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Vocal Coach reacts to Marc Anthony, Hasta Que Te Conocí, Festival de Viña 2009

Vocal Coach reacts to Marc Anthony, Hasta Que Te Conocí, Festival de Viña 2009

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This one has been asked for loads in the comments and you’ll see why in a moment. I thought he took a big breath. Jeezy! That was crazy long! That was awesome,
that was awesome. So, how do you do a big long note like
that? I can understand why everyone’s like ‘ah” because it’s wicked. You need to
breathe. I know it’s so simple but you need to breathe in a relaxed way. That’s
really the key. Often what people do when they try and breathe, they try and suck in
the air and actually this tension is hindering your ribcage. You need it to be
relaxed, like when you’re sleeping or like when you see baby sleep. A good
thing to think about as well, is that the ribcage will expand 360 degrees. That’s
into your back as well. Now remember your heart sits at the front of your body and
your lung tissue, there’s actually more at the back, because the heart is filling
up the space at the front, so breathing into your back can be really really
helpful. This is incredible though. He’s hardly singing he’s just speaking and not over singing at all. Here he
goes again, Another thing to think about with long
notes are how much breath you’re expelling. So his tone is full, he’s
got full cord closure. It’s not a breathy sound. If he had a breathy sound – that
would be almost impossible. Once you get the correct placement of sound, once you
get that kind of clear tone. Often you don’t need as much breath as you think. I don’t know what he is saying but it seems
pretty… it’s hurting him real bad. It’s like his voice is breaking from
emotion Wow! I’m just gonna point out this is an
‘A’ this is often a really difficult note for men. It’s kind of a break between mix
and head voice, but getting up to that note after a slide, after that long note and it’d
just be so sustained and easy sounding. This is incredible.
I knew who he was I just didn’t realize he could sing this good. Shame on me for not knowing more about
this guy before. Now he’s a natural tenor, you can hear this high stuff is
easy for him and he’s really using the rhythm to change it up. Okay, there’s another really interesting
facts about Anthony. He had a stutter as a kid and when he sung his stutter went
away. There’s loads of science behind it I actually did a podcast on it so go
check it out. I talked to a beatboxer who works with people with stutters to help
them with their stutters. And Marc Anthony here, found singing as his refuge
when he was really struggling to communicate. listen to the crowd, it’s mad. Is that a kangaroo? You can tell it’s so easy for him. He’s
so used to singing, he can be wandering around thinking of other things and the
song will just pour out of him. It’s fantastic how easy it is and that allows him to just be a showman, just enjoy his time on
the stage. He’s so comfortable there. Just constantly hitting these high notes and enjoying it Was that kid? I don’t know. That is really
really cute, I thought it was really nice. One thing I also really liked about him,
I did a little bit of research before I did this video and I find out that he
had opened up an orphanage in Colombia. So he really does some really nice work
as well as just being a singer which loads of people love. It’s so emotional
and fun. I like these where… These where he kind of makes it into a
shout rather than, he’s purposefully not sitting on the note. He kind of scoops up
to it last minute you get that moment of like “oh is he gonna make it,
ah yes he does” I like it. I love that. It’s great when
you can kind of use the band. I love a sing-along Look I’m going to point out, his
performance is incredible but the whole way through this, I know the start
really made it obvious but you can see even here his breathing is great. His
support is great. It’s so relaxed you don’t really see him do forced breath at any
point. He just allows that breath and then his tone is clear, crystal clear.
he’s not escaping any air. Very good It never sounds pushed, it’s nice and
relaxed And he’s salsaing around around as well. How awesome is he!
As I said, shame on me for not knowing more about this guy. He’s absolutely
wicked! Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed. If you did please do like and
subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye!

77 thoughts on “Vocal Coach reacts to Marc Anthony, Hasta Que Te Conocí, Festival de Viña 2009”

  1. I love watching your Videos and you are such a beautiful Person
    Much love from NC USA
    I learn a lot in every video
    Thank you !!!

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  5. This song was first performed by Juan Gabriel. Who is Marc Anthony idol. Juan Gabriel had passed away and recently so he paying respects to him by singing his song. So for him is very emotional and personal.

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  10. Una canción de la autoría de Juan Gabriel…..creo que como mexicano prefiero a Juan Gabriel 😬😜 pero es lindo ver cómo explicas la técnica de Marc Anthony 😘😘😘

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  14. The True He is a good Singer, maybe is not my favorite "singer actor" but is good, maybe is because en Latin America the people are use to listening to interpreters with an amalgam of passion and technique very natural, the singer must to work with both elements at the same time, this is a good work of Mark Anthony but is not even the shadow of a master like Juan Gabriel, two years ago I listened to Alejandro Fernandez sing " My Way " by Frank Sinatra, was amazing his own interpretation is excellent and his father have another great version, my point is you can find another's great singers for example Nino Bravo one of the legends of the songs, like Camilo Sesto or Josè Josè.

  15. It is important to emphasize that he doesn't record that way, he holds these long notes just for show on live presentations.

  16. Concerning the orphanages, he has one in Colombia, Dominican Republican, and Puerto Rico. By the way, love your comments, very educational and fun.

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    Hug, kiss and best wishes my favorite teacher.

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  21. Marc Anthony – one of the most influential modern Latin singers. King of Salsa. He is known in the Anglo market for his rare hits in English, but it is in Spanish were he shines and truly shows his singing ability and passion. Thank you for reacting to him.Him singing the US anthem at DNC is another great example of his mastery.

  22. Thank you for doing this one, Beth! As wonderful a singer as Marc Anthony is, it’s possible he’s an even better actor. His performance in the Denzel Washington movie, ‘Man on Fire’ made me an Anthony fan for life! (It’s an excellent movie too, btw.)

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