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Winnipeg Folk Festival – Donate Now

Winnipeg Folk Festival – Donate Now

I’m here at the Winnipeg Folk Festival
in Manitoba where thousands of people like you come together to experience
people and music in the beautiful natural setting of Birds Hill Provincial
Park. Each year donors like you volunteers, staff, partners and musicians
help build a city for four days and create an environment that shows us how
the rest of the world should be collaboration is at the heart of
everything we do the culture of volunteerism, generosity of spirit are
the lifeblood of the Winnipeg Folk Festival so your financial support is
another tangible way to continue to build something greater. We want to
continue pushing beyond expectations the world is changing, the music industry is evolving but your support ensures the Winnipeg Folk Festival can continue to
present the best local, national and international artists on our stages.
Witnessing magical moments on stage creating special experiences with
friends and family that feeling of Folk Fest Happy is something you truly can’t
find anywhere else but here. As part of our Folk Fest family, the Winnipeg Folk Fest relies on you to thrive and with your donation, we can keep the Festival
accessible for all ages all abilities and ensure next generations can create
new memories in this magical place Let’s keep your Folk Fest tradition alive, please donate today.

1 thought on “Winnipeg Folk Festival – Donate Now”

  1. Wait what? How does folk fest not make enough money to insure its perpetuation? Relying on donations seems like a poor business model. How is the festival not profitable? Tickets are not cheap and it is run primarily by volunteers.

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