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Thuiswedstrijdje op Ohm Herfstfestival 2019 | Festival Gangers #35

Thuiswedstrijdje op Ohm Herfstfestival 2019 | Festival Gangers #35

Yo, this is already Festival Gangers number… 34 I don’t have an id, it goes fcking fast. Super cool that the previous video was so pleased. We of course tried something new by making it more personal… apparently that pleased. Today we have two home games, namely ‘Ohm Festival’ where I go during the day… And Toffler with Mr Belt & Wezol tonight, where Merijn is going. A camera change takes place between them. Perhaps I also get that far to go to Toffler. But then you should watch the following video. For now, Ohm. A home game, and what went with that home game … A bike… But my tire is flat. So I’m going to fix that first. And then I will see you later on the way to Ohm. Also not unimportant, tire repair kit. Is starting to look like something. Hatseee, just like that. Do you see what a cinematographic event this… Nice isn’t it: Delft! Bicycle storage… Nice, isn’t it? There it was, ohm autumn festival. Last summer he was canceled due to extremely bad weather. But now he was finally back in the fall. Super nice of course to put it on the sensitive plate. Since this is really our home game, and talking about records, by the way thanx for the one who edited the last song, that trance hit, I was able to photograph her shazam, because I couldn’t get it. The festival itself, the facilities to get you started were super well organized. They had made two entrances so you didn’t have to wait long at all. Toilets top, never stood in line. Just like the bar, you don’t have to stand in line once. And they could have arranged some extra things, such as a cinema with quite a few strange things, and they still had a few art things, not very exciting, and the print-in type was well arranged in the tents. You had some LED panels on which you could see pretty cool graphics. It was pretty industrial, so to speak. In terms of real highlights, I do have a few…Namely KI/KI Merijn said it during the Into The Woods video…it was really cool! I spent 1.5 hours full of enjoyment there. Another higlight of the festival: Job Jobse. How could it be otherwise, he closed the festival. Super varied, some super hard stuff. The perfect end to the festival. For me the big surprise that should not be missing. That is Pasiphae… Meanwhile become a resident of the school, but unprecedented new talent. You really have to check it once. What else do I have to say about the festival… The facilities were good, the music was good. Around 4 to 5 stages that were easy to acces. Nothing to note, they had also built such a greenhouse. In terms of techno spectrum you could find something everywhere. To add to that, what made it really cool for me was that it was really a delfish meeting. But also with all the people I know from the past, and that makes it a feather for me that made it fairly unsurpassed. I have seen so many people myself that I had not seen for a long time. With which I could catch up and that makes the atmosphere unprecedented for me. Well once again summarized completely together. facilities good, atmosphere unprecedented, music super good, decoration ok… Then I finally come for Ohm autumn festival 2019… On a well deserved 8. I hope you found this a super cool video. Don’t forget to like, subscriber, you know it all. Do you have any tips or an idea for the next festival? then let us know in the comments. Small spoiler, I’ve been to Toffler and Merijn is now working on the edit. So that is also coming for you. For now, see you at the next festival. Later!

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  1. Heel nice video weer! Alleen ik zou eigenlijk wat wat meer beelden van het festivalterrein willen zien om meer de sfeer te kunnen proeven. En misschien kun je ook wat korte interviews doen op het festival met wat mensen er over denken.

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