100 thoughts on “Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan ▲ Poop Ice Cream & Crappy Meatballs”

  1. It looks like a sh*t ton of fun in there. It looks pretty decent and seems like my gag reflex won't kick in even though you're literally surrounded by poop stuff. 😂

  2. No body….

    Not a single sole….

    Litterally nobody…….

    Mina:mmmmmm tape worms!!!


    You could definitely say this renstaurant is NOT number 1 hahahahah……no not funny…….heh…….ya I’m sorry……

  3. How can you eat there….omg..if me,definitely will imagine oo toilet around n environment while sitting in the toilet..hehehe..

  4. I like your glasses. Wow a restaurant dedicated to poo. Yum. I would try it. But, I don't know if I would pick curry. It's bad for the teeth. Is the poo tray dessert? He looks like he ought to eat more. He's about to disappear. It looks like dog shit. The dessert ice cream. I would've asked for vanilla. Y'all must be into some sick shit. You just borrow your girlfriend's husband like that, or, were y'all friends before he got married, and, his wife is boring? I know it's none of my business. I'm just curious. I hope you're not a lesbian because this would disappoint you. 💚

  5. XD THIS REMINDS ME so me and my mom were at walmart and ahe saw a poop emoji and she looked at it and said aww look a chocolate ice cream i told her it was poop emoji XD

  6. Hi mina I have this snack that has peanuts and its sooo good it's called a Mr.tom and it's in England I hope you come here I love your vids I subscribed and hit the bell and liked I love you!!!!!!!

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