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Winter Carnival Themed Birthday!

Winter Carnival Themed Birthday!

Happy (birthday)!! Did you see? happy (birthday)~ Open~~~~ open! open! What’s in it? There’s fish… Open it? yes… Say please! Please~~ Mama open it? okay Mama! Fish! Oh yes fish, that’s right. Buns!! Are… are you crying? Chicken drumstick Egg What’s that? Fish! You can make (cook) fish now! Wanna cook now? Milk You going to cook the milk?? :p I think she likes it! I think she likes it happy day day happy day day happy day day! you~ happy Yay~~ Thank you~~ So I paid for both cakes.. why are you filming this? Say thank you~ Yummy yummy yummy Is it good? Yeah? It’s good. hmmmmmm~~ Is it your happy (birthday)? Who’s happy (birthday) is it today? Me! Go get food go get food! happy birthday! Wow~~ Oh my goodness! Look! Who is it? Grandma!! Grandpa!! Baby cousin~~~ It’s a video!! Damn it Lucy! Yes it is…. Gugu (aunty) gave you this! You wanna see? Did she wash her hands? big hug! Ahh sorry sir, it’s.. it’s video! You already gave her marshmellows… don’t pretend! Fine give her a little Look at her pleading eyes! Im gonna light it now! Look fire! Blow the candle! I’m going to bring it out first.. One more time! Good job!! Are you one?! Are you two?! Okayy I’m taking this off for her! hop (bunny)! Hi hop! *sneeze* This is hers now! If she could speak, she would like to say thank you everyone! For attending her second birthday Say thank you~ Thank you Are you Totoro? Toto Tororo Toto Can you come down and show mommy? Let mommy see how cute it is! Stand on dada then? She’s not buttoned lol Ball Ball!! Take, Ball Ball! Mama get it for you? Go to mama, she’ll get it for you Yay~! You got the ball ball! Let me ask you, was it fun when there were so many people here? Was it fun? fun Want to do it again next time? yeah Say thank you mama Thank you mama Who else should you thank? *whispers* dada And who else? *whispers* thank you.. me.. Thank you for being such a good girl today. You were basically stuck on dada all day. right? yes Love dada? love Love mama? Love~mama Muah! muah! Look at mama muah! muah! Muah!

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  1. Amazing channel…i enjoy watching. New subbie #rwoyt i have a channel as well hope you return the love and sub back

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