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We Want to Meet YOU at the Mandarin Festival – Ticket Giveaway! 🍊

We Want to Meet YOU at the Mandarin Festival – Ticket Giveaway! 🍊

hi everyone but we’ve been talking for a
few weeks now about the mandrian festival which is November 22nd through
24th in Auburn California it is gonna be a ton of fun camera guy and I are gonna
be there with a smart pots team and we’re gonna have a booth right next to
theirs we are really looking forward to meeting you there yeah this is going to
be really cool being set up right next to them they’re great people and you
guys get a chance to meet them and chat with them about their smart pot
containers it’s gonna be a hoot now today we’re announcing a giveaway smart
pots is making available five sets of tickets two tickets each to you guys to
make it easier for you to come and here’s how you enter all you have to do
is make a comment on this video on why you would like to attend the
festival and you have to be available that weekend so make a comment on
today’s video the contest is open until Tuesday November 12th and I’m gonna do a
special livestream on Wednesday November 13th at 9 a.m. Pacific time so you do
want to make sure you join us at live stream to see if you’re a winner because
we need to mail your tickets to you as soon as possible now I’m gonna be there
camera in hand taking you behind the scenes of the event we may even go
off-site and of course I will capture it and we’re gonna post it later on the
Mandarin festival really celebrates the mandarin oranges of the northern
california area which are super super sweet we had a bag give it to us last
year by jeff at smart pots remember those those are fantastic absolutely
amazing it’s gonna be tons of mandarin food there man durian chicken mandarin
juices smoothies even mandarin doughnuts and also a recipe contest and guess
who’s gonna be one of the judges as well as live entertainment I’m gonna be
actually giving some presentations on stage and I would love for your friendly
faces to be in the audience so it’s gonna be a ton of fun it is we’re gonna
have some of the Cali Kim smart pots and Cali Kim seed collections they’re at our
booth as well as a little preview of my new book to make sure that you enter
below and join back in for the live stream on
remember 13 to see if you’re a winner we can’t wait to meet you guys
we’ll see you there bye bye you

6 thoughts on “We Want to Meet YOU at the Mandarin Festival – Ticket Giveaway! 🍊”

  1. Hi Kim I’m going to go anyway even if I don’t win but It would still be cool to win I look forward to meeting you.

  2. Thank you so much Kim & Crew for this blessing of an opportunity to win! I would love to come because I have never been to Cali before & I would love to soak up all the nutrition & beauty from the great mandarin fruits 😁 I am an Ohioan that would love to win because it would be a vacation for me, my husband & our son!!! God Bless You All Continuously & Your Loved Ones In All You Do & Venture In!! Lots Of Love, Cindy πŸ₯°πŸ™πŸ»πŸŠ

  3. Hey can I would like to go because I would like to take my husband and he is just starting to love the idea of eating fresh vegetables he’s not a big vegetable eater but now that I’m Gardening he loves them and I just want to show him more he had a bad car accident a few years ago and I just wanna put a smile on his face

  4. Hi. It would be great to head to the west coast and learn cool growing tips in person while enjoying the mandarin festival. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€

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