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Weird Canadian Foods You Can’t Get In The USA

Weird Canadian Foods You Can’t Get In The USA

Welcome back to the show! My name is Vivian and I’m the host of your
favourite TV show “Things I have That You Don’t” SFX APPLAUSE hahaha yes, thank you, thank you. Alright so on today’s episode, we head to
the great white north, CANADA! SFX APPLAUSE Yes, and today in Canadian culture we’re
going to explore some of the yummy foods that I have and you don’t! Unless you live in Canada of course, then
you might recognize some of these delicious treats Before we break into this, how about you subscribe
to bestie and click the notification bell. Alright let’s break into our first delicious
food item shall we? SFX: Audience applause KETCHUP CHIPS
Yes, chips that have been flavoured with ketchup. Are they red? You better believe they are! They’re so pretty, crunchy and tangy, too! They really do taste like ketchup and are
a Canadian staple when it comes to a yummy and original snack. This is likely one of the most popular Canadian
treats that come to mind when thinking about “Canadian foods” that and poutine, but
we’ll get to that later. Ketchup chips are some of my favourites, and
Canada does have a reputation for their odd flavours of chips. Oh, what’s this? It looks like we have another bag of chips
waiting in the wings. Let’s take a peek. POUTINE CHIPS
Did someone mention poutine? Yes, I did, about two seconds ago, ahahahahaha. SFX crowd laughing (laugh track) Some more wacky chip flavours coming from
Canada today, and this one seems to be poutine flavoured. **Host Tries A Chip** You know what, they’re not that bad…I’m
not sure they taste like actual poutine, but I can taste the gravy…and the pepper….You
know what I’m missing it’s the squeak that those delightful little cheese curds
make when you eat them. Real poutine is something so delicious I don’t
think it can be truly replicated in a chip, but these didn’t do too badly, so there
you have it! If you’re in Canada why not try them for
yourself and see what you think. Oh, why not splurge and go for the real thing? Let’s check out some more truly canadian
food that I have and you don’t! COFFEE CRISP Now we’re getting into the candy bars, my
favourite, oh look this one it’s called coffee crisp. Oooo My morning cuppa joe in chocolate bar
form? Sign me up. Ok this is a bar that has a wafer like filling
on the inside and chocolate on the outside. It’s not a huge coffee flavour but it is
crunchy, crispy and sort of tastes like tiramisu if you’ve ever had that delicacy before,
dear viewers. The bright yellow package is also very fun,
and this is one of my favourite candy bars available. Yum! If you’re ever in Canada make sure you do
try one of these delicious chocolate bars. BEAVER TAILS
Alright keeping with the candy theme right now I’m going to introduce you to the delicious
bite sized colored circles called smarties. They’re so brightly colored and are little
bits of chocolate inside a colored candy shell. People talk a lot about how these remind them
of M&M’s but really they taste a lot different! They’re more hard shell than chocolate and
depending on if it’s a holiday of not, like Halloween or Christmas, they’ll change the
colours of these candies too. Which is quite festive and fun. Oh speaking of things you eat around the holidays,
we’re going to move on to our next treat. Let’s take a break from candy and head to
the world of pies. TOURTIERE
As you guessed this is a french delicacy, and usually comes from the province of Quebec,
which is predominantly french speaking. This is a pie that’s filled with savoury
meats and is often consumed over the holidays, but as we know in Canada it does get quite
chilly and sometimes on cold days all you really need is some comfort food. Que the tourtiere! Something to look out for if you’re ever
in la belle province. I do enjoy a good old fashioned apple pie,
but a savory pie is quite delicious every now and again. BEAVER TAILS
What’s more Canadian than a beaver! It IS the country’s national animal after
all. If you’ve never seen a beaver before, it’s
got this big flat tail that helps it to build its dams, and a beaver tail is basically a
pastry that does look like the actual tail of a beaver, but since it’s so flat it’s
very useful and can act as a plate for all kinds of delicious sweet treats! You can put bananas and nutella on it, smarties
(remember those from earlier) basically anything that you could put onto pancakes or crepes,
you can put onto these. They’re usually served warm and often on
ski hills. Again a lot of food in canada is great for
eating during the colder months because it’s colder, more often. Oh just a quick tip about beaver tails, if
you are going to enjoy them they’re best to be shared, they are VERY large. CREAM SODA
Creamy soda? Sounds a bit weird doesn’t it? Not to mention the fact that it’s pink! Carbonated pink, fizzy soda that tastes like
a cloud. Do you know what clouds taste like? Well then you need to try some cream soda! It’s very sweet, it’s almost like a fruit
juice that’s been carbonated. Not like a can of Pepsi by any means, in fact,
it’s not like any other soda I’ve come into contact with. This is a must try if you’re ever in Can
Nanaimo is actually a place in Canada! It’s located in beautiful British Columbia
which is known for it’s beautiful mountain ranges and coastal cities. Nanaimo bars are technically a baked good,
but they’re not baked at all. They’re pretty easy to make and they taste
delicious! If you have any Canadian friends, bug them
for the recipe for this sweet treat. DONAIR
Now from the west coast of Canada we head over to the east coast! Just above Maine, if you’re from the US. Nova Scotia, or the Maritimes is a coastal
province on the very end of Canada and is known for their lobster and happy go lucky
locals. Now, their donair is a special dish that’s
kind of like a shawarma if you’ve ever had one of those. Donair is made of heavily spiced meats, wrapped
in a pita served with tomatoes, and onions and has its own signature “donair sauce”
which is a white cream sauce, that’s also very tangy. The east coast of canada is famous for them
and if you’re taking a trip, be sure to ask for this local specialty. JOS LOUIS
This one can be found in any child’s lunch box in Canada. The Jo Louis, the “s” is jos is pretty
much silent. Most call this a wagon wheel, but there’s
no wafer inside, instead it’s like a red velvet sponge cake with delicious cream all
coated in a hard chocolate casing. Really they’re quite popular and can be
found in basically any grocery store in Canada. They are highly processed, so they’re not
great on the health food side of things, but they do taste good. We’ve done a few sweet things in a row what
do you say audience, shall we head back over to something savory? Canada in known for their odd flavours of
chips, so let’s dig into another strange one. HICKORY STICKS
And we’re back to the chips, although these are not like any chip you’ve seen before. These are called hickory sticks. They’re smoky, and packed full of flavour! Basically they’re a bag full of little stick
like potato slices. They can be a little tricky to eat, because
they sort of poke you in the face if you try to take in a handful all at once, but maybe
that’s a good thing. You can’t eat them by the handful, maybe
it’s so you’ll enjoy them more, who knows. Yes, so they’ve got a peppery, smoky flavour
and are really very delicious. Very unique as well, not something you come
across often. These are a Candian staple and you can find
these in pretty much any store as well. BUTTER TARTS
Butter tarts are delicious, and no dear viewer it’s not a glob of butter in a tart…
sort of is, but it’s more delicious than that. They’re small hand sized tarts that can
contains raisins and they’re delicious. Butter, sugar, eggs, syrup, more butter…so
yeah I guess their true to their name. Great with a nice hot cup of tea butter tarts
make you feel like your back at home, and your mom just made a fresh batch of something
delicious and your troubles just melt away. By no means are any of these foods a healthy
choice, but they are tasty! Isn’t that right studio audience? SFX: Applause / cheering. Are you from Canada? Let us know in the comments section below
if you’ve tried any of these treats, or what your favourite treat is from your country!

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  1. You don’t have smarties in the US, yet we have them in England? We also have doner kebabs here as well as French fries crisps. We have crisps in delicious flavours too-including tomato flavour but probably not ketchup!

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