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Tokyo Bunka Fashion College Festival 2015 Show Backstage Documentary

Tokyo Bunka Fashion College Festival 2015 Show Backstage Documentary

Nihao (Chinese) Today I came at the Bunka Fashion College festival. This college festival is probably number one in Asia. Today I came at the Bunka Fashion College festival. It’s a lot of fun, be sure to come one day. I have also done some Makeup tutorials for this channel. Click here to see them. My name is Taro Imai. I am 18 years old. My major is Fashion Distribution Course at the Bunka Fashion College Our college festival is probably number one in Asia. For the fashion show, students create everything from start to finish. The rehearsal with the models also is done mostly without the help of the teachers. This outfit I’m wearing now is not what I usually wear. The Bunka fashion college festival is quite amazing. And it certainly is a lot of fun. That’s it! Wait wait, don’t do that man! Aw, come on! No don’t! Don’t do it even if I count down on 3..2..1… 3, 2, 1 My name is Satoshi Morimoto and I am a teacher at Bunka fashion college. The school festival is the biggest event of our college. The fashion show is open for everyone to see, so be sure to come and see it one day. (Chinese) My name is KIN KOKORU This year I am modeling for the Bunka College Festival. I am KIN KOKORU and I am a senior at the Bunka fashion college. I am a model at the college festival today. This is my second year as a model. What else can I say? This is called the “Costume Archives Room” It’s like a library for clothes. Including accessories we have about 30,000 items here. We have fashion items here which goes back as far as the 1960s. We have nearly 30,000 items which were used in our long history of fashion shows. Of course we don’t only have items from the fashion shows here, but since many of our alumni have become famous designer Just to a name a few, Kenzo Takada a.k.a KENZO, and of course Yohji Yamamoto, and you cannot forget Hiroko Koshino. They have become world re-known designers Many of their works are kept here along with acquired documents, children’s apparel, maternity wear, baby clothes and even underwear. Everything we use in our classes, you can find it here. I am Mutsumi Imamura, taking the Basic Fashion Technology course. I have the chance to be a fashion model at this year’s Bunka festival. We practiced every day to create a really cool fashion show. Please check it out. I am also modelling at this year’s Bunka fashion show. For 2 months we have been practicing until late hours. I have become a lot better at modeling now. (Chinese)Hello guys, I’m Cui Xinwen from Dalian, China Now I am studying at the Bunka Fashion College Freshman year. I am in charge of the digital textile printing at Bunka fashion college. My name is Izuka. We have three machines here, because depending on the material the type of ink we use change. For cotton, we use a machine which prints directly to cotton For polyester, we print the design out and paste the design using thermal transfer and the last one is which we can print to T-shirts and other material. That makes our 3 machines here, which enable us to print all our original designs on almost any type of material used for clothing. Nice to meet you, I am Shuya Okamoto I am in charge of the men’s part This is my second year here. As a fashion model, I do modelling mainly to entertain people. I do my best so all the models can have fun appearing on the show That is what I am aiming for. Hello. I am Hayato Yazawa of Bunka Fashion College I am appearing in this year’s fashion show as a model, and work as the sub leader. To entertain everyone, we have practiced daily in a short time of 2 months up until now. I am Ota, in charge of the Fashion Textile course of Bunka Fashion College The training room you see here is, is the training room to do printing. Mainly screen printing. In other academic facilities, you usually don’t see platforms as big and long as the sizes you see here. Here in Bunka you have platforms of 12m sizes which enable the students to print whatever size they need. For that reason, this is quite a unique facility I am Natsuho Nakano, freshman of Fashion Distribution course It is my first college festival, and I want to do my best not to ruin what practice I have done up until today I am Aizawa, in the 2nd year of the Fashion Creation course I am 19 years old My favorite dish is Omelet-Rice I also love sweets I am modeling in the college festival My name is Fuse of Rune Corporation Naitou Rune was basically as you can see on the sign here, the “Roots of Kawaii”, and is a main figure of the Kawaii culture. Nowadays the world “kawaii” is well known on its own all over the world, but the basic roots of Kawaii goes back 60 years ago when Naitou Rune started with “Bisho-jo ga” (images of beautiful girls) and other “kawaii” things. Perhaps “kawaii” was born during that whole process. The “kawaii” culture is now part of the COOL JAPAN movement and since the Bunka Fashion College has a great influence on the future of Coll Japan, By collaborating with them, we hope we can promote the Kawaii culture more efficiently to the world. That is why we collaborated for this exhibition.

