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Ullambana 鬼節 Hungry Ghost Festival

Ullambana  鬼節 Hungry Ghost Festival

chanting “AUM” Maudgalyayana visiting Yamlok (hell) Maudgalyayana comes across preta in the hungry ghost realm. Maudgalyayana finds preta suffering and in waste condition. Maudgalyayana travels across hungry ghost realm. chain sound Maudgalyayana comes across a lady in waste condition. Maudgalyayana recalls deceased mother Maudgalyayana folds hand and greets her. the preta asks for food to Maudgalyayana Preta beggs Maudgalyayana Maudgalyayana brings out a bowl of rice. Maudgalyayana offers bowl of rice. preta grabs bowl of rice and starts gobbling into the mouth Preta Screams Preta’s mouth on fire flames coming out of preta’s mouth. Bowl of rice burns into coal. Preta scared of Maudgalyayana Maudgalyayana feeling miserable and helpless at her mother’s condition. Preta crying. Maudgalyayana comes back from yam. Maudgalyayana recalls her mother feeding him. Boy Maudgalyayana hugging her mother. Maudgalyayana wipes his tears. Buddha. budham sharnam gachhami Maudgalyayana comes to Buddha. Maudgalyayana explains his condition. Maudgalyayana seeks help. Buddha thinks over. Buddha says how one is able to assist one’s deceased parents in this life Maudgalyayana takes leave and goes Maudgalyayana offering food to the sangha or monastic community Monks eating food. biting a morsel Chain breaking. Mother is freed up. Mother somoach is filled up. Maudgalyayana mother is liberated. Maudgalyayana feels satisfied and happy

6 thoughts on “Ullambana 鬼節 Hungry Ghost Festival”

  1. This is a really fantastic video. I am so impressed that someone has made a video about this story. Please continue to do this great work.

    Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambudhassa

  2. And that's how the Obon was created, Isn't it, not also the Hungry Ghost Festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? (^0^)/

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