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Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience ~ our amazing clients 4

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience ~ our amazing clients 4

Where are you from? Originally from Guyana, by way of New York and Charlotte, North Carolina I live in Washington State I’m from California And I went to Cal Berkeley so I am a California girl I’m Erica from Durham, North Carolina I’m Ashlye from Cary, North Carolina Trinidad was known to be one of the biggest Carnivals in the world And I’ve also wanted to do it. It was a bucket list trip 21 years ago I lived here and I did not get to play mas It was just time to come back So here’s the thing. In doing my research, I Googled, I YouTube’d, I did everything And I called and spoke to Esha and I was like okay, she’s legit. Let’s do it! We connected. I met her and her husband and they were really nice And that was it. I just hit the button, I pushed it and let’s go! The biggest thing for me is the care that they give you They’re genuine; they really great people and they want you to let go and have fun because They’re gonna take care of ALL the stuff in between And when I mean take care – ALL the stuff in between It was great because you kind of feel connected, you know She’s really great about making you feel comfortable Whatever question you have; nothing’s too crazy for her And he kinda always enjoys giving you little extra information about a place Like, that’s his thing Like, we’re here for this, but did you know you can get this? And it’s important to have that person that’s been there for years telling you to pace yourself Telling you to get the right sneakers, you know Don’t feel nervous about the costume, because you’re damn near naked But! At the end of the day, it was just the fact that they were caring for you They were checking on you They were looking after you to make sure that you were good And that you were enjoying your full Carnival Experience And I think that was 1 of the things that I liked Every crew member was just there for you and your benefit and your enjoyment I did really think the shared experience with the group was wonderful Putting some of faces together from the group page Kinda getting to know their real personalities Discovering how many similarities a lot of us have in our lives, being sorority sisters So what was your favorite part? I don’t know! It was all of it! I have to pick a favorite? Uhhhh…oh man. I guess the part…it’s hard to pick one Of course, like Esha, J’ouvert was the freedom season Everything was freedom, but J’ouvert was great Bringing the sun up with like, exuberance is ahhhhh! I love the way everyone kind of mingled and interacted I liked the dirty, fun aspect of it Let loose, be free, have fun And I can just let go. I mean, that’s my freedom It’s my joy Ummm, I can’t stop, all of it was favorites! I’m sorry to say So Sunny Side Up was the bomb. You know J’ouvert definitely. Carnival Monday, YES! Carnival Tuesday; we partied sun or rain. We did it! Everything was great! It was great to cross the stage It was great to be with, you know, people that felt the same way you feel So when the soca hits you, yes it does give you powers! If I had to pick one, dancing in the rain On Tuesday mas, in my costume, feathers and all Letting your inhibitions go Everybody around you is doing the same. No judgement But as a whole, the whole time was perfect If you were to sum up your trip in 1 word, what would that be? Epic. EPIC! J’ouvert Magical Joy Incredible Life changing Life changing. Yeah I think I’m gonna cry! Do you have a super power stance? What’s your super power? Oh this! When my hands go over my head, it’s ready to go, you know Once I go like this, that’s a wrap! It’s goin down, forget it! I’m all out! I’ve let go. Once the hands go up And that head goes back, I’m in that euphoria! Go for it. Just do it! Go big or go home And you won’t regret anything. You just won’t!

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  1. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I cannot wait until TnT Carnival 2018!!!! Trinidad has my heart, Carnival has my spirit and Soca has my soul! UTC UTC UTC UTC UTC!!!!

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