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Why we REGRET not visiting OAXACA, MEXICO sooner

Why we REGRET not visiting OAXACA, MEXICO sooner

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  1. A few years back my hubby and I went to Hollywood Forever Cemetery in California. It was before the holiday was becoming larger. I dressed as a sugar skull, and hubby was the Grim Reaper. He had so many people that took his photo, and I was getting a bit irritated. It took hours to put my make up on, and maybe 15 min for him, lol.
    It was a unique first time. Now our local cemetery's are going all out for the holiday. This was the first year out of many that we didn't go out.

  2. Me encantan sus videos, Lastima que la werita hermosa tenga Boyfriend… Ya la hubiera invitado a dar la vuelta por todo México 😍
    Quedó muy linda con su maquillaje de Catrina 👏👏👏

  3. My parents are from Oaxaca and I try to go once a year but I havent had the chance to be around dia de los muertos. You two made an amazing video showcasing dia de los muertos in oaxaca. Thank you so much.

  4. Guys chocolate drink is so mexico, I mean like a coke soda is what you think about the US, that's how much that chocolate drink is so Mexican. It is literally a drink created in Mexico by Mejica and was drunk like jasmine tea is drunk in japan. And yeah that spice is not like chai in india, nah, that's chile because that's how mejica made it. Orale.

  5. OMG there's a couple who has a Youtube channel Kinetic Kennons and lives in Mexico they where at the same festivall and you could be her twin almost

  6. You two are such wonderful people. On behalf of mexican people i want to say thank you. For showing the world that Mexico is a beautiful, special, and wonderful place on this earth. For many people think its not so beautiful, special, and wonderful; but your videos show them they're wrong.

  7. im glad you all approve of Oaxaca, we are going there in may, to see if this is a good spot to relocate too, Puerto Vallarta just isnt doing it for us anymore, I feel its more like the usa now, we have been researching Oaxaca for our next location.

  8. I’ve lived in Xoxocotlán all my live and since I remember the old cementery has always been busy in dia de muertos. In the old cementery there are tombs from the XVIII and XIX century so the people who go there on october 31st just leave ofrendas to very distant family and later they go to the new cementery where they have burried closer family. People in the old cementery have been used to turist taking pictures of their ofrendas and walking in front of then and they don’t take it as something disrecpectful (because it happens every year since I have memory). The panteon general is very beautiful at night and it has too much history inside, famous oaxaqueños are burried there and there is a section of niches from people who died of cholera in 1833 and it gets very beautiful at night because of the candles that people leave.

  9. You've out done yourselves! Your adventures and discoveries in Mexico are an excellent antidote to the negative news from Mexico that wafts into the US. Laska must be comfortable alone while you are on an outing

  10. @17:49 Día de muertos es sobre celebrar la vida y la muerte de aquellos que nos dejaron. Las visitas en los panteones siempre ha sido así, algunos más serios y otros más festivos. Yo no pienso que hayan sido irrespetuosos. Me encanta como proyectaron la mayor celebración en México. 💜

  11. it's ok to walk through the cemetery taking pictures a videos people won't mind and they even will let you do it but be always respectful and ask for their permission if you want to stand in front and take a picture

  12. Maddie looks super beautiful! What a great video! You guys make me miss my country even more! Greetings from Toronto! 🤗

  13. So what's your views in resent murders of americans including babies?? Its Mexico still a wonderful place to live??

  14. Your enthusiasm is contagious! <3
    Thanks for sharing your adventures! We will have a lot more time for exploration this winter, and will be using your visits to various places as our guide!

  15. Tal vez las personas más viejitas puedan molestarse un poco por algunas conductas de las personas en los panteones pero en general no es malo que tomes fotos ahí o les preguntes algo, o hagas ruido. Ustedes tranquilos y disfruten que la muerte es vida ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧

  16. Traditionally this is a family celebration, we go to the cemetery and cheerfully remember the departed. Instagram culture and the tradition being commercialized is something new, so I guess currently it's up to every individual to consider it disrespectful or not. I'd consider it disrespectful if someone was taking pictures of me in this intimate moment, but that's just me.

  17. Maddie & Jordan thank you so much for all the exuberance, joy…..and integrity, you bring to your YouTube channel and experiences. This was awesome! I absolutely love how you embrace my culture with so much positivity. I’ve tried watching other channels; but you are the best, in my humble opinion. I am all smiles when watching (and re-watching) your videos. Try not to let the naysayers get you down… two have met your calling and you are great at what you are doing! 🥰. Peace and blessings for all of your future travels.

  18. What a wonderful video! Thank you so much for being so mindful and respectful of the families celebrating their loved ones in the cemeteries and not being “those tourists.” Un abrazo fuerte!

