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What Did Carnival Cruise Line Give Me For My Birthday?

What Did Carnival Cruise Line Give Me For My Birthday?

Hey everyone It’s Ken from Northern Viking Explorer and we are sailing off the coast of Mexico on the beautiful Carnival Splendor Now Carnival has given me a little gift for my birthday. So let’s head on down to the cabin and check it out Alright, so here we are on our inside cabin room One two two one on the Carnival Splendor and I have a birthday card in our mail slot. It says happy birthday So let’s head on in to the cabin and check out what they gave me All right, so the card says happy birthday we’ll open that up and take a closer look And it says happy birthday Cruise. Hope you have tons of fun your room stewards So thank you Raul on the first floor of the Carnival Splendor Looks like there’s a couple of gift cards here. The first one says Spa so it’s for the cloud 9 Spa and It is a $50 spa gift card good till the 22nd. So it’s only good for a few days It’s not good for the whole cruise Because we get off on the 25th and the other gift card is a pixels gallery gift card and this one is good for $12 photo gift cards so you can buy a photo with that So we’ll head up to the spa and the photo area pick up some stuff and we’ll show you what we got All right So here we are in the cloud 9 Spa well talk to the person at the counter and see what we can get with our $50 gift card Then we’ll head down to the pixels art gallery and see what kind of photo we can get for $12 there’s all the photos on the right. You can also buy cameras up here. They’ve got GoPros some electronics that sort of thing and It looks like the photos on the left there. It says 11.99 14.99 and $21.99 so We’ll see what we can find of ourselves here. They do take photos throughout the week When you get on and off the ship or down in the lobby before dinner, alright, so welcome back to our room So let’s take a look at what we got. So with the Spa card, we didn’t actually get anything. They had like a men’s Beard trim sort of thing. That was the least expensive thing That was right around the hundred dollar mark, and if you went from massage, those were around 150 We didn’t do a massage We have a benefits package back at home that covers massage so we decided not to do that as well It wasn’t transferable to my wife so she couldn’t do anything with it So we left that alone and didn’t use it. As for a photo, We got this one of us on Embarkation day it was 14.99. So we still had to put out $3 on our own it comes with a small photo that you can put inside your Lanyard if you did buy the carnival lanyard that little round photo in the bottom right hand corner So a nice gesture by Carnival we do appreciate it They also did have smaller photos that were 11.99 and the formal night photos were $21.99. So I Would love to hear from you what you got for your birthday while you’ve been cruising whether it’s been on Carnival Norwegian or Royal Caribbean whoever leave those comments in the comment section down below other cruisers would probably love to know What kind of perks there are for cruisers out there if you’re cruising on your birthday also If you did enjoy this video remember to give it a like and as well Remember to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell Notification because I’ve got tons of videos coming up that I’d love to share with you. Thanks again for watching and take care

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  1. Did you have to say it was your birthday or did they just know? I turn 21 on the 4th day of the cruise and was wondering if I’d get the same

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