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What’s inside Marshmello Helmet?

What’s inside Marshmello Helmet?

– Sorry Marshmello, you
are now cut in half, by the What’s Inside guys! Hey what’s up guys, we got an
interesting one for you today. I’m in L.A. doing the
Snapchat Spectacles video that you probably have already seen, it’s already been released. And one of my buddies was like, “Hey, have you ever heard of Marshmello?” (electronic dance music) Yeah, that song Alone is like one of the top songs of this year, and he’s like, “What about doing, what’s
inside Marshmello Helmet?” So then he was like, “Hey
do you want to meet him?” I’m like, “Yeah sure!” So I’m going to the show right now, I’m going to meet Marshmello,
electronic dance music, I’ve never really been to
a concert like this before, so super excited for it. Don’t really know what to expect. So the first thing is,
they’re going to let me go and watch the entire show and
then go meet him afterwards. So, super stoked, gonna take
you guys along for the ride, and somehow I gotta find
a way to get a helmet, so I can take it back to Lincoln. I wish he was here with me, dang. I wish Lincoln was here,
but, it’ll still be fun. So, time to head in. Right here is the back stage entrance, and check out this car. Right here is this white car, Does that not look like
the Marshmello helmet? I’m like 90% confident that
is his car right there. I mean, its tinted out black, it looks so much like the helmet. So I found the stage entrance,
I was at the wrong one, and it’s 9 o’clock so I’m gonna call and they’re gonna let me in,
so I don’t have any tickets, so they should let me in. I’m a little nervous,
this is gonna be fun. What the heck is
invisible laser radiation? You might get it if you go up this stage. No thanks, I think I’ll stay down here. Alright so this is what
backstage looks like before the show. It’s probably going to get really loud and you’re not going to hear me, but I heard there’s going to
be fireworks so let’s see this. Going on stage. (crowd cheering) (electronic dance music) ♫ I’m so alone ♫ Trying to find my way back home to you ♫ I’m so alone ♫ Nothing feels like home ♫ I’m so alone Okay we’re back stage, we’re
waiting for the concert to totally end, and then we’re
gonna go up and meet him, but check this out. This is the way you do backstage. Cookie Crisp, Cap’n Crunch, Coco Puffs. This is cereal donuts, look at this. I like this place. (electronic dance music) Okay I’ve never been to a
concert like that before, that was incredible. So they said that I could go meet him. I have a few minutes with him, he’s in his dressing room after the show. So here we go guys, I’m going
to bring you along for this. This it, oh my gosh, there it is. Dude you killed it, awesome. Man, that was really cool. I’ve seen you on YouTube, I’ve seen your videos, now
in person, so much better. So, man I wish that Lincoln
could have been here for this. What? Put it on? (electronic dance music) ♫ I’m so alone ♫ Nothing feels like home ♫ I’m so alone ♫ Trying to find my way back home to you ♫ I’m so alone ♫ Trying to find my way back home to you Ha ha, hey buddy, I missed you! – Yeah it’s big for me, that’s for sure. It’s hitting my shoulders. – It’s a little big, but
you’ll, he’ll grow into it. – Yeah, I’ll grow into it. – So, yes that’s right we
have a Marshmello helmet, I hope you liked our cheesy intro, I had a lot of fun doing it. And it was actually,
honestly, it was super cool to meet Marshmello himself. A lot of people don’t know who he is, he keeps himself anonymous. The story is, he’s been an electronic DJ, electronic dance music, if
you don’t know what that is, it’s like a lot of the mixing
of music that they use at, a lot of people think
of it as like, clubs, like in Vegas and stuff. But it’s actually become mainstream, with people like Calvin Harris, Tiesto I think is another one, DeadMouse is one, I don’t
know how you say his name. And then Marshmello came on the scene, really in 2015, he released a song Alone, which is the one that you heard
while I was coming back home because I thought it was fitting for that. So the song Alone already has over 300 million views on YouTube. And since, I think June of
2016 is when he released it. Electronic dance music, if
you don’t know what it is, like I know there’s a lot of people that don’t know what
EDM is, it’s good music. Like it’s the way that people
mix the music and the beats, it’s really good and it’s
popular enough that that song is one of the top 50 songs of all of 2016. So, Marshmello, I actually
got the chance to have him take off his helmet and we hung out and talked for a little while
backstage and before the show. – Did you actually, did he
actually take off his helmet? – Yeah for me? Yeah, he took it off, like I met him and talked to him for awhile. – Oh wow. – Yeah, he let me have his actual helmet and hold it and look at it. So yeah, do I know what
Marshmello looks like under the mask? Yes I do, he’s a super nice guy. But I can’t tell you or
show you what he looks like. So, this is the helmet
