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Unhelpful Guide to Seoul Lantern Festival – LITERALLY!

Unhelpful Guide to Seoul Lantern Festival – LITERALLY!

Ann~ Where are we? Dongdaemun! This is Ann Look at her outfit! This is how you should dress when you come here Goods for sale So… we don’t know where we are, we just kept walking That’s all Laters! [Ann] So it means “No”, right? [Char] No… no it’s not “No” [Char] It’s just… I don’t know [Ann] I hope you guys can see something because we can’t see anything [Char] This is our view right now [Char] There are tiles at the side Ohhhhh [Ann] Translate, Charmaine [Char] Translate? [Char] I don’t know [Char] I can’t understand [Char] There are tiles [Char] Goodbye! There’s an end to the pathway We came from here There’s no pathway going to the other side This is the right path People are crossing Are we going to cross? They crossed We’re going back to Dongdaemun Station The nearest station is Sangwangsimni Which is already far Stream(s) are my reality There’s 365 Plus here What’s that? It’s the first time you’re going to see my face My face was shown first This is Ann I’m Char Charumeyn~! We were lost, we weren’t able to reach the lantern festival It’s my first time to vlog It’s delicious here BHC Chicken Yangnyeom Chicken Macho-king?! Chihao Our order’s here This is yangnyeomn chicken That’s all We’re going to eat now

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