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Weekly Park Seonggwang [Gag Concert / 2019.12.14]

Weekly Park Seonggwang [Gag Concert / 2019.12.14]

(Weekly Park Seonggwang) The first ever one-time-only comedy skit! Weekly Park Seonggwang starts now! (10 years later) – Goodness! / – Gosh. – My son. / – Mom, I’m nervous. You’re finally getting married. You look so handsome. You look great. Maybe I’m too old to get married. No, you look great, son. It’s finally your wedding. – Thank you, dad. / – Seonil! So your son is getting married? Congrats, Seonggwang. Congrats! You should get a meal voucher. – Let’s go. / – Go ahead. Why did you come? – Of course we would. / – I wonder… If the guys are going to show up. Hey, buddy! Congrats, man! You came! Sure! I finally get to see you after 10 years now that I’m getting married. Where’s your honeymoon? Hawaii. What? Hawaii? Hawaii? Why would you go to Hawaii for your honeymoon? In my day, the only place you could go… Was your ancestor’s grave. If you go on a honeymoon, who’s going to raise the cow? Come on! This is a special day! Why are you getting so angry? – Just leave! / – Hey! Come on. I had to make time in my schedule for this wedding. What’s on your schedule? It’s my son’s first birthday party today. I ditched that to come here. Hey! Why wouldn’t you be at your son’s first birthday? My son wasn’t at my first birthday party! – That’s ridiculous! / – Hey. Where’s the food? Just go and eat. Geez! He’s lost his mind. Seonggwang! Goodness! What the heck? Seonggwang! Congratulations! Jiho! What happened to you over the last 10 years? You’ve changed! Hey, hey! What are you talking about? I’m Jiho’s older sister. Jiho was too busy, so I came instead. – You surprised me. / – Right? Gosh, Seonggwang. You look great today. Your eyes look so big and your nose looks pronounced. Your lips look sexy too. Your sexy lips make me want to kiss you. What? Are you insane? What the… Hold on! You’re… You’re the savage! How did you know? You’re the savage! Hey! You just wanted to dress like a woman! How did you know? Go eat! Of course I’m going to eat, fool! Gosh, look at those calves…. Honey, honey. – Good to see you! / – Congratulations! Congratulations. – I’m getting married. / – Goodness. Congratulations. I didn’t know you were getting married. It’s finally happening. Hold on. I collected gift money from singers and celebrities. Hey, how come you’ve never introduced us to your fiance? – Right. / – I’m so curious! I’m very curious too. Is she pretty? Is she sexy? Is she cute? Is she sweet? Is she nice to your parents? Is she super successful? Like me? Woman, did a shooting star fall on your head last night? You’ve been acting strange like Mozart playing the Korean gong. Forget about going to the dermatologist tomorrow. See a therapist and get your head checked. I should’ve ended you yesterday when I was making kimchi. That was a really harsh thing to say! Doesn’t your brain have a filter? You went to the salon to get your hair done. Did they use a curling iron on your brain? I should boil your lips when I boil pork hocks today. Wonhyo! You apologize. You were in the wrong. Why’d you hit my husband? Unbelievable… Did you just hit him? – It wasn’t like that. I was helping… / – Come on! Then just don’t get married! Why are you even getting married? Yeah! Your wedding made us fight! – I love you, honey. / – I love you too. Hey! – Honey, were your feelings hurt? / – The money… – I’m okay. / – I love you so much! I love you too. This is nuts! I guess Kyeonghwan can’t make it. I heard his business went bankrupt and he’s a bum now. What time… What time is it now? What time is it now? What time is it now? I didn’t have a watch, so I had to just guess. – Right on time! / – You guessed? Really? – Yeah. / – Because you don’t have a watch? My stomach clock. It knew it was lunch time. It’s so good to see you! – What happened? / – You look great. Tell me what happened! I’m so curious! You’re curious? If you want to know… $1! Hey! $1? Isn’t it 50 cents? It was 50 cents 10 years ago. It went up after 10 years! I see. Alright, just stay and eat. I’m not eating here! Stay and eat. I’m not eating here! Why not? I’m going to take it to go. I like being at subway exit 2. ♪ This comfortable world ♪ ♪ People aren’t laughing ♪ ♪ I shouldn’t have done this ♪ That was funnier. Anyway, I never got to show you the woman that will be my wife. She’s actually a celebrity. – A celebrity? / – Yeah. Lucky. Honey! Nami! – Honey. / – You’re here to see me! Nami! Honey! Hey. Seonggwang’s wife… Is Nami? Oh Bong! Heo Bong… Seonggwang… Nami… Never buy Nami soup… When you take her out to eat. Why not? Because you’ll see her face in the reflection! And… Don’t ever make her laugh. Why not? Because you can see her gums. You might fall out of love with her. Ridiculous! It was really shocking for me. You fool! You know me so well! Why did you leave me? You idiot! I’m not an idiot! – Then? / – I’m… A flower bum! Where are you going? Come on in, guys. Are you ready to sing at my wedding? Let’s get ready. With the bum. Hey. Does this look good on me? Nope. – This is so ironic. / – Let’s do this. (I haven’t seen these guys in forever) (Great to see MAHEUN5 back together again) (Their total age is 200) (So nice to see these welcome faces!)

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