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Tomorrowland Winter | Festival Gangers #18

Tomorrowland Winter | Festival Gangers #18

Are you ready? Heeeeeuj! Tomorrowland! It’s Finally Time! TOMORROWLAND WINTER!!!!! We are going to see if this bracelet really works. Tomorrowland! (Wooo!) Tomorrowlaaaaaaand! (Heeeuj!) The Aftertalk. Yes.. The Aftertalk. The very first Tomorrowland Winter is finished. A total different experience than in the Summer. If you don’t like winter sports, I would not go there. (Tomorrowland Winter) No, it’s like a combination. During the day you are skiing or boarding. You can visit a couple of shows on the slopes. Deejays are there as well. But its very nice to be able to get on your board/skis afterwards and go down the slopes And then in the evening you have really
awesome party’s! With different stages. – Tomorrowland style! Right! Nice decorations as usual for Tomorrowland. – Fireworks, The experience is… – Lazers, everything The experience is amazing, but in combination with winter sports during the day. And that for seven days. So not three, not four, BUT seven Because on the other days there are also big parties! I would go to the village Alpe d’huez And not in one of the other villages, because in Alpe d’huez you have the festival, “right around the corner” So, If you like winter sports, if you like parties, you love Tomorrowland like we do! Then go to Tomorrowland winter. Its a bang for your buck and an experience for life! Props to Tomorrowland because they manage to make it happen. -Exactly they did. Small inconveniences aside, for the first edition the pulled it off again. – Would do it again And that’s why i am giving it an 8,5. – Agreed Do you want to know all the ins and outs of Tomorrowland winter? We are going to make a “How to survive Tomorrowland winter” So if you have questions write them in the comments. (question for summer also fine) So if you like that, don’t forget to subscribe! Or click below to view another Tomorrowland video Follow us on social media. Facebook, Instagram. We really appreciate it! Thanks for watching. Ciao!

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  1. a Brazilian sending a congratulations for his video. I hope that one day you'll come to tomorrowland in Brazil, you can be sure that it will be the best experience of your life.

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