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Tokyo Street Food Kichijoji Top 10 Must-Try

Tokyo Street Food Kichijoji Top 10 Must-Try

100 thoughts on “Tokyo Street Food Kichijoji Top 10 Must-Try”

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  2. I was there today!. We went to circus for a strawberry crepe with Ice cream. So much better than any other place. Next over to ichiran for the jumbo gyozas, mmm mmm good. Thanks Paolo for the vid.

  3. Love your Vlogs! Any chance you will do some for Kyoto area? You've helped me feel very prepared for Tokyo and Osaka! So much fun!

  4. OMG paoooo.. im so thankful for all your amazing japan food video.. the way that saying bukakke is has another meaning hahaha.. when i was in japan i couldnt find that satou meat katsu. Now i got it from your video! Thank you man!!!!

  5. How about Yokosuka? As the base there has a lot of foreigners and don’t know what to do there? I’m there the end of this month and would love to hear what you think 🤔 thanks

  6. Marked down many of the stalls that we would like to try!! By the way, would you be so kind to show us any must try in Ikebukuro? 🙂 food is obviously great but if there is not so many street food, any activities or anything you recommend is great too! Any hidden places or to do things would be even better!

  7. 撮影してる場でトークするのではなくて後付けでトークは入れた方がいい動画が出来る気がします。

  8. Hey Paolo! My brother and I had a trip to Tokyo and your videos on where to go and what to eat were very helpful and we had an awesome time there! Keep posting your awesome videos and thanks!

  9. Thanks for putting the google location in the description box. It makes my life so much so easy to find the place when I go to Tokyo

  10. 日本人ですけど普通に参考になりました。

  11. Thanks for the suggestions….

    Satou, sadly, not worth the wait, needed more seasoning and oily.

    Maple House, nice cream puff, but rather heavy ( try Happy Pancakes, soufflé style).

    Overall, not a bad selection, hit and miss

  12. I absolutely loved Kichijoji. I went to the Ghibli museum and Haromica Alley, but I wish I got to explore more of the town.

  13. Not going to lie, you basically grunting every time you tried something made me fast forward the parts where you actually ate food. Chill out a little bit and just enjoy the food without overdoing it.

  14. 6:55 At Carnival I love their Bake Custard Desserts And Tiramisu….That International Food is Where I Buy Imported Goods And At the Kaldi Coffee Farm.

  15. Zee bu Was Yummy Food Trip And I Never Tried That Udon Shop And the Quiche Coffee And Pie Shop. And that Famous Yakitori Ya,Cause,Mostly Customers Are Men.

  16. I understand that Sakusaku Maple Chou from Maple House is closing. It's an OK, place with various flavors. I couldn't feel the wow factor like at other places.

  17. I've finished a bag of Cheetos while watching your food feature but I still feel hungry. Must never watch your food feature when hungry. Haha.

  18. カーニバルの惣菜美味いよねー。

  19. I love that Paolo can say "bukkake" and the sentence "Look you can see the hole they just filled up with cream, and it's freshly filled!" both in the same video referring to food!! You're awesome Paolo, keep up the vids! And Congratulations to you and Maiko on your engagement!!

  20. I refused to let today passed without thanking you for the Great food tips!!! We tried to beef balls and Ramon. We LOVED it. Again thanks👍🏾

  21. I also recommend ポヨ ポヨ 吉祥寺
    1-chōme-1-1 Kichijōji Honchō, Musashino-shi, Tōkyō-to 180-0004

  22. 2年間吉祥寺に毎日通ってたけどクレープ屋だけ唯一知らないんだけどどこにあんの!?


  23. Paolo-san, Many pax spend a night in hotels near Haneda airport during a long transit. In the area called Uta, Kamata. Please do an episode on where to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, where to get a decent european style expresso or americano. Arigato`

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