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Which Celebrity Has The Best Guacamole Recipe?

Which Celebrity Has The Best Guacamole Recipe?

– Hey everyone, my name is Jesse from the Buzzfeed Food team, and today, I’m gonna
be testing five famous celebrity guacamole
recipes to see which one is actually the best. Today, I’ll be testing
recipes from Rachael Ray, Ayesha Curry, Alton Brown, Marcella Valladolid, and Beyonce. I measured all the ingredients precisely as the recipe stated to
level the playing field, and I got three of my friends to try our guacamole
in a blind taste test. I picked my winner, but I
wanna see what they thought. So, game on.
(whistle blows) Rachael Ray starts by
mixing diced red onions with lemon juice and salt, mixes it up, and let’s it sit for about 10 minutes. After that, she cuts
and pits two avocados, and scoops the flesh out on
top of that onion mixture, then adds some cilantro,
jalapeno and garlic, and mashes it all together. But, here’s where things get crazy. Next, she adds even more lemon juice, diced apples, and pureed
chipotle in adobo, then mixes that all up and seasons it. To finish it, she
transfers some into a bowl, and tops it liberally and
entirely with toasted almonds and even more apples. – We got almonds on the
guacamole, that’s not a thing. – Ooh, okay, okay, very chunky. – If I could think of,
like, Hawaiian guacamole, this is what I think I’d be getting. – Guacamole usually has
big texture problems, so I don’t mind the little bit of crunch from the almonds. – The almonds are good, they kinda break up the fruitiness and make it a little more savory. – I’m kinda freaking out about this one ’cause I don’t know what to make of it, but I do like it. – I don’t love it. – I like it. It’s different, but if we
go around not liking things that are different from us, come on, man, America, wake up. – [Jesse] Ayesha Curry starts
by scooping the meat out of a single avocado and
placing it into a bowl. She called it meat, not me, so don’t @ me in the
comments for this one. She then adds diced shallots, hot sauce, chunky garlic paste, lime juice, salt and pepper, then just mashes that all up with a fork and that’s it for this one. – Looks like this was a project between a mom and a child, and this is all they could achieve. – If something slaps me
across my taste buds, I’m gonna be angry because
it is so unassuming-looking. – This is definitely,
yeah, like a bar-quality. – Nothing special, it’s fine. – That’s very good. You know, it’s not spicy,
but it’s very creamy. Just your basic guacamole, but it’s good. I like this one. – [Jesse] Up next it Alton Brown. He starts with three whole avocados, cuts them in half, takes the pit out, and scoops the flesh into a bowl. To that, he adds lime juice, tosses it all together, and
strains out the extra juice into a tiny bowl ’cause
you’ll use this later. Next, he adds cayenne and cumin, and mashes it all together
with a potato masher to give it a nice, creamy texture. He adds garlic, onions, jalapeno, cilantro, tomatoes, and
the reserved lime juice, and mixes that all together. And, that’s it for this
one, super classic. – This looks like a classic guacamole. The colors here say, “Viva Mexico.” – This looks like the type of guac that you get when you
order it at a restaurant. – It’s not very guacamole-y-y. – There’s an issue here. There is a lack of flavor. – It almost doesn’t taste like avocado or like vegetables, it
tastes like taco seasoning. – There’s not enough seasoning in here, not enough salt. The basic of all guac. – I’ll say I don’t like this one. It presents itself in a way where it looks like it’s gonna be the ultimate guacamole, and then it isn’t. – [Jesse] Up next is Food
Network personality, Marcela V, just ’cause I don’t wanna
butcher her last name, with her sweet and spicy guacamole. She starts by cutting open five avocados, pits them, and roughly
mashes them all together with a fork to give it a nice texture. To that, she adds diced mango, red pepper flakes, a
generous amount of salt, and a ton of lime juice,
and mixes it all together. She places it into a bowl and tops it with chili
oil to add a pop of heat. – It looks beautiful, it’s attractive. – This looks like it’s gonna be spicy. – There’s a big chunk of an orange fruit, really throwing me for a loop here. – Oh, I lost sense of time. Where am I? – What is that? It tastes like Chinese food oil. – Tastes almost, like, Asian-infused. – This one is the most
interesting by far, and it’s good. I’m into it. – [Jesse] And last is
the Queen Bee herself with a super traditional recipe for guac. She starts by peeling two avocados and smashing them together with a spoon to smooth it all out. Next, she adds lime juice, tomato, diced onion, salt, pepper, and garlic, and mixes that all together
until it’s all incorporated. Transfer it to a bowl, and that’s it. – There was another that looked like it’s about to be a classic experience. – Picturesque, little tomatoes in there. – This is what you’ll have
at a Mexican restaurant. This has the right amount of seasoning, the right amount of tomatoes, onions. – This is almost, like,
the closest to just, like, guacamole. By the books, it seems
pretty straightforward. – The consistency is really nice, there’s some texture to
it, it’s not too chunky. It’s really good. – [Jesse] Which celebrity has
the best guacamole recipe? Let’s find out. – My favorite out of
all these five recipes was number four. A beautiful reinvention
of a classic recipe, done the freakin’ right way. You got sweet, you got
salty, you got everything. Are you serious? Marcela, that is awesome. – My favorite was number five. It was just, like, your typical guacamole, but it was very good,
like, a good texture, still creamy, there was something to, like, bite into with the
onions and the tomatoes, and I could eat that any day. (gasps) Get out. Blue Ivy is one lucky girl, eating that all the time. (laughs) – If I had to pick a
favorite guacamole today, it is, without question,
guacamole number four with the oil and the mangoes in there. I was blown away, it’s good guacamole. I don’t know who that is, but my theoretical hat is off to you. – [Jesse] There you have it, Marcela Valladolid has the best guacamole. Which celebrity recipe should we try next? Hit us up in the comments below. – It may be even better
than the classic recipe.

