Kids! You three should share 1 glass. 3 of you share 1 glass so that we can have the rest. 1 glass for three of you. Because of the rule, I can’t… Remember to chug. That’s how you get the essence of this drink. Then we swallow the cinnamon stick. We swallow the cinnamon stick. [Eating elegantly] Gosh! Such a unique drink! I’ve never tried anything like this before. I can taste the rum in the bottom. And the creamy whipped cream on top. Once you drink, the sweetness
blends with the bitterness. It feels like… – Bitterness of love.
– That’s right. The kind of love with bittersweet feelings. You sorta feel love when drinking this. I’ll show you one more time. [Drink up
the feelings of love] [So much love] Today, we’ve had 2 feasts filled with foreign foods. That’s right. Therefore, the last round must be about… – Vietnamese foods.
– Correct. Let’s go to a new festival. It’s Tet Doan Ngo (Double Fifth Festival). – It’s the time for killing pests.
– Right. Because the festival happens when the weather
changes between seasons and the pests starts growing. That’s why. Do you know what do we eat
on the day of Double Fifth Festival? – Pyramidal Sticky Rice Cakes.
– Correct. We don’t know what foods will be served today. Let’s find out by watching this video! It’s not a coincidence
how Vietnamese dishes are made. They are created based on the yin-yang balance. Based on that, our body absorbs the nutrition easier. Therefore, during the hot and
sunny weather of Double Fifth Festival,… duck meat is a perfect choice for food. Duck has many health benefits: detoxing,
preventing hypothermia, and boosting metabolism. Furthermore, from the fifth day of May,… it’s the time for duck raising so
duck meat is fattier and smells cleaner. This time, we’re introducing
a new dish made from duck. It’s Red Cabbage and Duck Salad
with Tamarind Dressing. First up, prepare the vegetables. Julienne cabbage, red cabbage,
carrot, cow horn pepper. Start seasoning the duck. Add white wine, a pinch of salt, crushed ginger. Here’s a tip: rub duck meat
with ginger to get rid of odor,… massage it with white wine to enhance tenderness. Later, season with fish sauce,
soy sauce, white pepper. Massage gently so that the meat absorbs all spices. Pan-sear the meat with ginger. Drizzle some white wine, soy sauce
to increase the aroma. Keep flipping both sides… until caramelized. The skin is glowing
and the meat gets firm. Put it in the oven for a few
more minutes until the meat is cooked. For tamarind dressing,
use palm sugar for a mild sweetness. Add fish sauce,… pepper,… minced chili and stir until thoroughly combined. Once bubble rises, turn off the heat. Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces. Look how appealing they are! But hold yourself ’cause
there’s still one more step left! Mix the veggies with tamarind dressing. So that the flavors are well combined. Top some basil and gently
place the meat on the plate. To serve, sprinkle on top with some peanuts,
crispy-fried shallot and drizzle some tamarind sauce. This must be love at first sight, guys! And next, you’re gonna be
blown away once you have a bite. Duck meat is tender, fragrant and rich. Vegetables are crunchy and fresh. The thick and caramelized-colored
tamarind sauce fully covers the duck meat. Gee, our viewers at home definitely
cannot contain their feelings for this tempting dish. The time has come,… on the fifth of May, in the Mekong Delta countryside,… every family makes crispy pancakes. Crispy pancakes has a yellow turmeric-colored crust,… filled with shrimp and pork,… crispy fried and eaten with mustard greens. But in The King of Food,
the rustic crispy pancake recipe is upgraded. No more waiting! We’re gonna
reveal the recipe right away. From the beginning, beer, our secret weapon,
is added to the pancake batter. Combine the 2 ingredients. Whisk until the batter is smooth. Slice the pork belly. Then season with salt, pepper,
and shallot for fragrance. Peel and crush the shrimps. Cut away the root and
keep the leaf of of mustard green. Cut away the root of enokitake mushroom. Julienne carrots. Dipping sauce is made from fish sauce caramel,
