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VLOG: RHINEBECK 2018 (NY Sheep & Wool Festival) | PAPER TIGER

VLOG: RHINEBECK 2018 (NY Sheep & Wool Festival) | PAPER TIGER

Hey everybody! I hope you can hear me, it’s kind of windy
out here. I am with my friend Stephanie who’s just over
there and we have hit the road. We’ve crossed the border, this is where the
New York visitor’s center rest stop is, and it’s so beautiful. But we’re gonna roll into Rhinebeck a little
later this afternoon and the festival starts tomorrow. I just wanted to check in and say hi and welcome
to the vlog! -Good morning guys! It is Saturday morning and we are getting
ready to go to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds for day one of NY Sheep and Wool, yay! -Yay! -I went last year for the first time, but
Stephanie, it’s your first year. -Yeah! -What are you looking forward to? -I’m interested to see how I handle the crowds. Like I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place
with that many knitting enthusiasts, and woolenthusiasts. -Yeah, it’s a lot of people. -I’m super excited to see the animals. -Yeah! -And yeah, to shop and like, discover new
yarns. -Yay. We’re gonna meet some sheep! So happy. -This is the view from the tail end of the
Ravelry meet-up on the hill. How are you feeling, Steph? -Uh, overwhelmed. I’ve met like 900 of my heroes today and it’s
weird. It’s amazing actually, because unlike in music
and film you should meet your heroes in knitting. -It’s a good day. -It is a good day. I’m just in one of the breed barns with the
sheep and the goats and I wanted to share the sensory experience with you. You can’t smell it, but I wanted you to see
it, and I wanted you to hear it. I’m gonna turn the camera around. These guys have just been sheared. Looks like we have a couple Shropshire ewes. Hello! A little chilly without their wool. Beautiful natural chocolate wool. -Hey everyone. It is the end of Rhinebeck day one and I think
we’re both pretty exhausted. -We’ve stopped being able to form words. -Yeah, what are words? But, um, I just wanted to share a couple of
thoughts about the first day. I don’t feel like I got a ton of footage but it was an incredible day. We both got to see and meet so many people. I got to meet so many people who I have, you
know, interacted with online for literally years and we’d never met in person and it
was so awesome. It was just amazing. I love the atmosphere of Rhinebeck because
it’s… I mean, it got compared to so many things
today, like, it’s like knitters’ prom, or… -I said that it was like Comic-con and like,
everyone in the same sweater is like people were cosplaying the same character. -Yeah, I love the Comic-con for knitters comment
because I pointed out to somebody, like, ’cause we’re all really nerds. -Yeah. -But it was just, it was an incredible day. So if we got to see you and talk to you, thank
you so much for chatting with us and spending some time with us and if we didn’t, maybe
we’ll see you tomorrow. And um, yeah. I think I don’t know if I have much more to
say than that because I’m so tired, I’m so wiped out -So far you, you’ve used words the whole time. -I’ve used words the whole time! The other thing, we went to um, after Rhinebeck
was over for… well, we left at about 3:30 to go to Jill Draper’s open studio which happens
across the river in Kingston every year. And I went last year and it was wonderful,
so we went to that and got to meet and talk to a whole bunch more people. And it was a lot of fun, so… -And I scored some really awesome yarn. -Yeah, yeah Stephanie bought some beautiful
red yarn. Was it the Mohonk? -Yeah. Yeah, so it’s… -I’m going to do like a here’s what I got
sort of my haul sort of post but I’m waiting to see what happens tomorrow. -Okay, well, if that post is up already when
this vlog goes live I’ll link to it in the description box. And if not, I’ll post a link later. But yeah, we just wanted to sign off for the
night, and we’ll see you tomorrow for day two. -Bye!
-Bye! Good morning guys, it’s Sunday. Not really morning anymore. It’s…we’ve been here at our Airbnb house taking some photos for Stephanie has a couple of patterns coming out soon so we’ve been
shooting some photos for that. But we’re getting ready to head out and go
back to the fairgrounds for day two, so I’m going to try and get some more footage to
share the second day of NY Sheep and Wool with you. See you in a bit! -Stephanie’s trying the apple cider donuts
for the first time. How do you feel about them? -It’s amazing it’s like cinnamon toast to
the nth degree. -Oh, that’s a good way to put it! -So good. -They’re worth the hype you guys. -Worth the wait. -Yay! Hey everybody! We just got back from the fairgrounds for
day two and we were only there for a couple of hours today. It was much quieter. Sunday’s always quieter at Rhinebeck so we
still saw some people, we still did a little bit of shopping, we walked through the barn
with all of the camelids, so the llamas and the alpacas, and the goats, and that was pretty
fun. But I thought now that the festival’s over,
I would take the time to show you what I picked up while we were there. There’s a little bit of yarn, and some other
things as well, but I think maybe our, well it was our second stop yesterday was what’s
known as the book barn. So uh, we went to the uh, the… oh now I’m
blanking on the name of the, Merritt…Hill? It just says Merritt Bookstore. Merritt Bookstore. Every year Merritt Bookstore has a big table,
area of tables at Rhinebeck and people who are bringing books and things like that sort
of piggy back on it. So it’s a nice way to do it so you can kind
of browse everything, all of the little book booths at once, and then you make a single
purchase. So we went there first, and the Pom Pom Quarterly
tables were set up there. So I picked up the new winter issue. This one’s guest edited by Norah Gaughan so
it’s beautiful, of course. And I’m absolutely in love with this cover. So this was really exciting to see and I picked
that up. And I also got, this is Knits About Winter. This is the new book from Emily Foden who
is Viola, the yarn. And this is also absolutely beautiful. I love the photography. I know they shot it in Canada this past winter,
and I love the back cover too. So, had to pick that up, and I got one more
book, and that was Mending Matters. I’ve been looking forward to this one. I just did my first batch of sashiko embroidery
to repair an old denim jacket, and this is Katrina Rodabaugh’s new book about all of
that, and I’ve been looking forward to it and I got to meet Katrina today, so that’s
really exciting as well. Um, what next? We wandered around and looked at a lot of
yarn yesterday, and we stopped by the booth of Sawkill Farm which is actually local to
where we’re staying here. It’s in Red Hook, New York. And I went to their booth last year and didn’t
get anything, so this year I made sure I didn’t go home empty-handed. This one is a single ply, the label says Variegated
DK. So it’s 80% wool from their own farm, 20%
domestic merino. And I just adore this blue color. So I picked up a skein of that. And then yesterday I also bumped into Kemper
from Junkyarn a couple of times and Kemper has a new yarn base that’s a non-superwash
base, so Kemper is a yarn dyer. And this one is a fingering-weight non-superwash. It’s a new base called Bloom, and she gave
me these two colors. So thank you Kemper, that was really sweet. I’m thinking I’ll probably do something with
these in colorwork, and I’m really excited. Part of why I’m really excited about this
yarn is because it’s spun in North Carolina, it’s a new custom base for Kemper, and I’m
sure I’ll tell you all about it at a later date, because it’s really exciting for me. Last night we were at the open studio, Jill
Draper’s open studio, and that was a lot of fun. And Daughter of a Shepherd had a pop-up there. So, last night, all I came away with was a
sweet little set of hand balm and hand cream. Daughter of a Shepherd carries a selection
of products from Welsh Lavender. Like the company’s called Welsh Lavender. And that was also, that was really nice. And today, I bought a little bit more yarn. I went back to another booth that I passed
through last year, and I didn’t buy anything last year and then I thought about them all
year. And that is Tidal Yarns. So Tidal Yarns is Patricia, and she is in
New England and likes to use New England wools, and she also naturally dyes. So I got a skein of this. You can see her card here. I got a skein of this natural dark brown color. So that one’s not a dyed color. But I got three minis to go with it. And that’s these. So again I’m thinking some colorwork for these. I just fell in love with the combination. It’s really really beautiful. And then a few, just a couple more little
things. So we went back to the Pom Pom table today,
and I picked up one of these enamel pins that Shelli Can did for them. This one, this one is obviously, if you’re
familiar with their autumn issue, which is their moon issue, this will make a lot of
sense to you. A little moon, and a bow and arrow for Artemis,
or Diana. And as my name is Dianna, I decided I wanted
to have this one. And then I also, we popped back through barn
31 and in the Red Maple booth, they have some, they had a whole selection of different socks
that were alpaca/bamboo socks. And I decided I wanted these, because they’ve
got little trees on them. And I decided, you know, someday if I ever
knit myself a Skógafjall genser, because I didn’t knit the sample, I can wear them
with these. Trees. And lastly, something really not related to
sheep or fiber or anything like that. I got this um, sort of stirrer scraper thing. Small flat front sauté. Stirring and sautéing. Handmade wooden sautéer from Chester Basil’s
Wooden Spoons. Not what I was expecting, but a lot of people
don’t realize that there’s a whole sort of food barn, there’s a whole building with food
products in it at New York Sheep and Wool, from local farms and craftspeople and things
like that. And I didn’t make it through that building
last year but we wandered in this year and I found that so I was really excited. So, for some people that seems like it’s not
a whole lot of yarn, but I already have a whole lot of yarn, and you know, sometimes
you just don’t, you don’t feel like you need that much more. But I’m really excited about what I got, and
I just wanted to share it with you. So, I hope you enjoyed that. Hey guys. I am back home in Montreal now. It is Tuesday. This is my take it easy, get back into the
swing of things kind of day before I go back to work tomorrow. Stephanie and I drove home yesterday. I’m kind of exhausted after a really wonderful
weekend. But I just wanted to sign off and say thank
you so much for watching this vlog. I’m going to try and put links to different
things I mentioned in this vlog, the vendors that I bought things from and that kind of
thing in the description box. Stephanie also has a YouTube channel and a
knitting podcast and I will link to that in the description box as well,
you should absolutely check her out. But yeah, thank you so much for coming on
this journey with me, and I will see you very soon. Bye!

