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TRANSFORMING my HOUSE into a CARNIVAL!! **Coolest Experience EVER**

TRANSFORMING my HOUSE into a CARNIVAL!! **Coolest Experience EVER**

72 thoughts on “TRANSFORMING my HOUSE into a CARNIVAL!! **Coolest Experience EVER**”

  1. HOW MANY LIKES CAN WE GET FOR TURNING MY HOUSE INTO A CARNIVAL?! Also, don''t forget to go cop those limited edition sweatshirts!!

  2. You should have had hot dogs popcorn, roasted peanuts if no one was allergic to them, soft butter pretzels, and single slices of Pizza, Italian icees ice cream cones, Gatorade, and bottles of water, cheese nachos

  3. I have been on a frog hopper ride and was scared and got a funny felling and I’m going to a fair tomorrow

  4. nooooooo! i wish i lived in your neighbor hood and i had money for the merch. when i get older im buying it cuz im only 12

  5. I really love Faze Rug’s vids with his Family. They’re all amazing. I was smiling and laughing the whole time while Watching this.

  6. You should make a nother carnival 🎡 in your back yard except better like a roller coaster or something.

  7. Fazerug don't forget to get a lot of physical rest as not to overexzert oneself, this is very important Get at least 8 hours of good rest each and every day Stayed focused and use wisdom

  8. My teacher: congrats your the only kid in the class that passed the test!

    Me: yes finally thx teacher

    My mind: 11:45

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