minced garlic and minced chili. Boil until the mixture is thickened. Squeeze some lime juice and the sauce is done. Here comes the special part. Place all ingredients on a bed of mustard green. Roll nicely and tie the roll with chives. Dip the roll in pancake batter. Deep-fry the roll until it’s coated with a yellow layer. Then, dip it in the batter again. Continue to deep-fry until the mustard green
is covered with a thick layer of batter. By then, it’s ready to be served. Hearing the sizzling sound of
the batter in the frying pan. And the crispiness of the crust. Smelling the fragrance. Seeing the vivid colors. Tasting the sweetness of shrimp and pork belly,… the fattiness of fat, and the bitterness of mustard green. A light touch of malted barley
makes the fatty taste vanish. Banh Tro (Pyramid Glutinous Rice Cake). A rustic dessert is full of national flavors. Though the ingredients are easy to find,
the cooking method takes a lot of efforts. Let’s see how our chef is gonna make it. Slice palm sugar. Julienne ginger. Chop cashews. But don’t make them too small ’cause
you wanna taste the flavor of it in your cake. Soak sticky rice in ash water. Soak mung beans in water. Soak them until the grains and beans expand. Cook the mung beans with a pinch of salt
until the beans are tender. Then bring to mash. Stir the beans and palm sugar until the mixture is dry. When the filling doesn’t stick to
your hand as you touch, it’s perfect. Take a piece of it and roll into a ball. Cook the sliced ginger in sugar water mixture. Cook until the sugar is caramelized,
thick and covers the ginger. Bend one end of the bamboo leaf into cone shape. Slowly put the sticky rice in. Place a filling ball in the center and start folding. Fold. Fold. Use a string to tie the cake. The key to a good cake lies in how tight you tie it. By doing that, the ingredients are
tightly melded with each other. Drop the cakes in the pot filled with water. Take them off the pot when they are cooked. The amber color cake provides a subtle sweetness. The sticky rice is glutinous and chewy. It’s best to eat with salty
coconut milk and creamy cashews. Sprinkle on top some hot yet luscious ginger slices. All the layers of flavors unite as one… creating a dessert standing for countryside cuisine. Now,… our masterchef – Ms. Phan Thang Thai Hoa will instruct us… how to wrap Banh Tro in just 2 minutes. The team with more wrapped cakes,… which meet Ms. Hoa’s standards,… Okay. There are standards. You can’t wrap them however you want. That’s right! It’s totally unqualified if you wrap Banh Tro like Banh Tet. This is Banh Tro, alright? Yeah, that’s my point. Maybe it will look like
your Sticky Rice Dumpling instead. Are you ready? Ready. [Ready] Lan Huong, I can tell from your face. You don’t cook, right? [Confused] I don’t know about this cake. – Do you cook at home?
– I do. – What do you cook then?
– Rice. [Rice is the favorite dish] – You’re asking the wrong team.
– Diep Bao Ngoc. Ngoc, do you know how to cook? – Do you cook at home?
– Yes, I do. – What do you cook?
– Anything. The thing is whether
you can make this cake or not. Of course. Easy as pie! Gosh! She told me that she could eat yet couldn’t cook.
But she’s obviously lying! Unbelievable! This team also has experience running a restaurant. – But it’s closed, right?
– Yes, it’s closed. [Harsh truth!] There’s one thing. When someone shows you a demo, observe them. Don’t copy immediate what they’re doing. That’s wrong. Observation is the key. – Please.
– Okay. Stand right there. [Too impulsive] We can’t get there? Stay where you are. I’ll use two leaves. Normally, I’d take two. Bend them into a cone shape. Make sure they both cover each other. The lower leaf protects the upper one. Is my wrap the same as yours? Well done! Easy as pie, guys! Alright. So made at those who know nothing about cooking. [Who?] I’ve already cooked the sticky rice so it’s sticky. I see. You make it easier for them. Scoop some sticky rice in the cone. Create a hole inside and place the filling ball in it.. Watch first. Don’t watch and
replicate at the same time. Add another layer of sticky rice on top. Watch closely. This is a very easy part. – The hard one is coming.
– Get ready. When we add the top layer,… press it down a bit to make it tighter. This part is tricky.
