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Turkish Wrapped Kofta Kebab BEYTİ – Great For Ramadan & Any Feast

Turkish Wrapped Kofta Kebab BEYTİ – Great For Ramadan & Any Feast

Merhaba everyone this is Aysenur Altan welcome
to Turkish Food Recipes. In this episode we are making easy kofta kebab
wrapped in yufka or thin lavash bread served with tomato sauce. In Turkish we call it “Beyti Kebabı” It is
easy delicious and has a beautiful presentation. Great for feast menu in Ramadan or any time
for your guests or for your family. Let’s get started
I will begin to make the kofte dough, meat mixture first. I am going to use food processor for this. If you don’t have just grate the onions and
finely chop everything else and continue the other steps. First i will chop the onions and parsley
I am adding ground meat that is a bit has fat in content and 2 sweet capia pepper. I will add thin wheat bulgur in it but you
can add a slice of old bread that you sokad and squeeze out the water. Or even without adding any of it. Originally we keep it only with meat like
a kebab For the seasoning i ass salt, black pepper,
cumin and ground red pepper. You can add less or more depend on your taste. My filling is ready in no time. Now i can begin to wrap and shape it
To wet my yufka i will use same amount of vegetable oil and water mixture. You may need to whisk it time to time. If you can’t find yufka bread you can look
for thick phyllo sheets or thin wrapping bread or lavash bread. If you use phyllo since it is thinner just
oil it. If you use thicker wrapping use more water
and oil so it won’t be dry in the oven. So i dampen my yufka and fold it. I will also wet the top. And to the wide side i will place half of
the filling along with the yufka sheet as you can see. Press down the kofte dough a little as you
do. And just leave some space on the edges to
fold over. Now i am going to Wrap and roll the dough
tightly. İ cut the rolled peace on half so i can place
it to my cutting board easily. And than cut about 3 cm thick pieces. Place the pieces on greased baking sheet and
do the same steps with other yufka sheet and kofta dough mixture. I brush the tops with olive oil and water
sauce i have left and bake them in preheated 200C oven until it is golden brown on top
and bottom and the kofte filling is cooked nicely. While my Beyti kebab is cooking i will make
the tomato sauce. I will puree 3-4 medium size tomatoes along
with 2 cloves of garlic in the food processor. No need to clean it it will give it’s taste
to the sauce too 🙂 In a medium pan i heated 3-4 tablespoon olive
oil and cook the pureed mix. After it is cooked about 3-4 minutes i added
1 tsp tomato paste and about 1/2 cup water and continue to cook until i have a nice consistency
of tomato sauce. My Beyti kebab cooked about 35 minutes in
the oven. They have golden brown color on top and inside
is cooked nicely looking beautiful.. I can take out from the oven. I put them right away to a serving plate hot
from the oven and drizzle the tomato sauce over and sprinkled some chopped parsley and
our beyti kebab is ready.. Traditionally in restaurants it is shish kebab
inside wrapped with lavash bread. But as a home version we really like this
way too. I the coming episode i will share a complete
menu together with beyti kebab including green beans with olive oil, yufka borek and bulgur
pilaf with vermicelli and ice cream So stay tuned, don’t forget to subscribe and
press the bell button. Thanks for watching. I Hope to see you in another delicious “Turkish
Food Recipes” Afiyet olsun

43 thoughts on “Turkish Wrapped Kofta Kebab BEYTİ – Great For Ramadan & Any Feast”

  1. Hi dear hw are you ramadan mubarak to u and all your faimly and turkish sweet people this is so yammmy kabab wrapped thnks love u😍😍😍fari frm pakistan😎

  2. Aslam alacom. I am from Pakistan. What can be use as an alternative to phyllo sheet to wrap kababs . Bcz in Pakistan such a big sheet is not available. Kindly guide me. I want to make this.

  3. Asalaamulaikum thank you for your recipes I am going to make this during Ramadan. In Sha Allah Ramadan Mubarak hope everyone has a blessed Ramadan. May Allah swt guide us all to become better Muslims and one United Ummah ❤️ Ameen

  4. Mashallah. Great recipe. Thank you for showing me. Cok tesekkur ederim. Christos from Rhodos Gr.

  5. Selam….im new subscriber…..I'm crazy about Turkish religion and traditions….I like your all recipes….

  6. Aysenur sis plz show how to make this large philo sheet. Because this is not available in our country. It'll be really helpful if you show the process of making that.

  7. Merhaba sister. You did a great job. I love this recepi. It is very good for iftari. Definitely i will try this in my first Ramadan iftari. Thanks for sharing your best recepi. Ramadan Mubarak to you . Stay blessed.

  8. Ablacım, selam benim adım kemal türkiyede yabancıyım, 1 senedir buradayım, bu arada yaptığınız tarifleri için çok teşekkür ederim izleyip denedim beğendim, ramazan geldiğinde türkiyedeki iftar yemeklerini en meşhur olan yapsanız çok memnunum 😁 kolay gelsin abla🇹🇷🇹🇷👍👍

  9. Ma sha Allah. That looks amazing, I think it's very good for iftar.
    Definitely will try it.
    Ramadan Mubarak sister. Thanks for the recipe.

  10. Hello i made this but lots of water relise from it and bottom of kabab is all sogyyy.could u tell me why? Thx.

  11. Asalamualikum warahmathulahi wabarakatuhu .mam kindly give me adress and phone no of copper pan you use for cooking .I tried a lot I don't get .

  12. I’ve been looking for a recipe like this but the kebab is grilled first then wrapped in the lavash with cheese and roasted. Are you familiar to what it is called? Or how to make it?

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