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Yanni – “Waltz in 7/8”… The “Tribute” Concerts! – 1080p Remastered & Restored

Yanni – “Waltz in 7/8”… The “Tribute” Concerts! – 1080p Remastered & Restored

I would like to introduce to you now one of the newest members in our band… his name is Ramon Stagnaro, he’s from Peru and he plays the guitar That is a very small
guitar you got there Ramon I told you not to wash it today, I think it must have shrunk But not really…It’s a very beautiful South American instrument called a charango. It’s a very happy instrument Ramon introduced me to this instrument a few months ago… and I just decided to open the next piece of
music using the charango This one is called Waltz in 7/8 Ming Freeman on keyboards

78 thoughts on “Yanni – “Waltz in 7/8”… The “Tribute” Concerts! – 1080p Remastered & Restored”

  1. Yanni is one of the greatest of all the time in this whole Universe . We gotta appreciate his music while we& he still alive. I do really wish I attend one of his magicial concerts one day.. Soon ♥️

  2. Ming Freeman is simply astonishing. The first time that I heard this song I had no idea that Mings solo was one handed. Sounded like 3 hands setting those keys on fire. Ming is a musical genius.

  3. Γιάννη,σ`ευχαριστώ από καρδιάς για όσα έχεις προσφέρει στην παγκόσμια μουσική σκηνή και φυσικά,το ότι τιμάς την πατρίδα σου,όπου βρεθείς,κι όπου σταθείς !!!.Θα είμουν ευτυχής κάποια στιγμή να έβαζες στην ορχήστρα και μία Κρητική ή Ποντιακή λύρα,να μάθουν και οι ξένοι,ένα παραδοσιακό & ιστορικό όργανο της χώρας μας.Κι αν ακόμα δεν πάει το μυαλό σου σε κάποιον Έλληνα καλλιτέχνη,ένας που μου έρχεται στο μυαλό (μιας και έχω πολύ μακρινές ρίζες από Σμύρνη),είναι ο Πόντιος Ματθαίος Τσαχουρίδης:

  4. ما أروعك يا ياني ، ليحفظك الله القدير و يبارك أناملك الذهبية هذه…

  5. Hermosa musica yanni los adoro me gusta bailar asi como balet con algunas de tus musicas hermoso realmente hermoso y tu voz waowww me impresiona

  6. Прекрасное, чудесное творчество Яни, я влюблена в эту сказочную музыку. Успехов ,здоровья.

  7. ما أجمل الموسيقااا بدون كلمات لاكنهاا تحكي لنا ألف قصه من قصص الذكريات عن الفرح والحزن والتي تنبع من القلب بدون تفكيررر

  8. Soul touching music …. can listen to this 24x7x365 without getting bored of it for even a second.. YANNI is simply out of this world …

  9. Великолепно!! Привет с Татарстана. Слушая Вашу музыку хочешь людям делать добро!!! Она вдохновляет на подвиги. Здоровья Вам и Вашей команде!!!

  10. Шикарно. Красиво. Не повторимо ! BEST.!!!!!!!!! И за перевод Лайк!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I feel that his musical instruments are trying to speak or even speak … I feel his music came from the heaven. Even it touches our feelings and souls.

  12. Música tão envolvente que me faz esquecer um pouco dos problemas da vida. Simplesmente incomparável! Os melhores em seus instrumentos.

  13. Высший пилотаж искусства.С П А С И Б О.Невероятное волшебство музыки

  14. gorgeous womderful🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿❤❤❤❤❤❤🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿❤❤❤❤

  15. Господи… какая красота и мощь в таком великолепном звучании музыки всех народов Мира!

  16. This is really life for really human binge…long life yaniy…who understand you….bet …life

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