I still have trouble with it sometimes. So it’s fine if you make a mistake. -Now…
– Please do it slowly. Remember to tie correctly, guys. Lastly, make a bow. Can we make another shape instead of a bow? – Any shape will do.
– It’s up to you. This is it. Go back to your tables! 2 minutes, start! – Not yet.
– Already started. [Focus] [Rushing] Ladies and gentlemen, this lady right here… is a family woman and very successful with
her spa business, which is expanding worldwide. She’s Diep Bao Ngoc and… doesn’t know what to do next. Press it! Press it! [Press] Okay. That’s right! What a quick-learner!
She only nails it after 3 times. Impressive! How could she get married back then? What should I do next? Then cover it. I can see the result. It’s because the leaf is small. Good job, Ngoc! You’re truly a family woman. [Lively team] [Solitary team] [A game but 2 destinies] [Striving to survive] Look how they quietly do their work! But the quality sucks! [Sucks] [Immersed] Time is running out! Time’s passing! Speed up! 3 2 Time’s up. Please bring them over here! I’m screwed! Why my rice cakes
look like fermented pork wraps? Put them on a plate! [Still wrapping] Bring them over here please! Alright. Go back to your tables, please! [Hopelessly go back] Go back. I said go back! Let’s look at this side first!
They made a lot. What do you call these though? What kind of cake is this? In my opinion, none of these are qualified. Our team has only 3. Despite the smaller quantity,
one of them is exactly a triangle. Yes, the pyramid shape. How about this team? The pyramids are a bit tilted. This one looks more like Banh U. – Definitely.
– For sure. What do you think? What’s on your mind? To me, none of these are good enough. [Ouch!] For this team, at least 1 wrap is quite acceptable. – I was the one who wrapped that.
– Go back. To be fair, Ms. Hoa will decide the winner. The opportunity to enter the banquet… as well as to receive VND10 million
will belong to whom? Please point to the winning side. 3, 2, 1. [Who will win?] Yes, that’s right! What a quick-learner! You’re truly a family woman. See how quietly they’re working? [One side puts…] [diligence in place of intelligence] [The prize goes to…] [Bitter] [Celebratory dance] Their wrap is more similar to mine. All edges are neat. – Neat.
– Yes. [The dance goes on] But these wraps,… the edges are not in any order. This is the Pyramid Glutinous Rice Cake but of Malaysia. Not available in Vietnam. Welcome to the feast! Thanks to the righteousness of Ms. Thai Hoa,… your team has won VND10 million… as well as the right to join the feast. – Ms. Hoa.
– Yes? – What should we eat first?
– Crispy pancakes. They still maintain the crispiness if we eat now . Alright. – Crispy pancakes.
– Enjoy! In the last round, we joined their feast
so please feel free to join with us too. Do we dip in anything or it’s fine eating like this? It’s fine eating like that. [Gulp] [Biting] Oh my God! Crispy crust. Crispy shrimp in the filling as well. Tasty pork belly. As well as the green mustard. [Action] Help yourself! – What did you just do?
– Yes? One piece of pancakes fell off. So I picked it up.
I’m sorry. It was down here. We invited them to join us. But it’s against the rule. I meant to make you re-emphasize the rule. [Sharp] How scary you are! How is it, Ngoc? Is there mung bean in the filling? The pancake juice is so creamy. Super. [Teamwork makes dream work] I don’t find it as oily as the regular pancake. [Eat and retreat] Really delicious. [Crushing] There’s also a crispy layer of
batter covering the roll. [So crispy] Oh my! [I agree with you] Hey, where’s your self-esteem? You are artists, remember? [Speechless] The audience is walking away from you. Lan Huong, don’t do that! Your parents are watching the show! I see a difference… compared to the regular crispy pancakes. Well, for those who don’t enjoy thick batter,… the regular one wouldn’t please them. Because the batter is quite thick. Agree. But this crispy pancake, it is filled with
all the ingredients just as a traditional one,… but the batter is much thinner. Right. Really impressive. What’s next, Mrs Hoa? The salad. – We pour the dressing on top, right?
