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Ultimate Star Wars Galaxy Edge Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney World Treats

Ultimate Star Wars Galaxy Edge Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney World Treats

– You, traveler, what are you doing with that data pad? – Say hi! I’m just taking Insta stories, because it’s cute and fun. – We’ll allow it. – Okay. – But we’re watching. – Good morning, everyone. It’s bright and early in Batuu, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World. It is extremely early. I’ve never had to wake up this early to drink milk that wasn’t a normal color. That said, we’re going to eat our way through the park this morning. I for one can’t wait. Mmm. – Hmm. – May the force be with us, or whatever it is they say here. No, I’m just kidding,
they definitely say that. But we’re gonna go check out Oga’s Cantina before anyone gets in. Which I think is gonna
be a once in a lifetime slash universe kinda deal. Let’s go! (dramatic music) (upbeat music) I love him. This is the most delighted
you’ll ever see me. In the history of all these videos, and all videos to come. I’m ready to drink. It’s not even six a.m. (upbeat electronic music) – This is a Blue Bantha, and it’s topped with a Bantha horn cookie. I’m just a cool scoundrel hanging out in whatever galaxy this is. I don’t know where we are. – Are you a scoundrel, or are you part of the First Order? – Obviously I’m part of the First Order. – No! – But you could just
like say that to people, it’s very off-putting. I’m getting like marshmallow off the top, which I suspect is what’s happening here with this cookie. Maybe some shortbread at the bottom? Mmmm. That tastes like if you
mushed up a rice crispy, and you jammed it into
a bowl of Lucky Charms. Wow. A dream. I don’t believe there is alcohol in here, but again, you would look at this and think radioactivity, not alcohol. It tastes like scented Robitussin. – What? – I think the texture is maybe what’s tripping me a little bit, because it’s like a thinner liquid than you would think with this color. But I’ve just been told that people have been buying
it to eat this cookie, which makes a lot of sense to me, because again, it’s like
molasses, and marshmallow, and whatever the (beep)
constitutes a Lucky Charms piece. This is like, where it’s at. Breakfast. (upbeat music) We got a Cliff Dweller. In this little Porg cup. This is actually deceptively heavy. But I love a fat angry
Porg, that’s a mood, no? Not a clue what’s happening in this drink. Very excited to find out. Is it alcoholic? – No! – Is that a mimosa? – No! – I think there’s alcohol in here. – No! – It tastes like orange and coconut. And maybe champagne? Wow, I’m gonna go drink
my intergalactic mimosa or whatever it is and I’m
gonna dance a little bit. This just in, there is
no alcohol in this drink, so we’ve been jamming for no reason. Awkward. We were the first ones in the bar, but it has since filled up. We have actually been told that there are people queuing, since 5:45 in the morning. They started letting people
vaguely come into the park. First ones at the bar. We have a Fuzzy Tauntaun. It looks like orange foam, or meringue, or something I’ve never
seen on a drink before. Another thing I’ve been told about is that the drink is not
meant for earthlings. There’s something about it that’s going to have some sort
of effect on my person. I’m not quite sure what it is. It looks harmless. It was nice knowing you. (laughing) Oh, that’s fun. There’s some chili in there. And it is tingling! All in that area of my face. Okay, so that’s like spiked orange juice, but again, no alcohol, just woo! I wouldn’t call it a heat. It is a tingle, it’s almost like if you take a blast of like a super minty mint in your mouth, just kind
of like drugs for a second. (electronic music) – It’s my Batuu Bits, which I ordered with the Fuzzy Tauntaun, so it’s a little assorted menu, so you like some more famil– (crowd talking in background) (rewinding sound) So you like some more famil– (crowd talking in background) I’ll pick it up. I’ll pick it up, it’s fine. – Do or do not, there is no try. – Anyway, there is some more familiar things in here. Giant string beans, with some kind of, I assume like lentil paste,
or tomato paste something. Mmm. It tastes like baba ghanoush. Seaweed, maybe? Mmm, salty. Oh, God. It’s spicy too. We’re having a great time! Everything is great. Other thing in this little assortment is what again, looks to
be some sort of meringue, but maybe it’s a savory meringue? I don’t quite know, I’m not gonna dip it in anything, because I
wanna see what it is. It’s definitely meringue. I’m not sure how it makes sense here. But we like all of the other things. Get the Batuu Bits and avoid these little squiggly chocs, you’ll be fine. You’ll be great! (dramatic music) (buzzing sound) We made our way to The Milk Stand. I don’t know if you’ve
seen seven million photos of this on Instagram, but I for one am very excited to try it. (milk spraying) (liquid sloshing in bottle) (animal growling) God, everything tastes
tropical to me today! It tastes like a passion
fruit slush, but blue. Anyway, green milk time. Almost like we planned it. We didn’t, I just meant
to look like, you know, cute and vaguely Leia-like, but it worked. It tastes like key lime, almost. Like a slightly bitter key lime. Not something I would drink quickly, because I feel like that would not, in no one’s best interests, but to sip on a super hot day, I would do it. (beeping sounds) Looks like that one’s giving
