Hi, I’m Xenia. Hi, I’m Fauzi and welcome to another episode of TSL Reviews. Today, we will be reviewing some insane flavoured chips. This is why I’m glad to to be born. What are some of your favourite snacks? Like any type of chips. I like savory snacks, first of all. And I like my snacks to have a crunch. Ahhh. I like [crunching noises]. I like that sound. It’s very satisfying. That’s why I like ridges on my chips more, so. So I like Ruffles more than I like Lays. For me, like the texture doesn’t matter as much. But the flavour, I tell you. If I like the flavour, whatever form you come in, circle, you come in triangle, whatever, I will love it. So the producers have gotten us a few unique flavoured potato chips for us to try, and I’m very excited. Me too. Shall we hold hands? And, 1, 2, 3. Woo. Wow. Oh my God. First chip we’re trying is the Hainanese Chicken Rice potato chips. What on earth. It’s like, you know what I mean? This is truly, like a very unique – Ya. Singaporean. I’ve never see this anywhere. So, it’s actually by this brand called F.EAST or Flavours of the East. Very appropriate name. Why east though? Because Asia. Oh, chey, lame. Okay, continue, continue. So, this was actually launched on the 27th of November. So you guys can actually go and get it in stores now. It’s actually gonna be available on 2 places, one is Redmart, which is online. And the other thing is at Raffles Xchange. A bag of this chips will cost you $3. Actually $3, to think about it right, about chips being so uniquely flavoured, it’s quite reasonable. Also, the bag quite cute ah. So cute, they taking selfie. Very excited to try this. Yes. Oh my God. Yes. I thought the chips were gonna be the normal, regular flat type. Flat type. You know why, I love ridges? You know why? The ridges actually contain the flavour. Xenia: Or more right? More surface area. Xenia: Or more right? More surface area.
Fauzi: Correct. Ya, I guess that makes sense. I can smell the ginger. Ya, that’s the strong smell I can smell also. It looks like it’s gonna be full of crunch, I’m so excited. Ready? Cheers. I feel like the flavour right, has a lot of dimensions. Yes! You have to like eat more than once to understand what is going on. That’s absolutely true. Like the first bite, you think like, “Oh”. It’s just salty, at first. Ya, it tastes like – like, uhhh. Then as you bite into it, the ginger, then the third stage is chicken. The only thing I feel is lacking, is a little bit of kick from the spiciness of the chilli. So that is what I feel is a bit lacking for the flavour. So it’s a little bit pricey for me. Yup. But, I’d say you’re definitely getting your value worth in terms of flavour. They’re not lying when they say like – Chicken rice. chicken rice flavoured. Upon 5, I would rate this 3.5. I would give it like, 3 and a half, 3.5. Okay, we’re gonna keep it till later. We are just gonna try the next one. Ah, no! Bam! Laksa? So, yes, like what Xenia said, it is Singapore Laksa potato chip. It’s from the same brand, from F.EAST, Flavours of the East. But let’s just take about the design of the packaging. So cute! So this potato is like soaking himself in the laksa. What is this potato doing? It’s a butt! I know. Oh my God, can you see? The potato has a butt. I think I like the packaging, it’s cute. If I saw this, I would be like, actually quite cute sia. I’ll like go buy it. Woah, woah, okay, okay, okay. I’m reading the ingredients now, there are things like, essential to laksa. Like, the coconut powder. They use a milk substitute, so they use a non-dairy creamer. They’ve got shrimp powder. All these things are essential, I would say, for – for it to be a laksa la. Alright, let’s go. Let’s go! Oh! Bring it close to you. Oh! On the first whiff right, no smell. Then boom, laksa smell. Again, great chip. Ridges, looks very crisp. Cheers. No, my God. Mmm. Oh my God. Trying to be professional here, trying to be objective. Give me a bag. But look. Give me a bag of this. Mmm! Mmm. [editor cannot understand the noises Fauzi made] Mam, mam, mam, mam, mam. I would say that the flavours stood out more than the Hainanese Chicken Rice one. Absolutely. Because laksa is so complex itself right, Yup. So this also have like, different stages. So when you bite into it, it was like, a little bit salty and spicy. Mmm. Then when you continue munching on it, that’s when the coconut fragrance come out. And that’s amazing. That’s when I know, you nailed it. I would never have guess something like that would be good on a chip. I think the flavour profile for this one, It’s so much stronger. ya, it’s more profound. Definitely comes out at you faster. Mmm. Upon 5, 5. The coconut fragrance is so hard to find in – Ya sia. other chips. I would give this 4 and a half. Only because it is still quite pricey, Okay. for a chip. And it’s a small bag la. So we just found out, from the 27th of November to the 1st of December, if you wanna purchase it right, you get 4 bags for $10. essentially making each bag, $2.50. Ya. 100% would buy. Taking leave to queue up for this. When you take the leave, the remarks is ‘Gotta queue for Singapore Laksa chips.’ Yup, Deng, deng, deng, deng, deng, deng, deng. It is numb and spicy hot pot flavoured. What is numb and spicy? No, okay. Please explain because numb is not a flavour. Ma means numb, literally. Oh. Then la means spicy. So it’s just literally ma la hot pot flavoured. Have you had mala before? I always eat mala. I’ve actually never had mala before. I’m not a big fan of like, really spicy food. For me it feels like, if I take something too spicy, You’re not enjoying the food. ya, it makes me feel like I’m just crying or like tearing or like sweating something out. This is from China, this is only $1.50. Wow. Trying now! We’ve got the ma la chips. Oh… Can you smell it? It smells spicy. Yes. Right? Like a deadly kind of spicy. Fauzi: Ya! I’m scared eh.