– Yes. Introducing Pan-seared Duck Salad
with Tamarind Dressing. [Can’t take his eyes off the food] [Lost] Tender and fragrant meat. Crunchy veggies. Sour tamarind. Creamy peanut. Beautiful! Girl, put down your chopsticks! Don’t forget the self-esteem of an artist, kids! You guys were the ones
who taught us to do that. And now we’re spoiled. [No regrets] Oh my goodness! How could you hit her hand? [It hurts!] Poor our girl! As an artist, I have to protect
your image from eating like that. [Can’t stand that any longer] Don’t be sad. He has his point. My God! [But I don’t care] After everything I said, he just keeps eating. Let’s go back to our dish. Traditionally, in salad,… Well, we should talk about
the traditional version a bit for comparison. [While everyone is distracted] In traditional salad recipes,
ingredients are mixed. [Still not figure out] Mix thoroughly all ingredients. But for this salad,… we leave the meat separated from the veggies. [Betraying his teammate] [I’ll get to eat soon]
[Poor him] By doing that, the flavors are enhanced,… especially with the dressing drizzled over. [Betrayed] Great comment. Ngoc, say something.
You’ve been eating a lot. Most of the salad dishes I’ve tried… are paired with fish sauce. Besides the duck meat,… which is tender and aromatic,… I can taste the sourness of tamarind. It feels like there is a roller-coaster
of flavors in my mouth. I also realize that… this is extremely addictive. [Totally agree] How come you still keep eating? I admit that it is really yummy. We’ll eat anyway. – After all the foreign dishes I’ve tried, Vietnamese ones are the best.
– Agree. How good is this salad? The duck meat… is tender, buttery, sour, sweet as well. – I don’t believe unless I try it.
– Go ahead! I don’t believe in what you guys have been saying. – I just can’t.
– Eat with the tamarind dressing. [Now I can] Everyone,… may I have a bite too? I’m gonna try it. [And then…] [1st bite…] [2nd bite] [3rd bite] [more and more] What’s next? It’s time for dessert. Banh Tro. I’ve lost faith in everyone. Normally, we eat it… My goodness! [Startled] – The meat is so tender.
– Everyone knows that. Introducing Banh Tro with Coconut Milk. Let’s try it. Very soft with creamy coconut milk. Crunchy peanut. Pungent ginger. Beautiful! When eating the rice cake
with wonderful coconut milk,… all the flavors are sparked off. This cake is different from
the one sold on the street. The cakes from street vendors… – are not good enough.
– Yes. The string is carefully tied. Such a review from a restaurant owner. Just look at the texture and you’ll see. I don’t believe you. I don’t believe… Just eat. We know your intention. Lies! Think you can keep fooling us
using the same trick? There is someone silently
eating from the beginning ’till now. Ngoc! Say something. Firstly, the mung bean filling. It’s mildly sweet. I don’t feel… overwhelmed because of the sweetness. Besides, the sticky rice is very smooth. I’ve been eating a lot, right? Yes, I can see that. So as the audience. Now, it’s time for the 3-minute dish,
which Ms. Hoa will make it right here… for the winning team.
Don’t clap ’cause you can’t eat. I see 6 glasses. One for Giang. – One for me.
– Is that so? Normally, there are only 4. 4 glasses? – ‘Cause other chefs don’t eat.
– Is that so? – You’re eating too?
– Am I not allowed to? I can use a plate instead. I thought you’re gonna have some
games for them so that they can eat too. – I don’t like this team so no eating for them.
– Alright. I’ll start making the food. – I can sing a Hue tune…
– Skip that, please. You don’t like that? – Can’t we eat in a plate?
– This dish must be served in a glass. Some ice in. This is plum. They are cooked and soaked in syrup. Paired with fermented glutinous rice. Interesting! There’s a touch of traditional element. Still, I’d like to give a little modern twist. May I use your spoon, Phat La?
