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Top 10 Things to DO in NAGOYA Japan plus Toyota Stadium

Top 10 Things to DO in NAGOYA Japan plus Toyota Stadium

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to DO in NAGOYA Japan plus Toyota Stadium”

  1. Nagoya Station subway have a worst Structure in the Rush Hours…the line begin in the the ticket in machines…

  2. Nagoya Station subway become the chaos in the Rush hours…although be Toyota Home in Japan…Nagoya subway have no investments in Infra structure…small trains plataform….

  3. Having worked in Aichi I have to agree with the locals; there's really nothing to do in Nagoya. There was a sex club a few blocks from Nagoya station, so there is that. lol

  4. I'm going to Japan in three months and just recently discovered your channel. I want to take two minutes to say thanks for sharing all those tips. I've learned a lot by watching your videos. They are informative and very entertaining at the same time. Thank you!

  5. Hey man, if I could recommend, there’s a little bar under the Toyota-Shi station called Kevin’s. It’s behind the Lotteria. What’s unique about this bar is all the Toyota history. Thousands upon thousands of Toyota employees from around the world have been there. He has a lot of polaroids of the employees on the walls. I left a black Texas license plate with him and it’s on the store front of the bar.

  6. Hi Paolo!! I just want to say I just started watching you TODAY! And I already am in love with your channel! Keep up the good work !!

  7. Watching your videos remind me of my time in Japan :). Thanks for sharing
    By the way I'm doing some simple arts for kids. Please check out my channel and subscribe if you like my contents 🙂

  8. Hello paolo
    I would like to ask a video on Japanese police officer daily life routine in Tokyo

  9. Can 6 people help me out please by subscribing to my channel I am 6 subs away from 1000 subscribers

  10. Thanks for all the tips from your videos. I'm in Tokyo right now on vacation and you helped me find a lot of stuff to do. Also, the metro system is so easy, I was surprised I didn't get confused!

  11. 私も名古屋出身だから楽しく見せて頂きましたー^_^


  12. Hopefully you read this, but you videos are great and helpful! I want to visit Japan soon, and you have made it seem so wonderful and enjoying thank you!

  13. We were just there! I would've flipped out if I'd seen you filming in Nagoya station. 🙂 BTW, after our 2nd three week trip to Japan, your videos are still my fave! They were the first I watched when preparing for our trip last year, and I'm still watching them after our 2nd trip. 🙂

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  15. My husband and I were in Nagoya in April! We LOVED the Toyota museum!! We’re not car people, but we found it absolutely FASCINATING!! We were there for just over 5 hours and loved every minute. Highly recommend it! We also went to the first restaurant you recommended and it was delish 😋

  16. Hey Paolo! Love your videos! Would you ever consider doing a Q&A with Maiko? Like how you met? How she got into longboarding etc?

  17. I’ve been studying abroad in Nagoya for the past 10 months. There’s actually other things to do here that Paolo didn’t mention.
    If you like animals, check out the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens or the Port of Nagoya Aquarium.
    If you like science and art, check out the Nagoya Science Museum and the Nagoya Art Museum.
    If you like J-Pop idols, there’s SKE48’s cafe in Sakae (SKE = Sakae). Sakae also has a landmark called Oasis 21. Check that one out!
    If you like classical music, the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra is an awesome ensemble.
    If you like shrines I believe Atsuta Shrine is a very famous one here in Nagoya.

    Hope this helps!

  18. Hi Paolo I recently just found your channel and I love your videos! I find them very inspiring and helpful…..also I’m a fan who is 11 . Keep up the good work love you!

  19. talk to people in every state that I've driven my truck too and they all say the exact same thing there's nothing to do there. From New York to California people are just weird that way.

  20. I fucking Love Nagoya. Our first travel to Japan, much simpler and not chaotic unlike Tokyo. Such an Underated channel. Wow 400k though. 70k more for 500k 😀

  21. I found your channel 2 days ago watched lots of videos from you. I subscribed because I liked the content and I love Japan <3

  22. I know Maiko is not in the video, but I have binged through Paolos channel and I think we should invent a game. What hair color is Maiko rocking today? Love your content Paolo! Love your lingo to. Reminds me of my youth. It’s BombAssDiggity and DaShiznit! ❤️❤️

    Edit: Think I saw Maiko for a split second

  23. Nagoya is boring tho. Best konbini food and drink selection, though. Word is bond. I'll fight someone over that.

  24. The one thing I would recommend in Nagoya is the flower/light parc named Nabano no Sato! You can get there by bus. It's a magical place during Spring (flower parc) and Winter (lighg parc). I proposed to my girlfriend here.

  25. Oh that pork makes me drool in #1. I'd like a stack of the pork and a few bowls of rice. Come back in a couple hours to wheel me into a car. 😀

  26. Hi Paolo, I recently found your channel and love it.
    Especially, your Japanese subtitle sounds so funny,like Goku.
    BTW, I am also from Nagoya and noticed two points.

    1:Toyota museum locates in Nagakute , near Expo site in 2005, not in Toyota city.
    2:In Kariya highway oasis,Female rest room is just amazing ,like a 5 star hotel lobby.It must be another must go spot .

  27. I take it you are from Brazil or somewhere. If you do not like being in Japan, no-one is asking you to stay there. Why don't you go back to where you are from? They do not want more of the "bloody toxic gaijins" that bring nothing but 1. crimes 2. diseases, and 3 disorder to Japan.

  28. Sakae is fun as is the Kanayama area. Higashiyama/Hoshigaoka has the zoo and big brand shopping. Kakuozan has the gourmet restaurants. Kasugai is a great town to escape the city and walk around. Fushimi area at night is sketchy as this is where the yakusa run their clubs.

  29. what i like in nagoya is, their food are delicious yet in cheap prices.. went there last july, ,,should have watched this.. -_-

  30. great vid..very fun and informative and also friendly to watch your vids …keep up the good work man.also do some more japan vids…

  31. i just wanted to know what to do in nagoya because i have to go to my cuasins wedding so yea and it looks reall nice

  32. Hey Paolo, your guide videos like this one are super super helpful and I love that you leave the list in the description. It makes planning my trips so easy and I know that you could leave them out to force more watchtime on your videos so I just wanted to say thank you so much 😀

  33. We tried to look for the sumiyoshi and we canjot find it we wasted 2 hrs looking back and forth. We end up eating in ippudo cause we cannot find sumiyoshi 😓

  34. If you will go to Nagoya
    You should go to Nagashima
    It’s so fantastic place
    You can go by bus easily
    Aichi x Mie x Gifu 💙

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