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  1. That looks so cool! It would be awesome to see the show with my own eyes some day 🙂 The students really put a lot of effort to the clothes and the show. You can clearly see the passion they have for fashion/clothes

  2. I really dont know whats about that asiantype Face thats soooo pretty O.o … maybe its in some way this androgyne Look ?! Or that "cateyed" Look … is it cuz there always smiling … cuz there always kind of look way younger then they are ? Or is it maybe because of that "Kindchenschema" ? scheme of childlike characteristics ! Actually the big/round Eyes are at least part of it but that slim dark eyes totally dont fit there at least apart from Manga but I am talking about real asian faces. I´d really liked to know if its maybe "just" the difference to a "standart" Western Look or if there is something else about this ?!

  3. Oh wow. It was a really big event!!! That college must be very important in Japan. Very interesting video.
    P.S: Nice tunes!!

  4. This is so awesome! Thanks for getting great coverage of this festival and the college! Makes me really want to attend! I LOVE FASHION!!

  5. im so glad i got to go!!! me and my friend spent the whole day there cuz there was so much to look at. saw a different fashion show but the outfits were amazing!

  6. This video was sooo inspirational ✨ I would seriously wear all of those outfits, they're so funky and creative.
    Wish there were interviews with some of the designers. Would love to hear their inspiration. ☺️

  7. As someone who wants to attend Bunka Fashion College soon it's really great to see more videos (in general!) on the English speaking side! Great video, you can really see not only the hard work everyone put in but also the fun they're all having, makes me more and more determined to get here!

  8. Je sais pas si quelqu'un va lire et/ou comprendre ça, mais je suis française, et on dit qu'en France, les gens sont très à la mode. Seulement notre mode reste dans le chic et même si il y a de l'originalité, au bout d'un moment on s'ennuie presque, tandis que quand je vois toutes cette originalité dans la "mode" japonaise, croyez moi, vous n'avez rien à nous envier 🙂

  9. I am currently taking Interior Design course in my home country's University and I'm a Freshmen. I also want to become a Fashion Designer. I'd love to apply here! And become a Fashion/Interior Designer one day. But if I apply here do I need to learn Japanese first before applying to Bunka? Or Do they provide Japanese subject while studying there?

  10. I really like the Roots of Kawaii part. I super love retro looks(Especially the 1950's) so it is nice to know that is were the kawaii culture originates. Yeah For Retro!!!

  11. Thank you so much for making a video covering Bunka Fashion College's Festival, Kawaii Pateen <3<3<3 I'm really interested in this school so hopefully there would be more cover videos regarding the school!!!

  12. I can't wait to go to Bunka next summer! I attend FIT, one of the biggest fashion schools in NY, but Bunka is very unique in its own way! The fashion is outta this world!!

  13. Hi, I'll be in Bunka hopefully in two years after finishing my degree here in my home country, and I'd like to know if it's expensive to buy all of the materials? I mean, fabric and all of that? I'm saving a lot for this, and I wonder if that would be a significant extra ;o; thanks in advance! fashion textiles is my choice btw!

  14. They  say  offen " BUNKA ".  Foreigners  will  confused .   BUNKA   means  culture  in  Japanese .

  15. "Bunka Fashion College Festival" means    cultural   Festival  of  " Collage    of  Culture  and   Fashion  " .

  16. I always come back to watch this video to remind myself to not give up on this dream 🙂
    I am very thankful for this video, and my goal is to study at Bunka!

  17. I wish I could go to Bunka… I already finished my BA in Design, but I would love if I could have my MA in Bunka but who knows if that's possible… Gosh, watching this makes me so happy but emotional, thinking about what if's and what could have been

  18. Woah! This school is truly amazing. I can't believe KENZO and Yamamoto studied over there! Hands down.. If I will travel over there I'll try to organize trip at the festival days. I'd love to be a part of it.

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