You’re not using it anyway. May I know the name of this dessert please? Please name it. How about Heavenly Sweet Soup? Sounds great. Heavenly Sweet Soup! What a refreshing feeling! Everyone knows fermented glutinous rice. Very nice! The fruits… are sour, sweet, and creamy. Cool as well. What a combination! Even though we can’t eat, I have to say that… I get to learn more about
delicious foods through this show. This dessert… is a perfect… treat on the Fifth of May. ‘Cause of fermented glutinous rice. It’s a must-have food on that day. Banh Tro as well, right? So this must be the typical food of Double Fifth Festival. How about Double Fifth Sweet Soup? That’s more accurate. – True, isn’t it?
– Yes. You were inspired by me. That’s right. I’ve been
thinking about the name. And I never stop until now. This dessert is very unique to me. How unique? First is the sour taste of Hanoi plums. Next is the pleasant smell of fermented rice. She perfectly… repeated what I said. Eating fermented rice with various types of fruit… reminds me of… My goodness! It reminds me of Mung Bean Sticky Rice. Nonsense! How is that relevant? I normally eat it with fermented rice. Totally nonsense! There’s a taste of mung bean sticky rice. Should I have another glass? It’s up to you. You’re the winner. I’ll serve myself. Ice in. [Ceaselessly] [Constantly] [Passionately] [Joyfully] After 3 banquets,… I realize one thing that… our show has had the wrong guests today. On the bright side, we finish all the food. Thanks to you. You’re the food blender. Thank you for coming to The King of Food. – I love you.
– Goodbye. Thank you guys. See you later. Thank you! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s move on
to a session called Quick but Good. This time, we’d like to introduce to you guys
2 unique recipes made with instant noodles. Firstly, it is Stir-fried Noodles with
Five-Spiced Duck and Bok Choy. Remove the root of Bok Choy. Cut shallot into thin slices. Here’s the recipe for the sauce:… chili sauce, soy sauce, five-spice powder,
pepper, sesame oil, and sugar. Mix everything well. Spread the sauce all over the duck meat. Set aside and let it absorb all the spices. Sauté sliced shallots. Cook the rest of the sauce until bubble rises. Then add in some water. Keep cooking until the mixture is thickened. Pan-sear the duck meat. Make sure
both sides are caramelized. Add water. When the meat is cooked,
remove from the saucepan. Stir-fry the bok choy in duck broth. Make sure to stir constantly to
maintain the crispiness of the veggies. Soak the noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes. [In boiling water
for 3 minutes with lid covered] Once it’s cooked, drain off the water. Briefly stir-fry the noodles with some oil. Voila! Put everything on a plate. Chewy noodles, sweet yet mild hot bok choy. Fatty and tender duck meat. With the sauce drizzled on top,
it’s heaven awaits! What if you wake up with a sudden crave for
Beef Stew Rice Noodles but too lazy to go out? No fret! Our chef will show you
how to make this dish at home. Lightly crush lemongrass and cut into sticks. Slice carrot. Crush ginger. Cut beef into bite-sized pieces. Then season with lemongrass,
beef stew spices,… minced shallot, minced garlic,
ginger, pepper, salt, soy sauce. Once the spices are fully absorbed,… stir-fry the beef with potato cubes. As soon as the meat gets firm,
add coconut water. When the potato is soft,
remove from the pot and mash it. Add the mashed potato into
the stew to create a thicker texture. Add the carrot in. Keep boiling until everything is cooked. Place the rice noodles in a bowl. Ladle the smoking hot stew in. Cover with a lid in 3 minutes
for the noodles to be cooked. Some more beef and carrot. To serve, garnish with mint, chili, and basil. Clear and chewy rice noodles.
Crunchy carrots. Tender beef. Aromatic and creamy stew. Totally satisfying! You guys have just seen… 2 dishes made by the chef from The King of Food. Remember the details? Now, answer this question. What’s the chef’s name? [Already started???] [Attentive] [Dazed] Just for fun, guys! Now,… get ready for the next small game. There’s a question hidden in here. As soon as I say the question,… if you know the answer,… look for number 1. It is hidden underneath
one of these 6 pillows. The one with that number is
allowed to answer the question. This is… an individual prize. [Individual prize] That individual gets to use all
Acecook products for free in 1 year. [Use all Acecook products in a year for free] Where’s number 1? Underneath the pillow. [Which pillow?] Are you gonna ask me which pillow? Tell us if you want to. If you don’t mind, please tell us. That one. Okay! In the Beef Stew with Rice Noodles video,… I don’t fall for your beauty trick. In the… [This side too] – The other team is peeking.