that we got from him, here’s something cool. – Aah! – He signed the helmet
on two different sides. So that’s the thing, this
helmet is an older version and earlier on the helmets
weren’t as advanced as what they are now. Here’s a little fun fact for you, his actual helmet that I saw and held, it’s made with a 3-D printer. And they only have a
couple of them right now, and they’re refining the
process of how it’s made. And so I wanted to cut
open his exact helmet that he was wearing that night, but he only had a couple
of them and in fact, when they were going through TSA, through one of their concerts, TSA broke it in the actual security thing, they broke a brand new, 3-D
printed, around $5000 helmet. Yeah, so there’s a fun fact for you, there’s only a few in existence, but they are working on
something to get more of them out to the fans so that
they can buy official ones, from Marshmello, so stay
tuned to Marshmello for that. Would you go to a concert with somebody wearing
this mixing the music? – Yeah. – Yeah, it makes it more fun! That guy’s just fun, he
could be standing up there just himself, but just to
look like this, and dancing? It’s just fun, it’s just happy! But, we’re still gonna take
this one and look inside of it. He signed the helmet on both sides, and we’re gonna keep one of
these sides of these helmets, just because our office has lots of stuff that’s cut in half. And then we wanna give one
of the halves away for you. So if you like Marshmello,
if you want his autograph, we’ll give it away, I
don’t really know how we’re gonna do it yet,
but look in the comments or the description below
and we will figure that out. So here’s my thought, we take the helmet, we cut it right down the middle. Could I just lift it up and
show you what’s inside of it just by lifting it up? – Kind of. – Yes, absolutely, is that
fun, is that what we do? – No, that’s not what we do. – No, so let’s cut this thing open. There’s London with it. – Is it frowning? – No it’s not frowning! Marshmello always smiles,
what are you talking about? Alright we’re outside
because I don’t want to have the smell of plastic through our house. We have this chop saw here. – We need to use the hatchet. We have to, we could just go like this. – Can you imagine if
we just took a hatchet, oh, don’t hit it too hard! And we just like, did it like that? He’s smiling still. – He’s smiling.
– Inside I’m not smiling. We’ll put it on here, we’ll cut it, that way Lincoln doesn’t
chop my head off, sound good? – Sounds good. – Okay, so we’re gonna try to
not damage these autographs, and go right down his face. This is not the ideal tool for this, but this is what I’m using. This is what I have, and it’s
winter, and it’s cold outside. (electronic dance music) Okay, okay, that’s a start, I
did not ruin the signatures. Whoo, I’m so nervous, I
really like this thing. I want you guys to get
a perfect half of it. We’re so close, we have everything done, except for his face. Marshmello, I’m sorry to do this to you. Aah, yes, ha ha ha, hello! Let’s take this inside for
some further inspection. Sorry Marshmello, you are now cut in half. By the What’s Inside guys! – Whoo! – That was a lot of fun. So, inside of this thing,
it’s pretty, pretty simple. This one has just a place
for you to put your head, and then it also has this light that was superglued on there. So these are very, very basic. This is like early on,
what they used to have, and then it’s also what
a lot of people try to do for the knock-offs, when
they make them themselves. Which, by the way, I’m pretty
sure they own the trademark on it, so people that try to
make their own and resell them, they can shut it down. And if you watch in the concert, he has them that have
lights that go right, down, and all around on the sides and diagonal. Where this, these ones, these older ones just have the light right at the top. His is definitely more updated now, and it’s super super top secret,
but I did look inside of it and there’s a chance that we will be doing what’s inside his updated
helmet at some point. But this is really fun, if
you would like to have half of a Marshmello helmet,
that he signed himself, look in the description, and we will definitely
give this away to somebody. We gotta keep one for our office
because Marshmello is cool. – Oh yeah, yeah. – And we’ll put a link
to his video at the end, for his Alone video. If you haven’t seen the
music video go check it out. He also has another one
that he did with Lele Pons, which is a really popular
social media star, just this last week that
has like four million views in like two days. I’m sure by the time you watch this it’s going to have a lot more. But, anyway, he’s killing it. Go check out Marshmello. Huge thanks to Marshmello and his team for letting me come to his concert, and to partake in the
awesomeness that is Marshmello, and to just have a fun time
and meet him backstage. And I even had really yummy donuts with cereal on them backstage. That happened. Now he’s sad.

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