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What is CAMP? – MET GALA 2019

What is CAMP? – MET GALA 2019

if you’re watching this video in 2019
you know that the Met Gala has just happened and this year’s theme was camp
And no, it has nothing to do with camping. S,o to all of us who were a bit
confused by the choice: what exactly is camp? Wikipedia describes camp as aesthetic
style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its
bad taste and ironic value. But is that all to it? This choice was inspired by
the 1964 essay called “Notes on “Camp”” written by Susan Sontag. In it, she says that the essence of camp is its love of the unnatural of artifice and exaggeration. At
the same, time Susan argues that camp is supposed to be hard to describe because
it is a sensibility. And any sensibility put into the mold of a system becomes an idea. Okay it started to sound too complicated so let’s break it down: Number one: it’s all about aesthetics. It’s all about being stylized.
Susan says that camp is disengaged, it’s not supposed to be political. But we will talk more about that in a few seconds. It can be a quality found in people, objects, places anything. So a film can be camp, a song can be camp, a person can be camp
anything. It’s a contrast. it’s the mix of the rich and the marginal, it is the
luxurious in the silly. Camp is not the same as being bad. It has to have that
enjoyable unpretentiousness and yet take itself as a true work of art. For
example we could say that Ezra Miller nailed his camp look. He manages to be
androgynous, something Susan says is one of the greatest images of camp, but also
has the touch of the rich and refined mixed with the over the top. Susan also
says that true camp is naive and that deliberate camp is always less satisfying. Camp is a private code, it’s a badge of identity, so whose identity is it? This year,
Lena Waithe’s outfit had a line honoring black drag queens for the creation of
Camp. Even though Susan wrote in her essay that camp is not political in its
message, it cannot be detached from the reality
in which was conceived. Authors Susan Sontag and Jack Babuscio think of Oscar
Wilde as a original camp. Nowadays, it would be hard to imagine Camp and not think of RuPaul, for example. camp can only be created in a world
in which affluence and marginalization exist. It is created by the aspirations
of marginalized people, most specifically queer people. Susan wrote that there is a
great overlap between camp and gay taste and that gay people not only were its
inventors but they are on the vanguard of it. Jack Babuscio goes farther to
declare the camp can only spring from the fact of social oppression.
if you wanna know more about camp, I’ll leave a link for Susan’s original essay in the
video description

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  1. I watched it twice👏🏾 BRAVO👏🏾 The blend of your views, the amazing examples and thoughts you presented were amazing. You’re doing a great job here, I’m a huge fan🔥

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