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Wearing Lolita at LA Halloween Carnival Vlog ☁ 万圣节在美国穿Lolita上街游行?

Wearing Lolita at LA Halloween Carnival Vlog ☁ 万圣节在美国穿Lolita上街游行?

Hi guys this is Kou Today is October 31st, which is my favorite holiday of the year-Christmas no its Halloween sorry my bad Tonight I am going to this halloween event at Hollywood with my friends A lot of people are attending this event People are all going to put on costumes and makeups to attend the event I think it is very interesting and I have never attended this kind of event I also prepared a costume for today I bought it from China and shipped it here I bought a Lolita outfit, inspired by the little red ridding hood character So this video will record my day on Halloween If you are interested please continue watching:P These are the clothes I bought, I have not unpacked them yet This is the dress I’m going to try them on now This is how it looks after trying on, I think it’s pretty cute This is the cloak There is a pair of wolk ears on it Theres a dress inside The annoying thing is that, the tie for the tail I bought is in a pink color, so I don’t know how to hide it 🙁 Now I’m going to put on makeup I just finished putting on makeup I also curled my hair today to match the look This is my ramen I haven’t ate today, so I’m going to finish this ramen then leave I’m at this place right now. I’m supposed to meet up with a photographer first to take some photos It’s inside some mountain, I feel lost There’s even no signal here… I’m waiting for her now. Later we will take some photos We are at Hollywood’s Santa Monica blvd. Theres many people walking around here We will hang out around here for a while (showing off my tail) My friends dressed up as Cruella and mermaid Molly bumbed into Aladdin and their lamp To my favorite holiday On this day, we can dress up as whatever we want and no one will look at you differently There is no mainstream and minorities, because everyone is different And therefore we are all the same If everyday is Halloween would there be less discrimination? and perhaps more understanding between people? I look forward for that day to come

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