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Hi, guys! Welcome back to my channel Today I’m starting out at a new location that you’ve never seen before This is my room I’m back home in Indonesia, if you didn’t know already And this is my room So, today I thought I’m going to make a little vlog Because I am going out and
I’m going to be visiting an Indonesian food festival at a mall so I thought
I’ll bring you along and show you what’s there because I thought it’ll be
interesting so, yeah, let’s get right into it so here we are we are at Serpong Food Festival It is also called, in indonesian, Festival Kuliner Serpong It is in the Summarecon Mal Serpong, or we call it SMS It is held from August 10th to September 10th I’m so excited because I haven’t been to Indonesia in a long time, and the last time I was here was like, last year so it’s really exciting to be able to taste really good food; traditional food, and traditional snacks that I don’t really get to eat in Germany so let’s find out what they have to offer and I really hope that they are all delicious for example we here what’s called “mie kocok”, it is from Bandung and it’s one of Bandung’s most loved dish It’s basically like noodles with soup, and it is really good I’ve actually tried those, and it tastes really good so let’s follow me around! so if you can see building behind me it’s supposed to be a replica of a really famous building; the town hall of Bandung. It’s called “Gedung Sate” or Satay Building, if I’m to translate it directly and that’s something I’m not used to seeing out here in the middle of a parking lot at a mall If you can see behind me, that’s the booth for batagor Riri Batagor is one of the most famous dish of Bandung and Riri is one of the most famous ones people say that it’s the most delicious I personally agree It’s between them and Kingsley is one of my favourite whenever I go to Bandung is always go for the batagor, becausewhere else are you gonna find something like that? these are all like old times
snacks I’ve tried some of them but not all of them because they don’t exist anymore
those are old money if you can see.. I’ll try to zoom you in. Those are old rupiahs they don’t exist anymore what do I recognise..
oh that are like fake cigarettes, they are actually candies I used to love this; it’s called kue cubit.
It’s like cake -a sponge of some sort, and then they have sprinkles on top It’s really good, I love it. So I’ve taken a look around, and I decided on this this is called “kue rangi” in
Indonesian, it is made up of some type of flour I’m not really sure with like coconut it’s like a brown sugar mixture and traditionally you would eat it with toothpick
I’m not really sure if that’s actually sundanese but it is also popular here in Jakarta I’ve also bought this this is called “risol setan” which basically means devil -I don’t know I know that is. It’s like devil something It’s basically a mixture of carrots and potatoes and then you roll it up and then you fry it And it’s really spicy, because of the sauce, which is why it’s called the devil so, I don’t think you’d know what sundanese is it’s basically a name for a tribe of people who live in west Java they have their own language which is also called sundanese the motto for this event is called “raos pisan euy” which basically means”it’s really delicious” I’ve also got coconut.
this is fresh coconut you guys so guys, I think that will be it for today. I’m sorry if the sound is not very good, because it is really loud out here and
I’ll see you guys in the next video don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you like this video bye


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