  19. El panteón general es el panteón de la ciudad, y de hecho originalmente ahí se enterró a la gente que murió por epidemias, y después se convirtió en el panteón de todos, tiene varias partes, la más vieja es donde está la capilla sin terminar y las tumbas de personajes ilustres, pero de hecho la clase alta en Oaxaca vive por lo general en San Felipe, y ahí hay un panteón especial, y los otros panteones son de lugares que eran otros pueblos es decir, la ciudad antes era pequeña y esos pueblos pues estaban retirados de la ciudad, pero ahora ya se han juntado por el mismo crecimiento de la ciudad.

  20. The circle when people dancing in the comparsa it’s call víbora de la mar in english is something like “snake of the sea” and it’s very traditional dance at wedding party. And the kids with her pumpkin it’s because here in Mexico it’s tradition ask for candies or money like in USA, but here in Mexico it’s call ask for “calaverita”.

  21. La abuela diciendo que la leche quemada es de Oaxaca le falta salir de su casa a la anciana ni siquiera es originaria de México y soy mexicano y en casi todo los estados y países es producida

  22. im mexican, and even i wouldnt set foot in mexico. If anything goes down, you are on your own and you've got only yourself to blame. If the govt of mexico gets control of the crime and cartels, i'd go back .

  23. Thank god there wasn't an uppity liberal asshole telling you guys that you can't do, be, talk, interact or paint yourself sporting our holidays, because of "KKKULTURAL APPROPIATION LIKE LITERALLY OMG TRIGGER ALERT!!!1one".

  24. "like" is what is known as a stative verb. Stative verbs are not used in the continuous.
    I am not "liking" this video. That is impossible. But I do like it.

  25. Wooowza,congratulations guys,you nail it,i am addicted to your videos,and this one was the best one,maybe because it's my favorite time of the year and this is Oaxaca,muchas gracias de corazon for sharing all this moments with us,you guys are my favorite gringos becoming Mexicans,todo de lujo!!!!

  26. Simply amazing! (6:53) It was an excellent idea! You could even appear in a magazine, newspaper or TV show!

    I'm speechless! WoW!

  27. im from oaxaca but i have never been there in the city during dia de muertos, watching your video makes me want to be there with the comparsas dancing, i enjoyed the video!!

  28. This video was 42 mins but didn't feel like it I should have been an hour 😁 had a week off of work (elbow injury) and binge watching older videos and they helped me get thru painful sleepless nights. Love the channel!

  29. the day of the dead holiday originated in mexico, and is the day where the deceasaed loved ones of the people are honored. and the marigold (cempasuchil which means 20 petals in nahuatl, and the marigold is native to mexico, it originated only from mexico and was taken from mexico by the europeans during the colonization to different parts of the world) the marigold is the traditional day of the dead flower because the aztecs believed that the marigolds bright color and strong aroma helped guide the spirits of the deceased back to earth. and the different offerings are the deceaased's favorite foods that they loved during their life and the things they loved in life, and when they come back on the nov 1 and 2nd they come and consume the aroma of the food and drinks that are on the ofrendas (altars). nov 1 is for the children who have passed and nov 2nd is for the adults who have passed. and if the deceased persons picture is not on the ofrenda (altar), it is believed that the person cannot come back to earth to visit their living loved ones. and the people gather at the cemetery where their loved ones are buried so they can spend time with their deceased loved ones and celebrate the lives of their loved ones who have passed. the disney movie "coco" is a great movie that shows the traditions of dia de muertos and what they represent.

  30. Espero que les gustara Mi bello Oaxaca
    Créanme que no hay como Oaxaca
    Es un lugar mágico ❤
    Vuelvan pronto… en Julio que es mes de la guelaguetza 🤭❤

  31. You make day of the dead look 👀 so festive and I want to be there feeling you articulate everything so as I can taste the food and feel what you guys are feeling thank you for taking me along 🌹👻🇲🇽

  32. Thank you for clarifying what happened to the Americans. I thought it was awkward that 3 SUVs would be in a caravan deep in Cartel hill country.

  33. To your question: Is it disrespectful to have all those people in cemetery when people want to mourn their loved ones?, the answer it’s yes. But, no one it’s going to complain, yes it annoys people, but the priority it’s tourism. Small towns and Pueblo’s mágicos economy depends almost entirely in tourists, people living there do feel disrespected but they won’t say it because it could make tourists leave. It all started because or Disney’s movie Coco, people come to Mexico not for the tradition, but for Disney’s movie, I mean not you 😅, but most tourists. I think you would know what I mean. So… that’s why you see Pueblo’s adding Halloween and Coco’s movie merchandise in día de muertos, they want to attract tourists, but also they’re killing the tradition.

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