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Trip to Norway. ร˜ya Festival. Oslo 2019

Trip to Norway.  ร˜ya Festival.  Oslo 2019

Hi! we are in Riga sailing to Stokholm what’s up? omg ๐Ÿ™‚ so, tomorow we will be in Stokholm we will reach Oslo in the evening here is our ship Isabelle – say something – life is good! – cheers – where we going? – for tickets – how do we move? – by subway – there i a subway in Oslo? oh realy? – who’s gonna watch this? – ? – everyone. – here is coolest concert hall – don’t pour to much, it’s enough – you like fish, don’t you? – yep – if you like fish, you will like oyster – what i have to do now? – just soak up – delicious.. – you know what i have noticed while living here? – when you get higher. you know? – the light changes. it gets brighter – hi – we are goig to the concert – by a taxi – this is a taxi. – it’s just a teardrops – happy birthday – thank you

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