Xenia: It’s not like a friendly spicy. It’s like a spicy! It has this like, herbal undertone. Yes Right? Right? Fauzi: That’s what I’m trying to find.
Xenia: Like the chinese herbal soup. Correct, correct. I’m actually quite scared. I’m very excited. If it’s very spicy, I will cry. Let’s try! Okay, sure. Oh. Oh. Oh. I can taste the spiciness. I like that there’s a bit of spiciness, Yup. but damn girl, woo! Like, the kick is in your throat yo. I guess it really did what it says, numb and spicy. It’s really numbing my tongue. Okay but I don’t particularly like the flavour overall. Simply because of like, the very strong herbal taste to it. I’m plesantly surprised by it. In the sense that, the flavours are nice. But I think I might regret this afterwards. Ya. Ya, I feel like my tummy will be like, Burning. churning a little bit. I’ve been to China so many times, a lot of their spicy foods do taste like this. Like it really brings me back to when I was travelling in China. Okay, how would you rate this upon 5? I would rate this like, 3.75? You’re getting a lot of flavour, and I think it’s value for money la. cause this is quite cheap. Um, I’m gonna give this a 4. Simply because the flavour really stood out. Okay, enough. Later you die. Ta dah! So this is something that I actually bought when I traveled to Taiwan, and I’ve never tried it. This is really cool because it is oyster omelette flavoured potato chips. This costs less than $2, just a dollar plus. This is a street food that you must eat when you’re in Taiwan. Okay, I like oyster omelette. One thing I wanna say about the packaging is, why is the potato wearing an American tie? Why? How is this relevant? Oh my God, you’re so observant. Let’s try this now. So here we have the oyster omelette flavoured one and, and it really just looks like a seaweed potato chip. Yes. I’m actually a bit apprehensive. Why? I don’t know, I just don’t know how the flavours will taste like. It does remind me a bit of the oyster omelette, Fauzi: A bit.
Xenia: but not fully. But this is an interesting flavour. Ya. This is so interesting. This is like sweet, salty and, it has this earthy flavour. I don’t even taste like, the oyster nor the omelette. It tastes like a savoury chip with seaweed. I’ll give it a 3. It’s not like the most amazing taste. I would rate this 2.5 out of 5. The flavour didn’t, it just didn’t come out as strong as I wanted it to be. Now that we’re done tasting all the chips, which one was your favourite? Laksa. For sure. I think I would have to give it to the laksa chip. It’s still like, I’m still thinking about it. Fauzi: What other things do you want to have for chips? Fauzi: What other things do you want to have for chips?
Xenia: Nasi lemak. Yes, nasi lemak. Kaya and butter. Tutu kueh. Ohhh! Otah! Ooo! Satay. Ya! Oh my God. Mee siam. Oooh. Mee siam chips. Come on F.EAST. Create that. Mee siam! Credit me in your packet, say Fauzi thought of this idea. No, you know the potato? Yes! Draw Fauzi. Oh. Thank you very much for watching this episode of TSL Reviews. As always, like, share and subscribe. Watch our other episodes right here. And, if you’d like us to try something else, let us know in the comments down below. Until next time, bye!

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