– Why don’t you notice them? Who’s cooking chili? It hurts my eyes. [What’s happening?] [This is too much] [Final strike] In that video,… how did the chef… prevent the fire from burning? [Too fast] Number 2. [Not too furious] Is it right? I have to find… – What prevented the fire from burning?
– No idea. Here’s number 1. Gosh, you guys fell for
such a nonsense question? I found number 1. Oh my! I thought there was a robbery around here. – How is it…
– What? What’s up? What’s wrong with you all? How could we know what you were up to? Did it make any sense to you? Gee, how was I supposed to know? Everybody stands back.
There are six numbers, right? Agree? Now, choose a number and I will… reveal which one is allowed to answer. No more cheating please! [Unacceptable] How could you come here only for the prizes… instead of the love for food? That’s right. Because our goal
in the first place was the prizes. The ultimate prize is about enjoying the food, right? 1-year free usage of Acecook products.
Isn’t it for eating? I strongly believe that the show
have invited the wrong guests again. In the video, the chef… was making Beef Stew with Rice Noodles. Right? There were a lot of… ingredients being used. Right? What… did the chef… use… to thicken… the stew… of that dish? I know. Just grab one. – Go random!
– Is this 6 or 9? Alright. Everybody stands back. There are 3 choices. A. Cornstarch. B. Tapioca starch and C. Mashed potato. Now, let’s find out who gets the right to answer. – Lan Huong.
– Mashed potato. Today… Mashed potato. Today…
Hey, not yet! Oh my god! Lan Huong. You’ve been very unimpressive today. I hope you will be luckier in this round. What’s your birth month? November. Not match. What’s your birth month? Which month? You don’t remember it? February. February? Not match. So it should match the number? – And you?
– May. It’s a match. Skip. What’s wrong? – And you?
– Mine definitely doesn’t match. It’s July. And you? February 22. They all match with your number. – February 22.
– This is a set up. Weird! And you? – August.
– August? You can answer. Gosh, this is absurd! – I have no idea what’s going on.
– Just kidding, guys! – I don’t get it.
– It was just a joke. Here’s an extra question to
get you prepared for the main one. Get serious, please! Oops, my bad! In the video, where’s the rice noodles from? Hao Hao! It’s from… – Acecook Hao Hao.
– Acecook. – What?
– From our sponsor, Acecook – Cook happiness. Correct. It’s from Acecook Vietnam.
Too easy. Why didn’t you guys answer? Okay. I got it. Look at our team. Now, the main question. Huh? What? It was the extra question.
Now answer the real one. – What did the chef use?
– Mashed potato. Think twice. – What did she use to thicken the stew?
– It’s correct. – I’ll let you think twice.
– Mashed potato, right? – Yes, mashed potato.
– Calm down. Stay calm! There’s a hook in that question. Tapioca starch? Cornstarch and mashed potato? I choose mashed potato. Are you sure? Of course. Okay. [Will…] [Suspicious look] Right. Congrats! Why does our team win all the times? Even individually. So, the prize of 1-year free usage of
Acecook products goes to Diep Bao Ngoc. It’s time to give out the prizes. [Catch Episode 4 at 8:30 PM on Friday, July 6th, 2018] Thank you for watching our show.
It’s time to give out the prizes. Win or lose, there are presents for you all. Servants! For you. Thank you! I love you! This one’s for you, Ngoc. Amazing! And this one is for the whole team. Thank you for watching The King of Food. The show is brought to you
by HTV and Dien Quan M&E,… sponsored by Acecook Vietnam. It is on air at 8:30 PM every Friday on HTV7. Goodbye and see you! Acecook and Hao Hao proudly accompany the show.

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