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I guess we’re getting on this ride again. ROCK MUSIC It’s about 7:40am. We’re on the 401 headed towards the Detroit,
Windsor bridge which is a different route than I took the first time I went to Georgia. Which I like because I get to see different
things. ROCK MUSIC Alright, we’ve just crossed the border. We are now in the city of Detroit. First stop of the trip, Tim Hortons just outside
of Detroit. We got a lot of driving ahead of us. Coffee will help. Dark roast! ROCK MUSIC We just passed Cincinatti and we’re about
to pass into… Kentucky! Where Matt Bevan is the governor in case you
wanted to know. Just stopped for a quick pee and… ha ha
ha ha ha. ROCK MUSIC Tennessee welcomes you! Hey everybody! Wanna bet that car is heading to Dragon Con?! ROCK MUSIC Alright, the sun is starting to set. It’s uhh 8:03 pm and we have driven 1463.2
kilometres. According to the GPS, we are approximately
one hour outside of Atlanta. So, we made better time than the last trip to Georgia,
which is nice. And uh, we should get there just as it’s getting
dark. ROCK MUSIC We’re at a Wal Mart in Atlanta. Grabbing some basic groceries for the AirBNB. A couple things. I got a picture frame for the poster. Colin’s here. COLIN: Yoooo. SCOTT: And Eileen’s here. SCOTT, COLIN, EILEEN: Hi, hi, hello world… SCOTT: We’re at Wal Mart. Bye. Bye. Just arrived at the Hyatt. This place is crazy. Just picked my badge. VIP! Pow pow pow! ROCK MUSIC HAT GUY: Awww man! OFFSCREEN: That’s awesome. ROCK MUSIC AUDIENCE CHEERING So it’s Day 2 here at Dragon Con. And uh, I was just at a meeting with a bunch
of other filmmakers. Met some cool people. Made some friends. “Kessler Syndrome” screens at 7 o’clock tonight
so uh, I’m gonna take in some films and panels before that. Here we go. LOUD DANCE MUSIC SECURITY GUARD: Welcome to Dragon Con! All vendors will be in this building. Stan Lee is on the third floor. All gamers will be in Building 1! CRYSTAL BRIGHT: 1, 2 ready go! AUDIENCE: (singing) Woohhhhhh!! CRYSTAL BRIGHT: That was so clean! We’ve got some zombies and pirates and other
things goin’ on in here right? ZOMBIE: Raaaar! CRYSTAL BRIGHT: Yeah! ROCK MUSIC Stan Lee right there signing some autographs. ROCK MUSIC (FUNNY DANCE MUSIC) LAUGHTER We’re at a panel. A panel. FEMALE VOICE: …at the moment, and I think I was really fortunate… We’re about 30 minutes from the screening. It starts at seven. You can see behind me but, this whole crowd
of people is the line to get in. Sitting on the ground there. And the line continues down the wall. It’s gonna be a full theatre! I’m pretty nervous. It’s the biggest audience that’s ever seen the
film before. An entire audience of sci-fi fans. They’re gonna see my film. I’m in the screening room. And it’s packed. It’s completely full. HOST: Alright, so everything looks good right
now. Are we good with the projection? And we have someone ready for lights? Ok! So, if I could have lights! Alright! Enjoy the show! AUDIENCE CHEERING HOST: Ok so, please give your name, the name of the film, and just maybe a short little
description, something about making the movie. SCOTT: Hi, I’m Scott Dion Brown. I was the actor/director of “Kessler Syndrome”. This is my first film that I’ve ever made. I made it thinking that I wanted to try to
make the film as simple as possible. The simplest thing I could think of was one
guy in a chair for like 90% of the movie. It’s gonna be easy! Um, It was only when I got to actually making
it and realising that I had to create an actual spaceship with all the exterior shots…
anyway.. If anybody in here is gonna make your first
movie, don’t set it in space. (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER) HOST: Do we have any questions from anybody? Ah yes! AUDIENCE MEMBER: Ok everything from planning
to shooting to finding the right sound folly.. all that… what was your biggest challenge? SCOTT: For me the biggest challenge was acting
in it and directing at the same time. The night before the first day of shooting
I was up til 4am finishing painting the spaceship. And then, it was like, the next day the people
start to show up and suddenly I realised “Oh wait, now I need to do acting!” and it’s like,
two completely different headspaces. You’re sitting there trying to make sure the
camera angles are right and make sure the lighting is right and make sure all of that
is correct, and then at the same time you’re trying to become a character. Um, it’s very painful. And also, I just want to quickly shout out… You guys, stand up quickly, the cast and crew
came with me for the drive down. (AUDIENCE APPLAUSE)
SCOTT: That’s Colin Campbell on the music, Eileen Sato is makeup, that’s my brother Taylor
on the camera. TAYLOR: What up!!! SCOTT: And my dad, Mike Brown, he is… we
filmed in his basement, he has a cameo in the movie, when the automatic door opens that’s
him pulling it open! (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER)
SCOTT: So uh, thank you guys for coming. You guys are wonderful. (AUDIENCE CHEERS)
HOST: Thank you guys for coming to the show. We have several screenings coming up soon. We’ve got another panel right after this. I have to ask you to clear the room. Thank you everyone! (AUDIENCE CHEERS) ROCK MUSIC Well the screening just let out. The reception seemed fairly positive. I got to chat with some other filmmakers about
what they thought. Exchanged some business cards and all that. So now we’re just here in the main lobby of
the Hyatt. Awesome building. Sign behind me. Dragon Con! This was amazing. Thank you so much to the Dragon Con Film Festival
for having me… Hey bro! ‘Sup? And uh, thanks a lot. I think I’ll probably end the vlog here. We’ll see. Like and subscribe for more. Smash the like button! Thanks for watching guys. And uh, Dragon Con, baby! (TROMBONE PLAYING)


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