that one an ultimatum. (beeping sounds) I think they just broke up. Yeah, that’s done. RIP that relationship. (electronic music) (buzzing sounds) A fun little combo! Mmm. You have a sweet little Fruity Pebble type purple situation, you have this spicy salty red-hot situation. If you have a drink to sip with it, you can kinda walk around
and wear this thing like a freaking gigantic necklace. I’m gonna take that home
and give it to my husband, and tell him that I bought
it for him, special. I didn’t. It’s for me. (electronic music) – Why are you upset? – Because I ate all those green ones, I don’t wanna eat spicy ones any more. I don’t like spicy foods! I just want a (beep) Diet
Coke, that’s all I want. Thank you. I don’t know what to say. (electronic music) We picked up a Ronto Wrap, which is a lot of pork. Got some pork sausage, some grilled pork, and a whole bunch of slaw, in this gorgeous grilled pitta. Oh! There’s a tiny hit of heat in the back, I’m very into it. And that’s what I’m getting here, amongst all the piles of pork, and the coleslaw that we have! Wow, what a beautiful combination! A plus, y’all, A plus. Also at Ronto’s Roasters, we picked up some of that Insta-famous turkey jerky, which you cannot tell from all the pictures
you post on the internet. Do better on Instagram. That it’s scaly! I guess these things are
meant to be scales, right? You can get it in two different
flavors, types, whatever. Sweet and spicy, we went with sweet, as my mouth is now burning. It’s like Fuzzy Tauntaun
time all over again. But I’m excited! I appreciate a thinly-shaved jerky, I don’t know if I’ve ever had that before. Jerky is typically thick, and you have to do that thing where you chomp down on it a little bit. You don’t, this is very
easily snackable, almost. I’m into it. (electronic music) (buzzing sounds) Just leave me along with my meat chip. (electronic music) We’re at Docking Bay 7. Last stop of the day, somehow. We’re gonna order a lot of food. (electronic music) Actually, the only thing
from the breakfast menu that we’re gonna order
here is a lava roll. It looks vaguely like a cinnamon roll with beautiful frosting, and probably some sort of blueberry topping? I don’t quite know. I guess let’s bite it. Oh, and it’s warm. Mmm. – Hmm. – Tell me I’m pretty. (camera woman laughing) – No! No, Tess, I’m not! (Yoda grunting) – There are like layers
of flavors as you go, which is so much fun. There’s some sort of lemon concoction, maybe the actually the
pink sauce is lemon, I don’t quite know. This is the last practice
thing we’re eating today. Can we move forward with lunch and dinner. I’ll find dessert somewhere too, I’m sure. You can count on me for that. (dramatic music)
(buzzing sounds) You know, we’ve developed
this terrible habit of ending on a savory,
right after a sweet, and I figure, I got up
at 4:15 this morning. If I wanna start with savory and end my day with sweet, that’s what I am going to do. So I think let’s start with
Yobshrimp Noodle Salad, which is this gorgeous pile of protein and shredded veg, so let’s get a little bit of everything. I know there’s mushrooms in there, there’s carrots in there,
onions and peppers. Oh, and the sweet potato noodles, I forgot about those too. Look how bouncy and fun! Mmm. – Mmm. – Oh, it’s like bouncy in my mouth. That’s what she said. – That’s what she said! – We’re gonna move on
to the Endorian Tip-Yip, inspired by Endor, as you can tell. Lots of green going on here, and it’s on top of a pile
of parsnips and potatoes. Oh, and it’s hot! So I feel like just for fun, again, I guess you could spork it, but what wild animal would do that, and not just go right in? Just get a little bite of everything. This like salsa verde type sauce, these carby lovely potatoes. – Tess! (Tess laughing) – I knew this was chicken, I still didn’t think it was gonna
taste that way, but wow! It’s like a gourmet, one
pound chicken nugget. It’s just some Disney magic, you guys. I want all my chicken to be shaped rectangular from now on. (dramatic music) What I’m really excited about is this bouncy little passion fruit curd that they have up top. I’m so into that! Let’s fork a little bit off. I mean, I’ve seen it
compared to a jelly donut before, so I’m expecting that in texture. Oh my God. Okay, exactly my preferred flavor profile. But the inside is definitely raspberry. It’s like a matcha sponge
donut, which again, you can see the matcha
all over this thing. God, what a bite! Maybe new fave. Last but no least, we have a Batuu-Bon, which as you can see is this glorious little spherical situation. Again, I have no idea what to expect, I see more matcha sponge. Let’s see what kinda dipping sauce we have going on here. Mmm. Lime curd? Lemon curd? I don’t know, some kinda curd. Some kinda citrus curd. Again, no idea what to expect. It’s like an intergalactic tartufo. – Wait, can you explain? What? – It’s feels pretty
self-explanatory to me. It looks like a tartufo
that came from outer space. Some kinda mocha. I don’t know, there’s a lot going on here. I’d like to go home now.
(buzzing sounds) I need 10 minutes alone
with my rectangle chicken. I’ll be back to you shortly. (dramatic music) We’re done, guys. We did it. We ate our way through the park. I honestly have to tell you I feel great. That’s not something I usually say when we wrap these videos,
but it’s (beep) hot now. This spaceship will take
me back to New York City. Please take me home. (electronic music)

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