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Unique Experiences in Thailand: THE CHIANG MAI LANTERN FESTIVAL

Unique Experiences in Thailand: THE CHIANG MAI LANTERN FESTIVAL

Today we’re doing the Chiang Mai lantern
festival. I’m so excited! My friend Jen from The Travel Women is here with me. We really haven’t been able to figure out any information about this. We have no idea
where we’re going and the locals can’t even help us. Yeah, it’s really weird. Yeah. So we’re gonna go to Chiang Mai, the center of it, Old Town, to try to figure
out where this Lantern Festival is happening. So let’s go! We don’t really know where we are going. We are just following the lights. Follow the lights! I feel like that can’t fail. Right? Do you see this? Look it’s happening! We found it! That was it. There’s no information. Like you can’t find it online. Seriously, try! It just like you look up in the sky and
then you try to find where they’re coming from. And that looks like they’re
coming from that direction, so I think we should go that way. But the candles are
leading this way, so maybe we kind of follow that? Yeah. I think so. During this time of year locals believe
the rivers are filled to their fullest, and the moon is at its brightest. It’s
what they consider the perfect time to make merit and to set your floating
flower boat known, as a krathong, off the Ping River, or light your lantern and
make a wish for good fortune in the new year. Lanterns can be purchased in bulk all over the city. On our way here, we realized it’s a full moon and it is the full moon festival. So I think that is why it is so hard to figure out when it is. Yeah, all the lanterns are different shapes and sizes. Do you want to go light it now? That one got up. We’re having some
success, but mostly failures. We have to all hold it at once, and then
it will lift and it won’t like die. Yeah. We’re about to break it down for you. The do’s and don’ts of how to fly a lantern and not let it fall into the water at the Chiang Mai lantern festival. Number one. Make sure that the flames are at least a foot high. Yes, if it’s a small flame, not gonna work. It’s gonna fall. Immediately, and your dreams will be
crushed. Yes, no one wants that. Enlarge it all the way. That’s obvious. Otherwise the paper catches on fire. Wait until it like comes out of your hands,
right? Yes, it should want to already start flying before you let go. Don’t be too close to trees or other things. Always do it over the water, just in case. Yes, safety first! Yes. Don’t try this at home. Try this in Chiang Mai! Correct! The Loi Krathong parade features giant
illuminated krathongs. On top of which are perched candidates for the upcoming
beauty contest. It usually leaves from the TaiPei gate for the night market
early on the evening of the first day of the festival. During the parade you’ll
see everything from flamethrowers, to elaborate costumes, and amazing Thai
dancing. It’s Luis favorite time of day! What
are we doing Luis? Hopefully eating. What happens if a lantern hits a tree? Burn. It burns. After dinner, we headed over to the river light the incense on our krathong boats, and released them into the water. Another thing that we learned here is that when you release the boats into the water, if you release
them together and, they stay together, it means that you’re going to have a happy future. And ours both failed together so I think that means that we’re friends
forever. Yea, even if they fail together it’s okay. So what we just realized is that there’s really no point to go to the paid event because the local one is so nice. You see all the lanterns, the people are so friendly, the locals will help you actually push it out into the
water if ours fail. Which they might have! This is the real way to experience the
Yi Peng Lantern; the local way. So if you like to go to the paid event, go for it but… The local experience is always better. Yes. It was such a magical experience
attending this beautiful event and releasing the glowing lanterns into the
sky. It’s something I will treasure forever. If you enjoyed this video please
subscribe, follow me on Instagram, and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Omg love this video, music build up and us, so well done and love your voiceover adding more context to the festival! Such a great job! One of my favorite travel experiences for sure!

  2. I saw both of you girls' videos before I went to NY and I come across this while planning my Thailand Video. Thanks so much for this info!

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