24 thoughts on “VLOG: RHINEBECK 2018 (NY Sheep & Wool Festival) | PAPER TIGER”

  1. Thank you for sharing! It was lovely to see little snippets of Rhinebeck – it's on my bucket list to make it there one day!

  2. Still so bummed we didn't get to meet-up, but glad you both had a great trip!! (Also – can we talk about your Air Bn'b? It looked gorgeous!) I'm going to have to check out Tidal Yarns, I love the sea glass color combo you chose. 😻Thanks so much for sharing, Dianna!

  3. So sorry I didn't get to see u at Rhinebeck-but wasn't it just so special? I've have never been around so many friendly and positive people! It was extremely good for the soul!

  4. Looks like it was a wonderful trip!! You will never want to cook with anything else once you've used that flat wooden spoon. I love mine!! You yarn haul is lovely. Thanks for sharing your visit!

  5. I'm new to you! I was going through YouTube for Rhinebeck videos and found you and Stephanie. Love what you found. I have all three of those books on my Christmas/birthday wishlist right now. Saw your Tolt mug! They are about an hour north of us here in Washington.

  6. I actually used to live across from the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. I’m a Dutchess County native and I live just 15 minutes away from a Rhinebeck. I love it at the fairgrounds, especially during fair time!!

  7. idk why i am just seeing this now but it is so weird to see out of state people come to Rhinebeck as I am a native lol

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