100 thoughts on “Which Celebrity Has The Best Guacamole Recipe?”

  1. Why is that every time they have Alton Brown they never ever use his entire recipe and mess it up??
    What do you have against Alton???

  2. Avocado
    Diced onion
    Diced tomato
    Diced jalapeno
    Chopped cilantro
    Fresh lime juice
    Pink himalayan salt
    cracked black pepper
    Healthy serving of cayenne pepper

    Swear by it! Only if u like spicy though

  3. What I'm sorry guacamole with no freaking serrano chili in it or any type of chili you got to be crazy my husband and I make guacamole my husband's Mexican I'm white I learned nothing but Mexican food cooking and when we make our guacamole we roast some Serrano's yes Serranos I said cuz we like hot and spicy and then we peel the skin off we measuring Waka moly with the Serranos we add a little salt and lime as we go and that's all there is to it and you got a spice I do not like tomatoes in my guacamole I do not want fruit in my guacamole I can't believe not one of these guacamoles did not have any chili oh I'm sorry paprika chili powder that ain't freaking chili that's not authentic at all I'm sorry show me a real Mexican guacamole and then we'll talk

  4. Just wondering but who adds apples and almonds in quac? Just wondering. But maybe some people like it, but I think it is questionable. Who also adds mangoes? Again just wondering.

  5. I do this totally differently. I like my guac, but you might hate it. Don't judge me too hard:
    4 avacado's
    Some creme fraiche
    Garlic powder
    Chicken seasoning (because everything should taste like chicken)
    That's it!

  6. Beyonce look like a zombie Rachael Ray look like an angel sad how they make black people look but if she OK with it guess I am too

  7. My recipe (if anyone cares):
    Lime juice
    Balsamico vinegar

    (Yeah, it doesn't sound that good but i like it)

  8. 4:17 excuse me but what the heck was that hand gesture? and "aSiAn iNfUSed"? idk if I should laugh or be offended lmao

  9. How do you forget the salt?!? Alton's recipe calls for salt! Did it not bother the person making the recipe that he didn't add salt?

  10. I am known as the guacamole guy at every potluck. I specialize in this area because I make a batch every time. Everyone says it’s the best guacamole they’ve tasted.

    I would tell you my recipe, but then I’d have to kill you. Guac on! 🥑

  11. So I’m the only person who realized that he was forced to learn how to pronounce Marcela’s last name after she won…Would’ve taken 2 seconds to look it up before filming or doing the voice over for her recipe🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. Try making it with boiled potatoes instead of avocados. It is very similar to an Indian dish. It's quite delicious.. 😊😊
    Take a boiled potato. Mash it.
    Add diced tomatoes and onions.
    Add some chopped chillies.
    Add some cilantro.
    Season it with salt

    It will be tastier if you add some mustard oil to it. (ITS THE INGREDIENT WHICH TAKES IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL)
    Enjoy. 😁

  13. In my opinion I think beyonceshould have won because she had the og and it looked better than Marcela's because mango in guac???

  14. “I like it, it’s different, but if we go around not liking things that are different from us, come on America, wake up!” WOW!

  15. In my opinion
    1. Beyonce Basic has lots of flavors
    2. Marcella Different
    3. Ayesha Curry Basic but that is good
    4. Rachel Ray New and unique
    5. Alton Brown No Flavor

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