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Top Clothing Fails During Prayer + QUICK FIXES!

Top Clothing Fails During Prayer + QUICK FIXES!

Before we begin let’s pretend that this
red color here represents the part that should remain covered during prayer. make
sure to watch this video until the end for quick fixes on what to do when these
clothing fails happen to you the first clothing bill the sleeves
everything is perfect until the prayer begins and the hands move the second row deep in the heels long
pants long abayas long dresses long skirts etc are all perfect for Priya
until it’s time to bow down and then this happens so annoying the tight
clothing film shorts and shirts men are meant to be covered from and including
the navel to the knees but then again when bowing down this is what happens
do you agree how annoying these Philippians are if so give this video a
thumbs up now let’s move one of the quick fixes the first Holyfield please
ladies are going to be covering their arms until there is during prayer so
quick fix for this is to put on slim extensions or wear longer hijab falen to the heels no matter how well
covered our legs and ankles are doing Priya things happen when we bow down
this like we saw before so a quick fix for this is to put on a pair of socks or
pull down your pants or skirt and step on it
when you pray so that they remain intact kiri prayer then time for the film
shorts and shirts Vivian’s also face this similar problem during prayer when
the westerns so a quick fix for this is to grab a cloth or a scarf and tied
around your waist including the shirt so that the shirt
stays in space bonus tip you can also use the same trick for covering your
hands too for the first clothing fail of sleeves
comment below in finding these quick fixes to be helpful and don’t forget to
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4 thoughts on “Top Clothing Fails During Prayer + QUICK FIXES!”

  1. Have these mishaps happened to you too? How effective do you think these quick fixes are? Let me know down in the comments below 👇🏼😁

  2. Best is to wear a long hijaab for prayer – the ones you get in shops here in UAE too .. takes care of everything you mentioned …

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